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Archive of Previous News Items from 2004
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NEH Stipends Available for 2005 Summer Seminars and Institutes   12/15/04

Each year, the National Endowment for the Humanities offers teachers (including those who teach in private schools) opportunities to study humanities topics in a variety of Summer Seminars and Institutes. CAPSO provides information and links for prospective applicants. (Learn more...)
CAPSO Announces its 2005 Triennial Convention   12/10/04
CAPSO 2005 will take place November 21-22, 2005, in Long Beach, California. Thousands of educators reflecting the full diversity of California's private school community will gather to learn from an outstanding array of speakers, acquire new skills and resources, form new networks and celebrate their profession. (Learn more...)
CAPSO Colloquium on Private School Accountability   11/17/04
Online registration is now available for CAPSO's groundbreaking program for private school leaders. (Learn more...)
ACSI Launches New Teacher Induction Program   11/15/04
The Association of Christian Schools International's Northern California and Hawaii Region has developed a structurally innovative teacher induction program in partnership with the Sacramento County Office of Education. (Learn more...)
Bank Announces College Scholarship Program   10/25/04
Cal National Bank has announced a program offering scholarships to students from low-income families residing in Los Angeles, Orange and Ventura counties who will be entering four-year colleges/universities or two-year community colleges in Fall, 2005. CAPSO has all the information and links to application forms and materials. CAPSO MEMBERS ONLY (Learn more...)
SCCSF to Offer up to 1,000 Additional Scholarships for 2005-06   10/25/04
The Southern California Children's Scholarship Fund will make up to 1,000 additional scholarships available to children of low-income families residing in the city of Los Angeles and entering grades K-5 in 2005-06. CAPSO describes the application process and provides links to forms and additional information. CAPSO MEMBERS ONLY (Learn more...)
CAPSO Colloquium on Private School Accountability - May, 2005   10/18/04
How can private schools respond to increasing demands for "public accountability" while preserving their independence? CAPSO addresses the issue with a distinguished group of speakers and leaders from across California's private school community. (Learn more...)
Funding for California Teleconnect Fund Reinstated   10/9/04
If a recurring, 50% discount, on your school's telephone and internet connect charges sounds like a good idea, you should waste no time in submitting your application. Best of all, it's easy to do! Let CAPSO explain how. (Learn more...)
File Your School's 2004-05 Private School Affidavit Now  9/21/04
All private schools in the State of California are required to file an annual affidavit with the Department of Education. The filing period extends to October 15, 2004. Let CAPSO walk you through the online filing process step-by-step. (Learn More...)
Seismic Safety Commission Issues Draft School Safety Report   8/19/04
A draft report titled "Seismic Safety in California's Schools" was recently developed by a committee of the California Seismic Safety Commission. CAPSO found the report's contents to be unbalanced, and met with Commission officials to discuss the concerns of the state's private school community. Read the draft report and CAPSO's response. (Learn more...)
Help Save a Great Program!   7/30/04
Title V, Part A of the federal No Child Left Behind Act is in serious danger of losing its funding. Private school students and teachers have long benefitted from the programs and activities underwritten by this law. In order to save Title V, Part A, we need to act now! (Learn more...)
Print Copies of "Condition of Education 2004" Now Available   7/21/04
The "Condition of Education," also known as "The Nation's Report Card" is a comprehensive annual compendium of education data compiled by the U.S. Department of Education. CAPSO shows you how to receive a free print copy, or how to download the document in pdf format. (Learn More...)
Private School Enrollment Remains Stable in 2003-04   7/9/04
Total K-12 enrollment and number of students-per-teacher in California's non-profit private schools held firm in 2003-04. (Learn more...)
CAPSO's Private School Enrollment Report for 2003-04   7/9/04
"California's Private Schools: A Portrait of Enrollment 2003-04" contains a broad array of up-to-date information compiled from California Department of Education data. (Download the report.)
State High Court to Review Tax-Exempt Bonds Case   6/24/04
The California Supreme Court has granted a request for review of a lower court ruling that would make it illegal for private religious schools to issue tax-exempt bonds. (Learn more...)
State High Court to Review Tax-Exempt Bonds Case   6/24/04
The California Supreme Court has granted a request for review of a lower court ruling that would make it illegal for private religious schools to issue tax-exempt bonds. (Learn more...)
NCES Releases The Condition of Education 2004   6/17/04
The National Center for Education Statistics has issued its latest annual report on the status of U.S. education. The report contains a wealth of data, including findings pertinent to private K-12 education. (Learn More...)
New, Three-Day Writing Workshop Offered for K-8 Teachers   5/17/04
The California Private School Advisory Committee, K-12, has announced a new workshop titled "The Traits of Writing" to be offered by Ruth Culham, Ed.D. Sessions will be conducted in both Northern and Southern California. CAPSO has all the information you'll need plus registration forms. (Learn more...)
Private School Database Now Available from CDE   5/4/04
The California Department of Education has released its 2003-04 Private School Database containing an array of information compiled from affidavits submitted by 3,753 private schools. (Learn More...)
21st Annual Summer Seminar for Language Teachers  4/23/04
This top-quality, in-residence seminar is tailor-made for foreign language instructors seeking an intensive professional development program that effectively combines theory, practice and experience from the learner's perspective. (Learn more...)
Court Bars Tax-Exempt Bonds for Private Religious Schools   4/12/04
A California appellate court has upheld rulings finding the provision of "conduit financing" via the issuance of tax-exempt bonds to "pervasively sectarian" schools to be in violation of the California Constitution. (Learn more...)
"California Private School Recognition Day" Established   3/29/04
The state legislature has designated each March 22 as a day of recognition celebrating the accomplishments and contributions of California's private schools. (Learn More...)
CAPSO Opposes Assembly Bill 2361   3/19/04
A bill has been introduced that would prohibit private school employees and/or trustees from serving as parentally-designated representatives on IEP teams. CAPSO opposes the measure. (Learn more...)
CAPSO's 2004 "No Child Left Behind" Private School Survey Report   3/11/04
Between February 16-27, 2004, CAPSO conducted an online suvey to gauge collaboration between private schools and local school districts in implementing programs authorized by the federal No Child Left Behind Act. View some of the key findings and download a copy of the report. (Learn more...)
NCLB Workshop Available for Web Viewing   3/1/04
If you missed one of the No Child Left Behind informational workshops co-sponsored by CAPSO this past January, you can now view the program from your office or home. (Learn more...)
Supreme Court Decides Locke v. Davey  2/25/04
In a 7-2 decision, the US Supreme Court has upheld the state of Washington's right to withhold otherwise generally available college scholarship money from use for the pursuit of religious studies. (Learn More...)
Submission of 2004 Student National Origin Report   2/4/04
Federal law requires private schools to conduct an annual count of students in grades K-12 who are foreign-born and have been enrolled in schools in the United States for three full years or less. CAPSO explains the process. (Learn more...)
CDE Asks Private Schools to Complete the 2003-2004 Affidavit Process   1/26/04
A significant number of private schools have not yet completed the process of filing an annual affidavit as required by law. The California Department of Education has extended the filing window. (Learn more...)
2003 California Private School Enrollment Report from CAPSO  1/21/04
CAPSO offers its members and their schools a compendium of private school enrollment information culled from California Department of Education data. CAPSO MEMBERS ONLY (Learn more...)
CDE Releases New NCLB Guidance Document  1/14/04
The California Department of Education has produced a new and expanded No Child Left Behind guidance document focusing on provisions for the participation of private school students and teachers. (Learn more...)
NEH Offers Summer Program Stipends to Teachers  1/7/04
The National Endowment for the Humanities offers a wide variety of four, five, and six-week seminars and institutes conducted by outstanding teachers and scholars in locations throughout the U.S.A., as well as in Europe and Mexico. Stipends are available to private school teachers! (Learn more...)

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