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CAPSO at the Capitol

CAPSO board members recently convened in Sacramento to conduct a series of visits to the offices of various state legislators in order to discuss pending legislation, "tell the private school story," and maintain good relations with elected officials.

CAPSO President David Ackerman (right) and CAPSO Executive Director Ron Reynolds (left) acknowledge Assembly Member Gene Mullin's (center) authorship of A.B. 2613. CAPSO board members (from left) Ned Dolejsi, Mimi Baer, Jerry Haddock and Joel Koerschen meet with David Lynch (second from left), Capitol Director for Assembly Member Sharon Runner.
CAPSO board members (from left) Rohn Ritzema, Rachel Klitzing, Al Kosters and David Ackerman meet with Tim Valderrama (second from right), Legislative Director for Assembly Person Dr. Ed Hernandez. CAPSO board member Wayne Miyamoto (back to camera) "puts the issues on the table" in a discussion with Susanna Cooper, Principal Consultant to State Senator Darrell Steinberg.

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