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State & Federal Programs

Green Ribbon Schools
California will once again participate in the US Department of Education's Green Ribbon Schools Recognition Award program, and the California Department of Education has asked CAPSO to administer the private school component of the program. (Learn more...)
AB 2613
Read CAPSO’s FAQ on AB 2613, a recently passed bill that clarifies the status of private school teachers with respect to California’s overtime compensation regulations.
USDE Releases Final IDEA Regulations
No Child Left Behind Act

 It's SNOR Time
The Student National Origin Report (SNOR) must be filed by April 1, 2005 in order to assure equitable participation in Title III (Language Instruction for LEP and Immigrant Students) of the No Child Left Behind Act. CAPSO has the information and the forms.
 NCLB Private School Resources on CDE Web Site
The California Department of Education web site contains a Guidance Document (most recently updated in October, 2004), detailing provisions for the participation of private school students, teachers and other personnel in relevant programs provided by the federal No Child Left Behind Act. CDE Deputy Superintendent Sue Stickel issued a letter accompanying the issuence of the updated document.

A listing of Consolidated Application Program Entitlements for 2004-05 shows the amount of federal funding each public school district can be expected to receive to provide various No Child Left Behind programs. This information include Title I—Part A, Title II—Part A, Title IV—Part A, and Title V—Part A. This document can also be downloaded in Microsoft Excel spreadsheet format (XLS).

 NCLB Workshop Available for Web Viewing
If you missed one of the No Child Left Behind informational workshops co-sponsored by CAPSO this past January, you can now view the program from your office or home. (Learn more...)
 Action Steps for Private School Leaders
The federal No Child Left Behind Act offers a variety of programs and services to private school students and staff. Whether your school ultimately decides to participate or not, every private school leader should know what the law has to offer. Follow CAPSO's Action Steps to find out how.
 CAPSO Delivers NCLB Survey Results to Secretary of Education, Rod Paige
On March 11, 2003, CAPSO leadership met in Washington with officials of the US Department of Education to discuss implementation of the federal No Child Left Behind Act.
 Results of CAPSO's 2003 No Child Left Behind Compliance Survey
The survey produced useable responses from 133 private schools located in 101 school districts.
 Text of No Child Left Behind Act
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