The federally funded ARP-EANS program will soon make $181 million worth of COVID-19 related emergency assistance and services available to qualifying California nonprofit private schools.

Learn more about the ARP-EANS program, find links to support materials, and launch your school’s online application from the California Department of Education’s “Emergency Assistance to Non-Public Schools Program” web page.

A major difference between the first round of EANS funding and ARP-EANS (‘ARP’ stands for “American Recovery Plan,” the underlying legislation that enacted the program) is that ARP-EANS requires no less than 20 percent of a private school’s total enrollment to be comprised of “low-income students.” (Different threshold percentages may apply in other states.)

On December 6, 2021, the California Department of Education (CDE) released a “for information only” copy of its ARP-EANS request for information (RFA) document which identified four sources of data applicant schools may use to count “low-income students.” They are:

  • Available free or reduced-priced lunch data as derived from students who are eligible to receive free and reduced-price meals (FRPM) based on applying for the National School Lunch Program (NSLP) or who are determined to meet the same income-eligibility criteria as the NSLP through their local school as well as students who are automatically eligible for free meals based on their foster, migrant, or homeless status, or because they were directly certified (Title 7, Code of Federal Regulations, Section 245.6) as being eligible for free meals pursuant to all applicable State and federal requirements.
  • Scholarship or financial assistance data, limited to students who are from families at or below 185 percent of the federal poverty level.
  • E-Rate Data: an alternative method that allows schools to collect and determine low income counts without participating in the NSLP.
  • Comparable poverty data from another source, such as proportionality. (Use of proportionality requires the NPS to apply the low-income percentage of each participating Title I public school attendance area to the number of the NPS’ private school children who reside in that school attendance area to derive the number of private school children from low-income families.) (Emphasis ours.)

All data used to determine the number and percentage of “low-income students” is to be drawn from the 2019-20 school year.

The method of proportionality offers prospective ARP-EANS applicants a streamlined method for determining whether at least 20 percent of a private school’s total enrollment is comprised of “low-income students,” and does so in a way that is consistent with program guidelines. Employing the method of proportionality spares private schools from the challenge of attempting to gather, organize, and analyze a substantial body of information from school families during the course of the Winter Break. (The “window” for the submission of ARP-EANS applications runs from December 13, 2021 to 5:00 p.m. on January 3, 2022. These dates were not of the CDE’s choosing. Federal guidance requires states to make applications available within 30 days after a state receives its ARP-EANS allocation. It’s an unfortunate coincidence that the application period largely coincides with the Winter Break.)

Before proceeding, it’s important for readers to understand that ‘low-income student’ (for purposes of determining ARP-EANS eligibility) refers to a pupil hailing from a family whose combined income does not exceed 185 percent of the federal poverty level. This is the income level that is used to determine eligibility for participation in various federal programs, including the Free and Reduced Price Meals program (FRPM).

Conveniently, the CDE compiles FRPM eligibility information for every public school in the state. If you look at the percentage figures appearing in Column “V” of this CDE table (select the “FRPM School-Level Data” tab), you will see the percentage of pupils in a given public school that are eligible for participation in FRPM. Because FRPM eligibility requires total family income to be no greater than 185 percent of the federal poverty level, this figure also provides a comparable percentage of “low-income” public school students that can be used to derive the corresponding number of private school students. This is where proportionality comes into play.

According to a CDE guidance document titled, “ARP EANS Request for Application Webinar Q&A from December 8, 2021,” which was released on December 13, 2021, “proportionality data” is to be “calculated as the number of students enrolled in a NPS who reside in a Title I school attendance area multiplied by the percentage of public school students in that same attendance area who are from low-income families.” (‘NPS’ stands for “Non-public school,” i.e., a private school.)

To furnish a practical example of how the method of proportionality can be used to determine the percentage of “low-income students” in a private school wishing to make application for ARP-EANS assistance and services, imagine the existence of a fictitious nonprofit private school called “The CAPSO School.” Further imagine that the “The CAPSO School” is located in Encino, California, and that it offers instruction in grades K-8. Let’s also assume that the school enrolls a total of 200 students.

To meet the 20 percent “low-income student” threshold required for participation in ARP-EANS, “The CAPSO School” must enroll no fewer than 40 “low-income students.”

To employ the method of proportionality, administrators at “The CAPSO School” will need to know the grade-relevant public school attendance area in which each of its students resides. (It’s a good idea for every private school to include this information in its digitized enrollment roster.) Schools not currently in possession of such information can use this handy online search tool from to add public school attendance area information to their rosters. Just enter a student’s home address in the search box, select either “Elementary,” “Middle,” or “High” under “School Grade,” and click “Search.” If in doubt, check to make sure the public school offers instruction at the grade level in which the private school student was enrolled during the 2019-20 school year. (The above-referenced CDE table shows “low grade” and “high grade” information in columns “P” and “Q.”)

Note: is a commercial website and CAPSO makes no claims as to the accuracy of the information it provides. Some public school districts provide utilities enabling users to enter addresses in order to identify corresponding public school attendance areas. If, for example, you reside within the boundaries of the Los Angeles Unified School District, you can use this public school identifier. Here’s one for Glendale Unified. Orange County. Sacramento (City). San Diego Unified. San Francisco. Santa Clara. (Readers can search for similar utilities provided by their public school district of residence.)

Returning to our example, imagine that of all students enrolled in “The CAPSO School,” 20 students enrolled in any of grades K-5 resided within the attendance area of Emelita St. Elementary School. The first thing we will want to know about this school is whether it receives Title I funding. If it doesn’t, we can’t include it in our calculations using the method of proportionality.

Happily, this CDE table lists all public schools that were recipients of Title I, Part A funding in the 2019-20 school year. A quick search reveals that “Emelita Street Elementary” appears in the table. We’re good to go!

Returning to the previous table, the information appearing in “Column V” shows that 63.8 percent of Emelita Street Elementary students were eligible for FRPM in 2019-20, meaning that they are “low-income students.” That percentage can now be applied to the 20 “CAPSO School” students residing in Emelita Street Elementary School’s attendance area: 20 X .638 = 12.76. Applying the method of proportionality, we can now say that 12 “CAPSO School” students have met the “low-income student” criterion.

Let’s assume that 24 “CAPSO School” pupils live within the attendance boundaries of Newcastle Elementary.

Did that school receive Title I funding in 2019-20? Yes! Its FRPM-eligible percentage is 89.5 percent. Let’s go ahead and apply the proportionality formula:

24 X .895 = 21.48

We can now add another 21 “low-income students” to “The CAPSO School’s” count.

Next, say that a total of 42 “CAPSO School” students who, in 2019-20, were enrolled in grades 6-8, resided within the attendance area of the Gaspar De Portola Charter Middle School. Did that school receive Title I funding in 2019-20? Check! What was it’s percentage of FRPM-eligible/”low-income students?” 51.7 percent. You should know the routine by now!:

42 X .517 = 21.7

The three public schools we have used in our example have enabled us to estimate that there are 54 “low-income students” enrolled in “The CAPSO School.” We have met the minimum 20 percent threshold requirement.

Let’s imagine that the remaining 114 “CAPSO School” students all reside within the attendance area of the Lanai Road Elementary School. Was this school a recipient of Title I funds in 2019-20? No! Lanai Road Elementary doesn’t appear in the CDE table of Title I recipient schools. Even though the school shows a FRPM-eligible/”low-income student” figure of 8.1 percent, the method of proportionality may not be applied to this school. In our fictitious example, it wouldn’t matter. “The CAPSO School” would have met the 20 percent “low-income student” threshold using the method of proportionality.

Important: Schools making successful application for ARP-EANS services and assistance must maintain the sources of data used to count “low-income students” for a period of at least five years. If your school plans to apply the method of proportionality to count “low-income students,” you will need to maintain the following:

  • Names, addresses, ages, grade levels, and public school attendance areas for students enrolled during the 2019-20 school year;
  • A copy of  the CDE’s “Unduplicated Student Poverty – Free or Reduced-Price Meals Data 201920” spreadsheet, which contains 2019-20  FRPM/”Low-Income Student” information for public schools;
  • A copy of the CDE’s “Title I, Part A Recipients” spreadsheet, showing which public schools received Title I, Part A funds in 2019-20; and,
  • The calculations used to determine that at least 20 percent of all students enrolled in the applicant private school in 2019-20 were “low-income students.”
  • Note: The table appearing below uses data obtained from the above sources.

To help prospective ARP-EANS applicants identify the percentage of “low-income students” enrolled in a given public school that received Title I funding in 2019-20, we’ve used publicly available data from the California Department of Education to produce the table appearing below. Schools are sorted alphabetically, by public school district and school. To locate a particular school, type its name in the “Search” box. Because multiple public schools can have the same name, be sure that the school you’re looking for is located in the appropriate public school district! For example, say you are searching for Lincoln Elementary School located in the Escondido Union School District. When you type “Lincoln Elementary” in the search box, you will see a considerable number of similarly named schools appearing in the resulting table. You will need to find “Escondido Union” in the first column in order to locate the correct row. Public schools that did not receive Title I funding in 2019-20 are not included in the table.

The table appearing below shows the percentage of “low-income students” enrolled in a California public school receiving Title I, Part A funding in the 2019-20 school year. The table is sorted by public school district and school. The table is searchable by entering the name of a public school in the search box.

District NameSchool NameLow GradeHigh GradeLow-Income Student Percentage
ABC UnifiedABC Secondary (Alternative)71253.5
ABC UnifiedAloha ElementaryK682.3
ABC UnifiedArtesia High91275.5
ABC UnifiedBurbank (Luther) ElementaryK660.3
ABC UnifiedCarver (Charles J.) ElementaryK644.9
ABC UnifiedElliott (William F) ElementaryK645.8
ABC UnifiedFedde (Pharis F.) Middle7892.0
ABC UnifiedFurgeson (Venn W.) ElementaryK694.6
ABC UnifiedGahr (Richard) High91255.1
ABC UnifiedHaskell (Pliny Fisk) Middle7861.1
ABC UnifiedHawaiian ElementaryK696.2
ABC UnifiedJuarez (Benito) ElementaryK671.2
ABC UnifiedKennedy (John F.) ElementaryK658.2
ABC UnifiedMelbourne (Ella P.) ElementaryK691.8
ABC UnifiedNiemes (John H.) ElementaryK668.6
ABC UnifiedPalms ElementaryK667.9
ABC UnifiedRoss (Faye) Middle7866.0
ABC UnifiedTracy (Wilbur) High (Continuation)91268.7
ABC UnifiedWillow ElementaryK685.9
Acalanes Union HighLas Lomas High91211.6
Ackerman CharterBowman CharterK829.5
Acton-Agua Dulce UnifiedCompass Charter Schools of Los AngelesK1248.8
Acton-Agua Dulce UnifiedHigh Desert5854.5
Acton-Agua Dulce UnifiedMeadowlark ElementaryK458.8
Adelanto ElementaryAdelanto ElementaryK598.6
Adelanto ElementaryAdelanto Virtual AcademyK880.8
Adelanto ElementaryColumbia Middle6883.1
Adelanto ElementaryDonald F. Bradach ElementaryK589.0
Adelanto ElementaryEagle Ranch ElementaryK582.7
Adelanto ElementaryEl MirageK897.1
Adelanto ElementaryGeorge Visual and Performing Arts Magnet and MiddleK886.5
Adelanto ElementaryGus Franklin Jr. SchoolK571.4
Adelanto ElementaryMelva Davis Academy of Excellence6883.5
Adelanto ElementaryMesa Linda Middle6881.4
Adelanto ElementaryMorgan Kincaid PreparatoryK573.9
Adelanto ElementaryTheodore Vick ElementaryK592.6
Adelanto ElementaryVictoria Magathan ElementaryK587.2
Adelanto ElementaryWest Creek ElementaryK589.5
Adelanto ElementaryWestside Park ElementaryK594.4
Alameda County Office of EducationAurum Preparatory Academy6883.0
Alameda County Office of EducationCommunity School for Creative EducationK885.3
Alameda County Office of EducationCox AcademyP582.1
Alameda County Office of EducationEnvision Academy for Arts & Technology61271.6
Alameda County Office of EducationEpic Charter6880.8
Alameda County Office of EducationHayward Collegiate CharterK670.7
Alameda County Office of EducationLazear Charter AcademyK878.7
Alameda County Office of EducationOakland Unity Middle6885.8
Alameda County Office of EducationUrban Montessori CharterK833.5
Alameda UnifiedAlternatives in Action91293.5
Alameda UnifiedLove ElementaryK541.0
Alameda UnifiedNea Community Learning CenterK1239.0
Alameda UnifiedRuby Bridges ElementaryK558.3
Alameda UnifiedThe Academy of Alameda6851.6
Alameda UnifiedThe Academy of Alameda ElementaryK546.9
Alameda UnifiedWill C. Wood Middle6841.5
Alameda UnifiedWilliam G. Paden ElementaryK540.8
Albany City UnifiedOcean View ElementaryK530.5
Alhambra UnifiedAlhambra High91268.3
Alhambra UnifiedBrightwood ElementaryK838.3
Alhambra UnifiedCentury High91270.9
Alhambra UnifiedEmery Park ElementaryK865.4
Alhambra UnifiedFremont ElementaryK857.9
Alhambra UnifiedGarfield ElementaryK857.3
Alhambra UnifiedGranada ElementaryK874.5
Alhambra UnifiedIndependence High (Alternative)91258.6
Alhambra UnifiedMarguerita ElementaryK861.5
Alhambra UnifiedMark Keppel High91258.3
Alhambra UnifiedMartha Baldwin ElementaryK858.9
Alhambra UnifiedMonterey Highlands ElementaryK844.9
Alhambra UnifiedPark ElementaryK862.5
Alhambra UnifiedRamona ElementaryK871.6
Alhambra UnifiedRepetto ElementaryK852.0
Alhambra UnifiedSan Gabriel High91278.3
Alhambra UnifiedWilliam Northrup ElementaryK879.9
Alhambra UnifiedYnez ElementaryK873.0
Alisal UnionAlisal CommunityK692.2
Alisal UnionBardin ElementaryK682.3
Alisal UnionCesar E. Chavez ElementaryK690.1
Alisal UnionCreekside ElementaryK660.2
Alisal UnionDr. Martin Luther King, Jr. AcademyK687.2
Alisal UnionFrank Paul ElementaryK697.2
Alisal UnionFremont ElementaryK688.7
Alisal UnionJesse G. Sanchez ElementaryK697.8
Alisal UnionJohn E. Steinbeck ElementaryK663.7
Alisal UnionMonte Bella ElementaryK690.7
Alisal UnionOasis Charter PublicK662.3
Alisal UnionOscar F. Loya ElementaryK687.6
Alisal UnionVirginia Rocca Barton ElementaryK679.4
Allensworth ElementaryAllensworth ElementaryK893.9
Alpaugh UnifiedAlpaugh ElementaryK876.7
Alpaugh UnifiedAlpaugh -Senior High91281.7
Alpaugh UnifiedCalifornia Connections Academy@CentralK1265.3
Alpine County UnifiedDiamond Valley ElementaryK863.6
Alpine Union ElementaryBoulder Oaks Elementary1533.8
Alpine Union ElementaryJoan MacQueen Middle6834.8
Alta Loma ElementaryAlta Loma ElementaryK651.7
Alta Loma ElementaryBanyan ElementaryK643.9
Alta Loma ElementaryCarnelian ElementaryK644.0
Alta Loma ElementaryDeer Canyon ElementaryK639.6
Alta Vista ElementaryAlta Vista ElementaryK892.0
Alta-Dutch Flat Union ElementaryAlta-Dutch Flat ElementaryK844
Alum Rock Union ElementaryA. J. Dorsa ElementaryK584.6
Alum Rock Union ElementaryAdelante Dual Language AcademyK855.7
Alum Rock Union ElementaryAdelante Dual Language Academy IIK580.4
Alum Rock Union ElementaryAlpha: Blanca AlvaradoK887.8
Alum Rock Union ElementaryAptitud Community Academy at GossK893.3
Alum Rock Union ElementaryBen Painter ElementaryP878.9
Alum Rock Union ElementaryCesar Chavez ElementaryK589.1
Alum Rock Union ElementaryClyde Arbuckle Elementary1591.9
Alum Rock Union ElementaryClyde L. Fischer Middle6892.0
Alum Rock Union ElementaryDonald J. Meyer ElementaryK584.8
Alum Rock Union ElementaryHorace Cureton ElementaryK586.7
Alum Rock Union ElementaryJoseph George Middle6884.6
Alum Rock Union ElementaryKIPP Heartwood Academy5877.1
Alum Rock Union ElementaryKipp Prize Preparatory Academy5880.3
Alum Rock Union ElementaryLearning in an Urban Community with High Achievement (L.U.C.H.A.)K580.6
Alum Rock Union ElementaryLee Mathson Middle6889.3
Alum Rock Union ElementaryLinda Vista ElementaryK568.4
Alum Rock Union ElementaryLyndale ElementaryK586.1
Alum Rock Union ElementaryMillard McCollam ElementaryK554.6
Alum Rock Union ElementaryO. S. Hubbard ElementaryK890.2
Alum Rock Union ElementaryOcala Middle6884.7
Alum Rock Union ElementaryRenaissance Academy6879.6
Alum Rock Union ElementaryRenaissance at Mathson6884.2
Alum Rock Union ElementaryRusso/McEntee AcademyK577.5
Alum Rock Union ElementarySan Antonio ElementaryK586.9
Alum Rock Union ElementarySylvia Cassell ElementaryK589.2
Alum Rock Union ElementaryThomas P. Ryan ElementaryK585
Alum Rock Union ElementaryWilliam Sheppard Middle6879.7
Alview-Dairyland Union ElementaryAlview ElementaryK366.8
Alview-Dairyland Union ElementaryDairyland Elementary4858.7
Alvina ElementaryAlvina Elementary CharterK877.7
Alvord UnifiedAllan Orrenmaa ElementaryK572.1
Alvord UnifiedAlvord Alternative Continuation High91288.5
Alvord UnifiedAlvord Continuation High91272.9
Alvord UnifiedArizona Middle6882.3
Alvord UnifiedArlanza ElementaryK593.5
Alvord UnifiedCollett ElementaryP584.0
Alvord UnifiedFoothill ElementaryP590.6
Alvord UnifiedLa Granada ElementaryP592.2
Alvord UnifiedLoma Vista Middle6887.5
Alvord UnifiedMyra Linn ElementaryP588.5
Alvord UnifiedNorte Vista High91285.7
Alvord UnifiedPhillip M. Stokoe ElementaryP581.9
Alvord UnifiedRosemary Kennedy ElementaryK585.8
Alvord UnifiedTerrace ElementaryK585.8
Alvord UnifiedTwinhill ElementaryK587.1
Alvord UnifiedValley View ElementaryK576.0
Alvord UnifiedWells Middle6893.9
Amador County Office of EducationAmador County Special EducationK1256.3
Amador County UnifiedAmador High91231.9
Amador County UnifiedArgonaut High91235.0
Amador County UnifiedIndependence High (Continuation)91256.8
Amador County UnifiedIone ElementaryK638.5
Amador County UnifiedIone Junior High6837.3
Amador County UnifiedJackson ElementaryK647.2
Amador County UnifiedJackson Junior High6841.0
Amador County UnifiedNorth Star Independent StudyK1235.7
Amador County UnifiedPine Grove Elementary STEM MagnetK645.7
Amador County UnifiedPioneer Magnet School for the Visual and Performing ArtsK646.1
Amador County UnifiedPlymouth ElementaryK635
Amador County UnifiedSutter Creek ElementaryK639.8
Anaheim ElementaryBarton (Clara) ElementaryK678.3
Anaheim ElementaryEdison (Thomas) ElementaryK690.0
Anaheim ElementaryFranklin (Benjamin) ElementaryK681.4
Anaheim ElementaryGauer (Melbourne A.) ElementaryK684.9
Anaheim ElementaryGOALS AcademyK671.0
Anaheim ElementaryGuinn (James M.) ElementaryK684.7
Anaheim ElementaryHenry (Patrick) ElementaryK686.7
Anaheim ElementaryJefferson (Thomas) ElementaryK678.9
Anaheim ElementaryJuarez (Benito) ElementaryK665.1
Anaheim ElementaryLincoln (Abraham) ElementaryK684.1
Anaheim ElementaryLoara ElementaryK681.8
Anaheim ElementaryMadison (James) ElementaryK679.4
Anaheim ElementaryMann (Horace) ElementaryK688.2
Anaheim ElementaryMarshall (John) ElementaryK682.2
Anaheim ElementaryOlive Street ElementaryK692.4
Anaheim ElementaryOrange Grove ElementaryK689.7
Anaheim ElementaryPalm Lane Elementary CharterK686.2
Anaheim ElementaryPonderosa ElementaryK691.6
Anaheim ElementaryPrice (Adelaide) ElementaryK674.6
Anaheim ElementaryRevere (Paul) ElementaryK687.6
Anaheim ElementaryRoosevelt (Theodore) ElementaryK679.8
Anaheim ElementaryRoss (Betsy) ElementaryK685.0
Anaheim ElementaryStoddard (Alexander J.) ElementaryK676.4
Anaheim ElementarySunkist ElementaryK687.8
Anaheim ElementaryWestmont ElementaryK688.1
Anaheim Union HighAnaheim High91285.9
Anaheim Union HighBall Junior High7887.8
Anaheim Union HighBrookhurst Junior High7883.0
Anaheim Union HighDale Junior High7887.5
Anaheim Union HighGilbert High (Continuation)91280.8
Anaheim Union HighKatella High91281.7
Anaheim Union HighLoara High91282.2
Anaheim Union HighMagnolia High91285.3
Anaheim Union HighOrangeview Junior High7882.3
Anaheim Union HighSavanna High91279.2
Anaheim Union HighSouth Junior High7886.0
Anaheim Union HighSycamore Junior High7891.0
Anaheim Union HighWestern High91280.5
Anderson Union HighAnderson Community Day91084.2
Anderson Union HighAnderson High91265.7
Anderson Union HighAnderson New Technology High91255.9
Anderson Union HighNorth Valley High91265.3
Anderson Union HighOakview High (Alternative)91255.8
Anderson Union HighWest Valley High91245.2
Anderson Valley UnifiedAnderson Valley ElementaryK683.4
Anderson Valley UnifiedAnderson Valley Junior-Senior High71284.0
Anderson Valley UnifiedRancheria Continuation91283.3
Antelope ElementaryAntelope ElementaryK558.3
Antelope Valley Union HighAcademies of the Antelope Valley71263.0
Antelope Valley Union HighAntelope Valley High91282.8
Antelope Valley Union HighDesert Winds Continuation High91280.3
Antelope Valley Union HighEastside High91287.4
Antelope Valley Union HighHighland High91267.0
Antelope Valley Union HighLancaster High91264.8
Antelope Valley Union HighLittlerock High91279.3
Antelope Valley Union HighPalmdale High91281.6
Antelope Valley Union HighPhoenix High Community Day91284.6
Antelope Valley Union HighQuartz Hill High91241.9
Antelope Valley Union HighR. Rex Parris High91275
Antelope Valley Union HighSOAR High (Students On Academic Rise)91249.8
Antelope Valley Union HighWilliam J. (Pete) Knight High91275.6
Antioch UnifiedAntioch High91271.2
Antioch UnifiedAntioch Middle6882.0
Antioch UnifiedBelshaw ElementaryK578.4
Antioch UnifiedBlack Diamond Middle7869.6
Antioch UnifiedCarmen Dragon ElementaryK670.0
Antioch UnifiedFremont ElementaryK583.5
Antioch UnifiedGrant ElementaryK667.6
Antioch UnifiedJack London ElementaryK671.6
Antioch UnifiedKimball ElementaryK582.4
Antioch UnifiedLive Oak High (Continuation)101268.4
Antioch UnifiedMarsh ElementaryK577.4
Antioch UnifiedMission ElementaryK576.9
Antioch UnifiedPark Middle6875.0
Antioch UnifiedRocketship Delta PrepK571.5
Antioch UnifiedTurner ElementaryK581.9
Apple Valley UnifiedAcademy for Academic ExcellenceK1239.2
Apple Valley UnifiedApple Valley High91261.1
Apple Valley UnifiedDesert Knolls ElementaryK672.5
Apple Valley UnifiedGranite Hills High91271.7
Apple Valley UnifiedHigh Desert Premier AcademyK1287.7
Apple Valley UnifiedMariana AcademyK880.9
Apple Valley UnifiedPhoenix AcademyK888.7
Apple Valley UnifiedRancho Verde ElementaryK685.1
Apple Valley UnifiedRio Vista School of Applied LearningK654.2
Apple Valley UnifiedSandia ElementaryK887.7
Apple Valley UnifiedSitting Bull AcademyK859.6
Apple Valley UnifiedSycamore Rocks ElementaryK675.5
Apple Valley UnifiedVanguard PreparatoryK864.2
Apple Valley UnifiedYucca Loma ElementaryK689.7
Arcadia UnifiedCamino Grove ElementaryK528.4
Arcadia UnifiedFirst Avenue Middle6829.0
Arcadia UnifiedHolly Avenue ElementaryK533.1
Arcadia UnifiedHugo Reid ElementaryK526.9
Arcadia UnifiedLongley Way ElementaryK527.8
Arcadia UnifiedRichard Henry Dana Middle6830.4
Arcata ElementaryArcata ElementaryK567.9
Arcata ElementaryCoastal Grove CharterK856.9
Arcata ElementaryFuente Nueva CharterK538.3
Arcata ElementaryRedwood Coast MontessoriK1239.5
Arcata ElementarySunny Brae Middle6867.7
Arcata ElementaryUnion Street CharterK527
Arcohe Union ElementaryArcohe ElementaryK858.1
Arena Union ElementaryArena ElementaryK868.9
Armona Union ElementaryArmona ElementaryK489.2
Armona Union ElementaryCalifornia Virtual Academy at KingsK1263.1
Armona Union ElementaryCrossroads CharterK1280.2
Armona Union ElementaryParkview Middle5889.0
Aromas - San Juan UnifiedAnzar High91256.8
Aromas - San Juan UnifiedAromasK854.8
Aromas - San Juan UnifiedSan JuanK866.8
Arvin UnionBear Mountain ElementaryP697.0
Arvin UnionEl Camino Real ElementaryP692.9
Arvin UnionHaven Drive Middle7896.7
Arvin UnionSierra Vista ElementaryP696.4
Atascadero UnifiedCarrisa Plains ElementaryK587.5
Atascadero UnifiedCreston ElementaryK547.9
Atascadero UnifiedPaloma Creek High91260
Atascadero UnifiedSanta Rosa Road Academic AcademyP557.4
Atwater ElementaryAileen Colburn ElementaryK692.5
Atwater ElementaryAtwater Senior Academy6875
Atwater ElementaryBellevue ElementaryK695.2
Atwater ElementaryBellevue Senior Elementary7893.9
Atwater ElementaryElmer Wood ElementaryK675.9
Atwater ElementaryMitchell ElementaryK677.5
Atwater ElementaryMitchell Intermediate7880.1
Atwater ElementaryPeggy Heller ElementaryK861.6
Atwater ElementaryShaffer ElementaryK684.7
Atwater ElementaryThomas Olaeta ElementaryK667.0
Auburn Union ElementaryAuburn ElementaryK549.6
Auburn Union ElementaryRock Creek ElementaryK587.7
Azusa UnifiedAlice M. Ellington ElementaryK876.1
Azusa UnifiedAzusa High91279.7
Azusa UnifiedCenter Middle6892.2
Azusa UnifiedCharles H. Lee ElementaryK590.0
Azusa UnifiedClifford D. Murray ElementaryK596.0
Azusa UnifiedFoothill Middle6891.0
Azusa UnifiedGladstone High91279.2
Azusa UnifiedHenry Dalton ElementaryK581.6
Azusa UnifiedMagnolia ElementaryP587.4
Azusa UnifiedParamount ElementaryK584.5
Azusa UnifiedSierra High91294.9
Azusa UnifiedSlauson Intermediate6884.2
Azusa UnifiedValleydale ElementaryP589.7
Azusa UnifiedW. R. Powell ElementaryK574.4
Baker Valley UnifiedBaker ElementaryK579.6
Baker Valley UnifiedBaker High91265
Baker Valley UnifiedBaker Junior High6883.8
Bakersfield CityBessie E. Owens Intermediate4693.8
Bakersfield CityBessie E. Owens PrimaryK396.3
Bakersfield CityCaroline Harris ElementaryK689.0
Bakersfield CityCasa Loma ElementaryK596.2
Bakersfield CityCesar E. Chavez ElementaryK644.5
Bakersfield CityChipman Junior High7883.6
Bakersfield CityCollege Heights ElementaryK698.0
Bakersfield CityColonel Howard Nichols ElementaryK687.4
Bakersfield CityCompton Junior High7895.3
Bakersfield CityCurran Middle6896.0
Bakersfield CityDr. Douglas K. Fletcher ElementaryK565.6
Bakersfield CityDr. Juliet Thorner ElementaryK676.6
Bakersfield CityEmerson Middle6897.1
Bakersfield CityEvergreen ElementaryK593.6
Bakersfield CityFrank West ElementaryK595.9
Bakersfield CityFranklin ElementaryK682.1
Bakersfield CityFremont ElementaryK698.1
Bakersfield CityHarding ElementaryK686.8
Bakersfield CityHenry Eissler ElementaryK687.1
Bakersfield CityHorace Mann ElementaryK696.0
Bakersfield CityHort ElementaryK593.9
Bakersfield CityJefferson ElementaryK597.9
Bakersfield CityLeo G. Pauly ElementaryK695.4
Bakersfield CityLongfellow ElementaryK697.7
Bakersfield CityMcKinley ElementaryK697.6
Bakersfield CityMt. Vernon ElementaryK695.8
Bakersfield CityMunsey ElementaryK594.1
Bakersfield CityMyra A. Noble ElementaryK595.5
Bakersfield CityPaul L. Cato Middle6874.7
Bakersfield CityPioneer Drive ElementaryK695.6
Bakersfield CityRafer JohnsonK8100
Bakersfield CityRamon Garza ElementaryK597.4
Bakersfield CityRoosevelt ElementaryK594.7
Bakersfield CitySequoia Middle6896.8
Bakersfield CitySierra Middle6898.1
Bakersfield CityStella I. Hills ElementaryK697.7
Bakersfield CityVoorhies ElementaryK691.8
Bakersfield CityWalter Stiern Middle6894.7
Bakersfield CityWashington Middle6896.6
Bakersfield CityWayside ElementaryK595.6
Bakersfield CityWilliam Penn ElementaryK592.4
Bakersfield CityWilliams ElementaryK599.1
Baldwin Park UnifiedBaldwin Park High91283.1
Baldwin Park UnifiedCentral ElementaryK687.7
Baldwin Park UnifiedCharles Bursch ElementaryK686.0
Baldwin Park UnifiedCharles D. Jones Junior High7890.8
Baldwin Park UnifiedDe Anza ElementaryK688.6
Baldwin Park UnifiedElwin ElementaryK682.9
Baldwin Park UnifiedErnest R. Geddes ElementaryK580.0
Baldwin Park UnifiedFoster ElementaryK687.1
Baldwin Park UnifiedJerry D. Holland Middle6887.7
Baldwin Park UnifiedKenmore ElementaryK688.0
Baldwin Park UnifiedMargaret Heath ElementaryK688.5
Baldwin Park UnifiedNorth Park Continuation High91293.3
Baldwin Park UnifiedOlive Middle6881.2
Baldwin Park UnifiedPleasant View ElementaryK691.5
Baldwin Park UnifiedSanta Fe Fundamental3875.5
Baldwin Park UnifiedSierra Vista High91281.8
Baldwin Park UnifiedSierra Vista Junior High7884.8
Baldwin Park UnifiedTracy ElementaryK688.2
Baldwin Park UnifiedVineland ElementaryK688.4
Baldwin Park UnifiedWalnut ElementaryK585.3
Ballico-Cressey ElementaryBallico-Cressey Community Charter1868.1
Ballico-Cressey ElementaryCressey ElementaryKK76.5
Bangor Union ElementaryBangor ElementaryK870.8
Banning UnifiedBanning High91286.3
Banning UnifiedBanning Independent StudyK1273.4
Banning UnifiedCabazon ElementaryK588.3
Banning UnifiedCentral ElementaryK589.1
Banning UnifiedHemmerling ElementaryK587.3
Banning UnifiedHoffer ElementaryK593.0
Banning UnifiedNew Horizon High91274.6
Banning UnifiedNicolet Middle6890.7
Banta ElementaryBanta ElementaryK875.3
Banta ElementaryNextGeneration STEAM AcademyK834.6
Barstow UnifiedBarstow Fine Arts AcademyK663.4
Barstow UnifiedBarstow High91269.5
Barstow UnifiedBarstow Junior High7882.2
Barstow UnifiedBarstow STEM Academy5853.0
Barstow UnifiedBUSD School of Opportunity71281.8
Barstow UnifiedCameron ElementaryK693.0
Barstow UnifiedCentral High (Continuation)91283.2
Barstow UnifiedChallenges Community DayK6100
Barstow UnifiedCrestline ElementaryK694.3
Barstow UnifiedHenderson ElementaryK680.8
Barstow UnifiedLenwood ElementaryK685.9
Barstow UnifiedMontara ElementaryK681.7
Barstow UnifiedSkyline North ElementaryK680
Bass Lake Joint Union ElementaryFresno Flats Community DayK875
Bass Lake Joint Union ElementaryOak Creek Intermediate6864.0
Bass Lake Joint Union ElementaryOakhurst ElementaryK570.5
Bass Lake Joint Union ElementaryWasuma ElementaryK846.6
Bassett UnifiedBassett Senior High91292.4
Bassett UnifiedDon Julian ElementaryK592.6
Bassett UnifiedEdgewood AcademyK889.6
Bassett UnifiedJ. E. Van Wig ElementaryK588.0
Bassett UnifiedNueva Vista Continuation High101292.3
Bassett UnifiedSunkist ElementaryK586.8
Bassett UnifiedTorch Middle6893.9
Bayshore ElementaryBayshoreK837.7
Bear Valley UnifiedBaldwin Lane ElementaryK569.9
Bear Valley UnifiedBig Bear ElementaryK584.3
Bear Valley UnifiedBig Bear Middle6874.5
Bear Valley UnifiedChautauqua High (Continuation)81292.6
Bear Valley UnifiedFallsvaleK857.1
Bear Valley UnifiedNorth Shore ElementaryK569.8
Beardsley ElementaryBeardsley ElementaryK696.6
Beardsley ElementaryBeardsley Junior High7890.2
Beardsley ElementaryNorth Beardsley ElementaryK696.5
Beardsley ElementarySan Lauren ElementaryK680.9
Beaumont UnifiedAnna Hause ElementaryK559.9
Beaumont UnifiedBeaumont Senior High91258.3
Beaumont UnifiedBrookside ElementaryK552.4
Beaumont UnifiedGlen View High91265.4
Beaumont UnifiedMountain View Middle6859.2
Beaumont UnifiedPalm Innovation AcademyK580.0
Beaumont UnifiedSan Gorgonio Middle6864.0
Beaumont UnifiedStarlight ElementaryK555.5
Beaumont UnifiedSundance ElementaryK556.2
Beaumont UnifiedThree Rings Ranch ElementaryK562.7
Beaumont UnifiedTournament Hills ElementaryK535.8
Bella Vista ElementaryBella Vista ElementaryK862.9
Belleview ElementaryBelleview ElementaryK850.8
Bellevue UnionBellevue ElementaryK684.0
Bellevue UnionKawana Springs ElementaryK673.2
Bellevue UnionMeadow View ElementaryK678.5
Bellevue UnionTaylor Mountain ElementaryK684.9
Bellflower UnifiedAlbert Baxter ElementaryP683.0
Bellflower UnifiedBellflower High71274.1
Bellflower UnifiedCraig Williams ElementaryP685.6
Bellflower UnifiedErnie Pyle ElementaryP673.8
Bellflower UnifiedFrank E. Woodruff ElementaryP688.4
Bellflower UnifiedRamona ElementaryP690.0
Bellflower UnifiedThomas Jefferson ElementaryP683.0
Bellflower UnifiedWashington ElementaryP682.3
Belmont-Redwood Shores ElementaryNesbit ElementaryK821.9
Belridge ElementaryBelridge ElementaryK888.8
Benicia UnifiedCommunity Day71275
Bennett Valley Union ElementaryStrawberry Elementary4622.9
Bennett Valley Union ElementaryYulupa ElementaryK320.1
Berkeley UnifiedBerkeley Technology Academy101271.6
Berkeley UnifiedEmerson ElementaryK528.0
Berkeley UnifiedJohn Muir ElementaryK529.4
Berkeley UnifiedLongfellow Arts and Technology Middle6853.6
Berkeley UnifiedOxford ElementaryK530.4
Berkeley UnifiedSylvia Mendez ElementaryK528.3
Berkeley UnifiedThousand Oaks ElementaryK530.2
Berkeley UnifiedWillard Middle6829.3
Berryessa Union ElementaryLaneview ElementaryP536.3
Berryessa Union ElementaryMorrill Middle6837.7
Berryessa Union ElementaryPiedmont Middle6838
Berryessa Union ElementarySummerdale ElementaryK538.4
Berryessa Union ElementaryToyon ElementaryK546.4
Berryessa Union ElementaryVinci Park ElementaryK537.1
Beverly Hills UnifiedBeverly Vista Elementary6818.5
Beverly Hills UnifiedHorace Mann ElementaryK518.3
Big Creek ElementaryBig Creek ElementaryK834.0
Big Oak Flat-Groveland UnifiedDon Pedro High91259.5
Big Oak Flat-Groveland UnifiedTenaya ElementaryK856
Big Oak Flat-Groveland UnifiedTioga High91257.1
Big Pine UnifiedBig Pine ElementaryK867.2
Big Springs Union ElementaryBig Springs ElementaryK860.5
Big Valley Joint UnifiedBig Valley ElementaryK677.5
Biggs UnifiedBiggs ElementaryK864.0
Bishop UnifiedBishop ElementaryK551.9
Bishop UnifiedBishop Union Elementary Community Day IIK433.3
Black Butte Union ElementaryBlack Butte ElementaryK573.4
Black Butte Union ElementaryBlack Butte Junior High6869.2
Black Oak Mine UnifiedDivide High91288.8
Black Oak Mine UnifiedGeorgetown ElementaryK660.2
Black Oak Mine UnifiedOtter Creek ElementaryK553.8
Blochman Union ElementaryTrivium CharterK1232.4
Blochman Union ElementaryTrivium Charter School AdventureK1230.7
Blochman Union ElementaryTrivium Charter School VoyageK1227.9
Blue Lake Union ElementaryBlue Lake Union ElementaryK864.6
Bolinas-Stinson UnionBolinas-Stinson ElementaryK845.5
Bonita UnifiedChaparral High (Continuation)91275
Bonita UnifiedFred Ekstrand ElementaryK561.3
Bonita UnifiedGladstone ElementaryK538.2
Bonita UnifiedGrace Miller ElementaryK544.0
Bonita UnifiedJ. Marion Roynon ElementaryK549.0
Bonita UnifiedLone Hill Middle6842.0
Bonita UnifiedRamona Middle6837.7
Bonita UnifiedVista (Alternative)K1287.5
Bonny Doon Union ElementaryBonny Doon ElementaryK614.7
Bonsall UnifiedBonsall ElementaryK531.1
Bonsall UnifiedBonsall High91236.9
Bonsall UnifiedNorman L. Sullivan Middle6832.5
Bonsall UnifiedVivian Banks CharterK558.5
Borrego Springs UnifiedBorrego Springs ElementaryP591.7
Borrego Springs UnifiedBorrego Springs High91288.8
Borrego Springs UnifiedBorrego Springs Middle6888.6
Brawley ElementaryBarbara Worth Junior High7887.5
Brawley ElementaryJ. W. Oakley ElementaryK698.2
Brawley ElementaryMiguel Hidalgo ElementaryK696.9
Brawley ElementaryMyron D. Witter ElementaryK688.3
Brawley ElementaryPhil D. Swing ElementaryK689.7
Brawley Union HighBrawley Union High91274.1
Brawley Union HighDesert Valley High (Continuation)91284.7
Brawley Union HighRenaissance91285.7
Brea-Olinda UnifiedArovista ElementaryK636.0
Brea-Olinda UnifiedBrea Canyon High (Continuation)91276.7
Brea-Olinda UnifiedLaurel Elementary Magnet School of Innovation and Career ExplorationK648.2
Brentwood Union ElementaryBrentwood ElementaryK532.1
Brentwood Union ElementaryEdna Hill Middle6835.8
Brentwood Union ElementaryGarin ElementaryK537.8
Brentwood Union ElementaryMarsh Creek ElementaryK530.0
Brentwood Union ElementaryMary Casey Black ElementaryK540
Bret Harte Union HighBret Harte Union High91237.6
Bret Harte Union HighJohn Vierra High91228.5
Bret Harte Union HighVallecito Continuation High91258.6
Bridgeville ElementaryBridgeville ElementaryK870.4
Briggs ElementaryBriggs Elementary5871.6
Briggs ElementaryOlivelands ElementaryK469.4
Brisbane ElementaryBrisbane ElementaryK517.8
Brisbane ElementaryLipman Middle6825.9
Brisbane ElementaryPanorama ElementaryK530.5
Brittan ElementaryBrittan ElementaryK848.2
Browns ElementaryBrowns ElementaryK847.1
Buckeye Union ElementaryBuckeye ElementaryK538.8
Buckeye Union ElementaryCalifornia Montessori Project-Shingle Springs CampusK817.0
Buellton Union ElementaryOak Valley ElementaryK542.2
Buena Park ElementaryArthur F. Corey ElementaryK654.8
Buena Park ElementaryBuena Park Junior High7877.4
Buena Park ElementaryCarl E. Gilbert ElementaryK691.8
Buena Park ElementaryCharles G. Emery ElementaryK649.9
Buena Park ElementaryGordon H. Beatty ElementaryK668.2
Buena Park ElementaryJames A. Whitaker ElementaryK690.0
Buena Park ElementaryMabel L. Pendleton ElementaryK681.4
Buena Vista ElementaryBuena Vista ElementaryK869.2
Burbank UnifiedDavid Starr Jordan Middle6831.7
Burbank UnifiedGeorge Washington ElementaryK556.3
Burbank UnifiedJoaquin Miller ElementaryK545.0
Burbank UnifiedJohn Muir Middle6837.8
Burbank UnifiedLuther Burbank Middle6838.5
Burbank UnifiedProvidencia ElementaryK550.2
Burbank UnifiedRalph Emerson ElementaryK534.6
Burbank UnifiedWalt Disney ElementaryK537.3
Burbank UnifiedWilliam McKinley ElementaryK539.7
Burlingame ElementaryMcKinley ElementaryK516.1
Burlingame ElementaryRoosevelt ElementaryK511.6
Burlingame ElementaryWashington ElementaryK511.2
Burnt Ranch ElementaryBurnt Ranch ElementaryK876.4
Burrel Union ElementaryBurrel ElementaryK890.8
Burton ElementaryBurton ElementaryK686.7
Burton ElementaryBurton Middle7869.2
Burton ElementaryJim Maples AcademyK680.4
Burton ElementaryOak Grove ElementaryK680.8
Burton ElementaryWilliam R. Buckley ElementaryK677.7
Butte County Office of EducationButte County CommunityK1293.7
Butte County Office of EducationCome Back Butte Charter91280.8
Butte County Office of EducationCORE Butte CharterK1242.0
Butte County Office of EducationHearthstone SchoolK1279.7
Butte County Office of EducationTable MountainK12100
Butte Valley UnifiedButte Valley ElementaryK887.2
Butteville Union ElementaryButteville ElementaryK856.0
Buttonwillow Union ElementaryButtonwillow ElementaryK892.9
Byron Union ElementaryDiscovery Bay ElementaryK536.0
Byron Union ElementaryExcelsior Middle6832.0
Byron Union ElementaryVista Oaks CharterK1237.2
Cabrillo UnifiedAlvin S. Hatch ElementaryK544.7
Cabrillo UnifiedEl Granada ElementaryK548.5
Cabrillo UnifiedHalf Moon Bay High91238.3
Cabrillo UnifiedManuel F. Cunha Intermediate6842.0
Cabrillo UnifiedPilarcitos Alternative High (Continuation)91248.6
Cajon Valley UnionAnza ElementaryK594.3
Cajon Valley UnionBostonia Language AcademyK570.1
Cajon Valley UnionCajon Valley Middle6893.9
Cajon Valley UnionChase Avenue ElementaryK592.1
Cajon Valley UnionEJE Elementary Academy CharterK574.1
Cajon Valley UnionEJE Middle Academy6876.8
Cajon Valley UnionEmerald Middle6892.2
Cajon Valley UnionEmpowerK890.4
Cajon Valley UnionFlying Hills School of ArtsK866.1
Cajon Valley UnionGreenfield Middle6884.5
Cajon Valley UnionJohnson ElementaryK595.2
Cajon Valley UnionKidinnu AcademyK591.3
Cajon Valley UnionLexington ElementaryK593.4
Cajon Valley UnionMadison Avenue ElementaryK582.6
Cajon Valley UnionMagnolia ElementaryK586.2
Cajon Valley UnionMeridian ElementaryK588.0
Cajon Valley UnionMontgomery Middle6887.7
Cajon Valley UnionNaranca ElementaryK595.1
Cajon Valley UnionRios ElementaryK568.6
Cajon Valley UnionW. D. Hall ElementaryK581.6
Calaveras County Office of EducationCalaveras River Academy61276.4
Calaveras County Office of EducationOakendell Community61286.6
Calaveras UnifiedCalaveras Unified Alternative-Sierra Hills Education CenterK1271.0
Calaveras UnifiedGold Strike High91278.1
Calaveras UnifiedJenny Lind ElementaryK545.8
Calaveras UnifiedMokelumne Hill ElementaryK658.1
Calaveras UnifiedRail Road Flat ElementaryK673.8
Calaveras UnifiedSan Andreas ElementaryK869.9
Calaveras UnifiedToyon Middle6849.9
Calaveras UnifiedValley Springs ElementaryK555.5
Calaveras UnifiedWest Point ElementaryK677.1
Calexico UnifiedAurora High (Continuation)91288.9
Calexico UnifiedBlanche Charles ElementaryK692.2
Calexico UnifiedCalexico High91285.0
Calexico UnifiedCesar Chavez ElementaryK672.4
Calexico UnifiedDool ElementaryK696.6
Calexico UnifiedEnrique Camarena Jr. High7879.8
Calexico UnifiedJefferson ElementaryK690.2
Calexico UnifiedKennedy Gardens ElementaryP691.2
Calexico UnifiedMains ElementaryK695.3
Calexico UnifiedRockwood ElementaryK695.7
Calexico UnifiedWilliam Moreno Junior High7891.6
Caliente Union ElementaryPiute Mountain ElementaryK880.4
Calipatria UnifiedBill E. Young Jr. Middle5885.5
Calipatria UnifiedCalipatria High91283.7
Calipatria UnifiedFremont PrimaryK488.2
Calipatria UnifiedGrace Smith ElementaryK491.4
Calistoga Joint UnifiedCalistoga ElementaryK675.3
CambrianBagby ElementaryK516.7
CambrianPrice Charter Middle6817.1
CambrianSartorette CharterK522.1
Camino Union ElementaryCamino ElementaryK852.9
Campbell UnionBlackford ElementaryK561.7
Campbell UnionCastlemont ElementaryK550.4
Campbell UnionLynhaven ElementaryK551.7
Campbell UnionRosemaryK587.9
Campbell UnionSherman Oaks ElementaryK665.3
Campbell Union HighBoynton High91262.6
Campbell Union HighDel Mar High91250.9
Campbell Union HighProspect High91229.8
Camptonville ElementaryCamptonville ElementaryK880
Camptonville ElementaryCORE CharterK1244.0
Capay Joint Union ElementaryCapay Joint Union ElementaryK845.5
Capistrano UnifiedCalifornia Connections Academy Southern CaliforniaK1244.7
Capistrano UnifiedCarl Hankey ElementaryK543.7
Capistrano UnifiedClarence Lobo ElementaryK546.4
Capistrano UnifiedDel Obispo ElementaryK561.4
Capistrano UnifiedHidden Hills ElementaryK573.4
Capistrano UnifiedJourneyK817.0
Capistrano UnifiedJunipero Serra High91260.2
Capistrano UnifiedKinoshita ElementaryK594.1
Capistrano UnifiedLas Palmas ElementaryK543.0
Capistrano UnifiedMarblehead ElementaryK550.6
Capistrano UnifiedMarco Forster Middle6865.8
Capistrano UnifiedOxford Preparatory Academy - South Orange CountyK813.2
Capistrano UnifiedRichard Henry Dana ElementaryK578.1
Capistrano UnifiedSan Juan ElementaryK568.8
Capistrano UnifiedViejo ElementaryK549.0
Carlsbad UnifiedBuena Vista ElementaryK530.2
Carlsbad UnifiedCalavera Hills ElementaryK540.3
Carlsbad UnifiedCalavera Hills Middle6832.4
Carlsbad UnifiedCarlsbad Village Academy101255.8
Carlsbad UnifiedJefferson ElementaryK553.9
Carlsbad UnifiedValley Middle6833.5
Carmel UnifiedCaptain Cooper ElementaryK567.2
Carpinteria UnifiedAliso ElementaryK574.3
Carpinteria UnifiedCanalino ElementaryK557.6
Carpinteria UnifiedCarpinteria Middle6863.2
Caruthers UnifiedCaruthers ElementaryK889.2
Caruthers UnifiedCaruthers High91289.6
Caruthers UnifiedMARC High91266.6
Cascade Union ElementaryAnderson Heights ElementaryK586.2
Cascade Union ElementaryAnderson Middle5880.1
Cascade Union ElementaryMeadow Lane ElementaryP476.4
Cascade Union ElementaryTree of Life International CharterK857.2
Castaic UnionLive Oak ElementaryK637.2
Castaic UnionNorthlake Hills ElementaryK735
Castle Rock Union ElementaryCastle Rock ElementaryK881.8
Castro Valley UnifiedCastro Valley ElementaryK543.7
Castro Valley UnifiedMarshall ElementaryK531.3
Castro Valley UnifiedStanton ElementaryK532.5
Cayucos ElementaryCayucos ElementaryK842.9
Center Joint UnifiedArthur S. Dudley ElementaryK669.9
Center Joint UnifiedCyril Spinelli ElementaryK676.5
Center Joint UnifiedMcClellan High (Continuation)91258.8
Center Joint UnifiedNorth Country ElementaryK671.4
Center Joint UnifiedOak Hill ElementaryK657.6
Center Joint UnifiedWilson C. Riles Middle7863.9
Centinela Valley Union HighHawthorne High91283.8
Centinela Valley Union HighLawndale High91281.2
Centinela Valley Union HighLeuzinger High91283.0
Central ElementaryBear Gulch ElementaryK578.0
Central ElementaryCentral ElementaryK568.1
Central UnifiedBiola-Pershing ElementaryK689.8
Central UnifiedCentral High East Campus91263.7
Central UnifiedCentral Unified Alternative/OpportunityK1278.0
Central UnifiedEl Capitan Middle7879.9
Central UnifiedGlacier Point Middle7882.2
Central UnifiedHanh Phan Tilley ElementaryK687.1
Central UnifiedHarvest ElementaryK672.2
Central UnifiedHerndon-Barstow ElementaryK655.4
Central UnifiedHoughton-Kearney ElementaryK864.3
Central UnifiedJames K. Polk ElementaryK674.3
Central UnifiedJohn Steinbeck ElementaryK683.2
Central UnifiedMadison ElementaryK687.7
Central UnifiedMcKinley ElementaryK683.3
Central UnifiedNorman Liddell ElementaryK646.6
Central UnifiedPathway Community Day71284.6
Central UnifiedPathway Elementary Community DayK6100
Central UnifiedPershing Continuation High91280.7
Central UnifiedRio Vista Middle7851.3
Central UnifiedRiver Bluff ElementaryK650
Central UnifiedRoosevelt ElementaryK689.7
Central UnifiedTeague ElementaryK689.6
Central UnifiedWilliam Saroyan ElementaryK673.4
Central Union ElementaryStratford ElementaryP881.6
Central Union HighCentral Union High91272.7
Central Union HighDesert Oasis High (Continuation)91281.2
Central Union HighPhoenix Rising High91086.2
Central Union HighSouthwest High91272.8
Centralia ElementaryCentralia ElementaryK692.8
Centralia ElementaryDanbrook ElementaryK695.3
Centralia ElementarySan Marino ElementaryK666.8
Ceres UnifiedArgus High (Continuation)91281.6
Ceres UnifiedAspire Summit Charter AcademyK566.4
Ceres UnifiedBlaker-Kinser Junior High7888.6
Ceres UnifiedCarroll Fowler ElementaryK688.2
Ceres UnifiedCaswell ElementaryK690.1
Ceres UnifiedCentral Valley High91281.9
Ceres UnifiedCeres High91281.3
Ceres UnifiedCesar Chavez Junior High7883.2
Ceres UnifiedDon Pedro ElementaryK693.8
Ceres UnifiedEndeavor AlternativeK1278.2
Ceres UnifiedJoel J. Hidahl ElementaryK686.4
Ceres UnifiedLa Rosa ElementaryK678.9
Ceres UnifiedLucas ElementaryK674.3
Ceres UnifiedM. Robert Adkison ElementaryK689.3
Ceres UnifiedMae Hensley Junior High7885.7
Ceres UnifiedPatricia Kay Beaver ElementaryK861.9
Ceres UnifiedSamuel Vaughn ElementaryK678.0
Ceres UnifiedSinclear ElementaryK676.0
Ceres UnifiedVirginia Parks ElementaryK679.6
Ceres UnifiedWalter White ElementaryK689.1
Ceres UnifiedWestport ElementaryK692.0
Ceres UnifiedWhitmore Charter School of Art & TechnologyK845.9
Chaffey Joint Union HighChaffey Community Day91280
Chaffey Joint Union HighChaffey High91286.3
Chaffey Joint Union HighColony High91273.0
Chaffey Joint Union HighMontclair High91286.1
Chaffey Joint Union HighOntario High91285.0
Charter Oak UnifiedArrow High (Continuation)91261.6
Charter Oak UnifiedBadillo ElementaryK662.0
Charter Oak UnifiedBridges Community Day71260
Charter Oak UnifiedCedargrove ElementaryK662.2
Charter Oak UnifiedGlen Oak ElementaryK666.5
Charter Oak UnifiedRoyal Oak Middle7859.3
Charter Oak UnifiedWashington ElementaryK655.8
Charter Oak UnifiedWillow ElementaryK653.0
Chatom UnionChatom ElementaryK573.5
Chawanakee UnifiedHillside ElementaryK835.4
Chawanakee UnifiedManzanita Community Day712100
Chawanakee UnifiedMountain Oaks High912100
Chawanakee UnifiedNorth Fork ElementaryK885.5
Chawanakee UnifiedSpring Valley ElementaryK850.2
Chico UnifiedAcademy for Change71262.5
Chico UnifiedBidwell Junior High6857.9
Chico UnifiedBlue Oak CharterK857.0
Chico UnifiedCenter for Alternative Learning61287.0
Chico UnifiedChapman ElementaryK585.7
Chico UnifiedChico Junior High6865.1
Chico UnifiedCitrus Avenue ElementaryK588.2
Chico UnifiedEmma Wilson ElementaryK556.1
Chico UnifiedFair View High (Continuation)91285.7
Chico UnifiedHooker Oak ElementaryK547.7
Chico UnifiedLittle Chico Creek ElementaryK571.2
Chico UnifiedMcManus (John A.) ElementaryK577.2
Chico UnifiedNeal Dow ElementaryK556.6
Chico UnifiedNord CountryK834.6
Chico UnifiedOakdaleK1273.5
Chico UnifiedParkview ElementaryK539.2
Chico UnifiedRosedale ElementaryK548.2
Chino Valley UnifiedAlicia Cortez ElementaryK672.2
Chino Valley UnifiedAllegiance STEAM Academy - ThriveK830.8
Chino Valley UnifiedAnna A. Borba Fundamental ElementaryK687.7
Chino Valley UnifiedBuena Vista Continuation High91273.2
Chino Valley UnifiedChaparral ElementaryK647.4
Chino Valley UnifiedChino High91267.9
Chino Valley UnifiedChino Valley Learning Academy71288.8
Chino Valley UnifiedDickson ElementaryK683.6
Chino Valley UnifiedDon Antonio Lugo High91266.4
Chino Valley UnifiedE. J. Marshall ElementaryK676.4
Chino Valley UnifiedGlenmeade ElementaryK654.4
Chino Valley UnifiedHoward Cattle ElementaryK650.2
Chino Valley UnifiedLevi H. Dickey ElementaryK675.6
Chino Valley UnifiedLiberty ElementaryK664.5
Chino Valley UnifiedLyle S. Briggs FundamentalK851.7
Chino Valley UnifiedMagnolia Junior High7868.0
Chino Valley UnifiedNewman ElementaryK681.8
Chino Valley UnifiedRamona Junior High7884.0
Chino Valley UnifiedWalnut Avenue ElementaryK688.8
Chino Valley UnifiedWoodcrest Junior High7871.0
Chowchilla ElementaryFairmead Elementary5677.2
Chowchilla ElementaryMerle L. Fuller ElementaryK285.1
Chowchilla ElementaryRonald Reagan Elementary3482.8
Chowchilla ElementaryStephens ElementaryK274.2
Chowchilla ElementaryWilson Middle7875.5
Chowchilla Union HighChowchilla Union High91271.9
Chowchilla Union HighGateway High (Continuation)91274.1
Chualar UnionChualar ElementaryK888.9
Chula Vista ElementaryAllen (Ella B.) ElementaryK635.9
Chula Vista ElementaryArroyo Vista CharterK818.8
Chula Vista ElementaryCasillas (Joseph) ElementaryK643.3
Chula Vista ElementaryCastle Park ElementaryK688.6
Chula Vista ElementaryChula Vista Hills ElementaryK639.7
Chula Vista ElementaryChula Vista Learning Community CharterK1263.4
Chula Vista ElementaryClear ViewK641.3
Chula Vista ElementaryCook (Hazel Goes) ElementaryK681.7
Chula Vista ElementaryDiscovery CharterK833.4
Chula Vista ElementaryEastLake ElementaryK638.9
Chula Vista ElementaryFeaster (Mae L.) CharterK887.2
Chula Vista ElementaryFinney (Myrtle S.) ElementaryK684.3
Chula Vista ElementaryHalecrest ElementaryK650.4
Chula Vista ElementaryHarborside ElementaryK688.2
Chula Vista ElementaryHilltop Drive ElementaryK676
Chula Vista ElementaryHoward Gardner Community CharterK889.9
Chula Vista ElementaryJuarez-Lincoln ElementaryK681.1
Chula Vista ElementaryKellogg (Karl H.) ElementaryK684.9
Chula Vista ElementaryLauderbach (J. Calvin) ElementaryK687.7
Chula Vista ElementaryLearning Choice Academy - Chula VistaK1259.1
Chula Vista ElementaryLeonardo da Vinci Health Sciences CharterK649.1
Chula Vista ElementaryLoma Verde ElementaryK676.0
Chula Vista ElementaryLos Altos ElementaryK679.8
Chula Vista ElementaryMontgomery (John J.) ElementaryK692.3
Chula Vista ElementaryMueller Charter (Robert L.)K1274.9
Chula Vista ElementaryOlympic View ElementaryK636
Chula Vista ElementaryOtay ElementaryK685.7
Chula Vista ElementaryPalomar ElementaryK683.1
Chula Vista ElementaryParkview ElementaryK649.3
Chula Vista ElementaryRice (Lilian J.) ElementaryK684.3
Chula Vista ElementaryRogers (Greg) ElementaryK661.3
Chula Vista ElementaryRohr (Fred H.) ElementaryK685.5
Chula Vista ElementaryRosebank ElementaryK681.9
Chula Vista ElementarySilver Wing ElementaryK683.0
Chula Vista ElementarySunnyside ElementaryK637.8
Chula Vista ElementaryTiffany (Burton C.) ElementaryK639.8
Chula Vista ElementaryValle Lindo ElementaryK660.4
Chula Vista ElementaryValley Vista ElementaryK650.5
Chula Vista ElementaryVista Square ElementaryK689.5
Cinnabar ElementaryCinnabar CharterK874.8
Cinnabar ElementaryCinnabar ElementaryKK70.5
Claremont UnifiedCommunity Day71250
Claremont UnifiedMountain View ElementaryK645.0
Claremont UnifiedOakmont ElementaryK642.1
Claremont UnifiedSumner ElementaryK641.2
Claremont UnifiedVista del Valle ElementaryK668.8
Clay Joint ElementaryClay ElementaryK814.6
Clear Creek ElementaryClear Creek ElementaryK837.0
Cloverdale UnifiedJefferson ElementaryK462.5
Clovis UnifiedClovis Community Day Elementary4650
Clovis UnifiedClovis Community Day Secondary71294
Clovis UnifiedClovis ElementaryK660.5
Clovis UnifiedCole ElementaryK658.4
Clovis UnifiedFancher Creek ElementaryK684.0
Clovis UnifiedGateway High (Continuation)91273.5
Clovis UnifiedJefferson ElementaryK665.9
Clovis UnifiedLincoln ElementaryK657.0
Clovis UnifiedMickey Cox ElementaryK652.2
Clovis UnifiedMiramonte ElementaryK685.1
Clovis UnifiedMountain View ElementaryK649.8
Clovis UnifiedNelson ElementaryK676.0
Clovis UnifiedPinedale ElementaryK691.7
Clovis UnifiedSierra Vista ElementaryK691.0
Clovis UnifiedTarpey ElementaryK688.3
Clovis UnifiedTemperance-Kutner ElementaryK683.3
Clovis UnifiedWeldon ElementaryK682.3
Coachella Valley UnifiedBobby Duke Middle7892.7
Coachella Valley UnifiedCahuilla Desert Academy Junior High7882.6
Coachella Valley UnifiedCesar Chavez ElementaryK687.1
Coachella Valley UnifiedCoachella Valley High91286.5
Coachella Valley UnifiedCoral Mountain AcademyK682.3
Coachella Valley UnifiedDesert Mirage High91292.0
Coachella Valley UnifiedJohn Kelley ElementaryK691.5
Coachella Valley UnifiedLa Familia Continuation High101291.5
Coachella Valley UnifiedLas Palmitas ElementaryK693.7
Coachella Valley UnifiedMecca ElementaryK694.3
Coachella Valley UnifiedMountain Vista ElementaryK675.2
Coachella Valley UnifiedNOVA Academy - Coachella91294.7
Coachella Valley UnifiedOasis ElementaryK697.2
Coachella Valley UnifiedPalm View ElementaryK694.0
Coachella Valley UnifiedPeter Pendleton ElementaryK694.2
Coachella Valley UnifiedSaul Martinez ElementaryK692.0
Coachella Valley UnifiedSea View ElementaryK692.9
Coachella Valley UnifiedToro Canyon Middle7895.2
Coachella Valley UnifiedValle del Sol ElementaryK692.1
Coachella Valley UnifiedValley View ElementaryK692.3
Coachella Valley UnifiedWest Shores High71292.9
Coachella Valley UnifiedWestside ElementaryK688.6
Coalinga-Huron UnifiedAnnie E. Cheney KindergartenKK70.8
Coalinga-Huron UnifiedCambridge High91295.3
Coalinga-Huron UnifiedChesnut High (Continuation)912100
Coalinga-Huron UnifiedCoalinga High91287.3
Coalinga-Huron UnifiedCoalinga Middle6885.9
Coalinga-Huron UnifiedHenry F. Bishop ElementaryK182.4
Coalinga-Huron UnifiedHuron ElementaryK598.6
Coalinga-Huron UnifiedHuron Middle6899.2
Coalinga-Huron UnifiedNell Dawson Elementary1387.8
Coalinga-Huron UnifiedSunset Elementary4584.6
Coast UnifiedCambria GrammarK579.7
Coast UnifiedSanta Lucia Middle6873.7
Cold Spring ElementaryCold Spring ElementaryK61.75
Colfax ElementaryColfax ElementaryK853.3
College ElementaryCollege ElementaryKK45.4
College ElementarySanta Ynez Elementary1862.0
Colton Joint UnifiedAbraham Lincoln ElementaryK693.0
Colton Joint UnifiedAlice Birney ElementaryK696.5
Colton Joint UnifiedBloomington High91277.5
Colton Joint UnifiedColton High91272.8
Colton Joint UnifiedColton Middle7897.6
Colton Joint UnifiedCooley Ranch ElementaryK677.5
Colton Joint UnifiedCrestmore ElementaryK692.1
Colton Joint UnifiedGerald A. Smith ElementaryK692.4
Colton Joint UnifiedGrand Terrace ElementaryK668.5
Colton Joint UnifiedGrand Terrace High School at the Ray Abril Jr. Educational Complex91264.0
Colton Joint UnifiedJoe Baca7882.0
Colton Joint UnifiedJurupa Vista ElementaryK668.8
Colton Joint UnifiedMary B. Lewis ElementaryK693.5
Colton Joint UnifiedMichael D'Arcy ElementaryK668.6
Colton Joint UnifiedPaul Rogers ElementaryK694.0
Colton Joint UnifiedReche Canyon ElementaryK674.8
Colton Joint UnifiedRuth Grimes ElementaryK689.1
Colton Joint UnifiedRuth O. Harris Middle7874.5
Colton Joint UnifiedSlover Mountain High (Continuation)91272.4
Colton Joint UnifiedSycamore Hills ElementaryK670.3
Colton Joint UnifiedTerrace Hills Middle7869.1
Colton Joint UnifiedTerrace View ElementaryK647.1
Colton Joint UnifiedUlysses Grant ElementaryK690.2
Colton Joint UnifiedWalter Zimmerman ElementaryK694.0
Colton Joint UnifiedWashington HighK1287.7
Colton Joint UnifiedWilliam McKinley ElementaryK693.3
Colton Joint UnifiedWoodrow Wilson ElementaryK692.0
Columbia ElementaryColumbia ElementaryK438.2
Columbia ElementaryMountain View Middle5833.6
Columbia ElementaryRedding School of the ArtsK1228.9
Columbia UnionColumbia ElementaryK860.5
Colusa UnifiedColusa Alternative High (Continuation)91280
Colusa UnifiedGeorge T. Egling Middle4869.2
Colusa UnifiedJames M. Burchfield PrimaryK376.2
Compton UnifiedAnderson ElementaryP896.2
Compton UnifiedAnimo Compton Charter61285.9
Compton UnifiedBarack Obama CharterP590.7
Compton UnifiedBunche Middle6893.3
Compton UnifiedBursch ElementaryP792.5
Compton UnifiedCarver ElementaryP896.1
Compton UnifiedCentennial High91292.9
Compton UnifiedCesar Chavez Continuation High91283.1
Compton UnifiedClinton, William JeffersonP893.8
Compton UnifiedCompton Early College High91294.7
Compton UnifiedCompton High91295.0
Compton UnifiedDavis Middle6889.2
Compton UnifiedDickison ElementaryK892.8
Compton UnifiedDominguez High91293.8
Compton UnifiedEmerson ElementaryP895.0
Compton UnifiedEnterprise Middle6894.5
Compton UnifiedFoster ElementaryP593.8
Compton UnifiedIngenium Clarion Charter Middle6892.5
Compton UnifiedISANA Achernar AcademyK897.1
Compton UnifiedJefferson ElementaryP895.5
Compton UnifiedKelly ElementaryP894.2
Compton UnifiedKIPP Compton CommunityK885.9
Compton UnifiedLaurel Street ElementaryP893.1
Compton UnifiedLifeline Education CharterP1291.5
Compton UnifiedLongfellow ElementaryP895.6
Compton UnifiedMartin Luther King ElementaryP696.0
Compton UnifiedMayo ElementaryK596.5
Compton UnifiedMcKinley ElementaryP893.1
Compton UnifiedRalph Bunche ElementaryP889.6
Compton UnifiedRobert F. Kennedy ElementaryP894.4
Compton UnifiedRonald E. McNair ElementaryP696.6
Compton UnifiedRoosevelt ElementaryP893.9
Compton UnifiedRoosevelt Middle6894.1
Compton UnifiedRosecrans ElementaryP892.3
Compton UnifiedThurgood MarshallK1287.5
Compton UnifiedTibby ElementaryK896.5
Compton UnifiedToday's Fresh Start-ComptonK885.4
Compton UnifiedWalton Middle6894.2
Compton UnifiedWashington ElementaryP894.5
Compton UnifiedWhaley Middle6896.5
Compton UnifiedWillowbrook Middle6892.2
Conejo Valley UnifiedAcacia Magnet School for Enriched LearningK547.1
Conejo Valley UnifiedConejo ElementaryK565.6
Conejo Valley UnifiedGlenwood ElementaryK560.2
Conejo Valley UnifiedLadera STARS AcademyK537.8
Conejo Valley UnifiedMadrona ElementaryK540.6
Conejo Valley UnifiedMaple ElementaryK535.8
Conejo Valley UnifiedWalnut ElementaryK555.4
Contra Costa County Office of EducationCaliber: Beta AcademyK876.8
Contra Costa County Office of EducationGolden Gate Community61280.2
Contra Costa County Office of EducationInvictus Academy of Richmond71261.6
Contra Costa County Office of EducationMaking Waves Academy51277.5
Contra Costa County Office of EducationSummit Public School K271263.4
Corcoran Joint UnifiedBret Harte ElementaryK193.5
Corcoran Joint UnifiedCorcoran AcademyK12100
Corcoran Joint UnifiedCorcoran High91289.7
Corcoran Joint UnifiedJohn C. Fremont Elementary2394.8
Corcoran Joint UnifiedJohn Muir Middle6892.4
Corcoran Joint UnifiedKings Lake Education Center101293.0
Corcoran Joint UnifiedMark Twain Elementary4593.7
Corcoran Joint UnifiedMission Community Day61276.9
Corning Union ElementaryMaywood Middle6889.0
Corning Union ElementaryOlive View ElementaryK686.5
Corning Union ElementaryRancho Tehama ElementaryK596.9
Corning Union ElementaryWest Street ElementaryK585.9
Corning Union ElementaryWoodson ElementaryK886.2
Corning Union HighCorning High91272.9
Coronado UnifiedSilver Strand ElementaryK516.6
Corona-Norco UnifiedAuburndale Intermediate7875.5
Corona-Norco UnifiedCentennial High91253.2
Corona-Norco UnifiedCesar Chavez AcademyK862.6
Corona-Norco UnifiedCorona Fundamental Intermediate6860.2
Corona-Norco UnifiedCorona High91264.5
Corona-Norco UnifiedCorona Ranch ElementaryK656.6
Corona-Norco UnifiedCorona Vista High912100
Corona-Norco UnifiedCoronita ElementaryK681.9
Corona-Norco UnifiedGarretson ElementaryK663.0
Corona-Norco UnifiedGeorge Washington ElementaryK658.9
Corona-Norco UnifiedHome Gardens AcademyK877.6
Corona-Norco UnifiedJefferson ElementaryK690.0
Corona-Norco UnifiedJohn Adams ElementaryK681.3
Corona-Norco UnifiedJohn Stallings ElementaryK675.0
Corona-Norco UnifiedLee V. Pollard High91270.3
Corona-Norco UnifiedLetha Raney Intermediate6872.1
Corona-Norco UnifiedOrange Grove High91271.8
Corona-Norco UnifiedParkridge ElementaryK688.5
Corona-Norco UnifiedSierra Vista ElementaryK655.4
Corona-Norco UnifiedVicentia ElementaryK671.9
Corona-Norco UnifiedWilliam McKinley ElementaryK654.8
Cotati-Rohnert Park UnifiedJohn Reed PrimaryK573.9
Cotati-Rohnert Park UnifiedThomas Page AcademyK869.5
Cottonwood Union ElementaryNorth CottonwoodK454.4
Cottonwood Union ElementaryWest Cottonwood Junior High5848.5
Covina-Valley UnifiedBarranca ElementaryK566.6
Covina-Valley UnifiedBen Lomond ElementaryK576.9
Covina-Valley UnifiedCypress ElementaryK580.0
Covina-Valley UnifiedFairvalley High (Continuation)91273.2
Covina-Valley UnifiedGrovecenter ElementaryK571.5
Covina-Valley UnifiedLas Palmas Middle6877.3
Covina-Valley UnifiedManzanita ElementaryK569.8
Covina-Valley UnifiedMerwin ElementaryK582.0
Covina-Valley UnifiedMesa ElementaryK545.5
Covina-Valley UnifiedRowland Avenue ElementaryK570.0
Covina-Valley UnifiedSierra Vista Middle6862.9
Covina-Valley UnifiedTraweek Middle6868.7
Covina-Valley UnifiedWorkman Avenue ElementaryK575.5
Cucamonga ElementaryCucamonga ElementaryK572.1
Cucamonga ElementaryLos Amigos ElementaryK580.1
Cucamonga ElementaryOntario CenterK566.4
Cuddeback Union ElementaryCuddeback ElementaryK860.1
Culver City UnifiedCulver City Middle6834.0
Culver City UnifiedEl Rincon ElementaryK530.6
Culver City UnifiedLa Ballona ElementaryK553.0
Cupertino UnionChester W. Nimitz ElementaryK514.2
Cupertino UnionManuel De Vargas ElementaryK510.0
Curtis Creek ElementaryCurtis Creek ElementaryK852.1
Cutler-Orosi Joint UnifiedCutler ElementaryK595.1
Cutler-Orosi Joint UnifiedCutler-Orosi Community Day71262.5
Cutler-Orosi Joint UnifiedEl Monte Middle6895.9
Cutler-Orosi Joint UnifiedEsperanza HighK1262.5
Cutler-Orosi Joint UnifiedGolden Valley ElementaryK594.9
Cutler-Orosi Joint UnifiedLovell High91291.5
Cutler-Orosi Joint UnifiedOrosi High91294.3
Cutler-Orosi Joint UnifiedPalm ElementaryK594.7
Cutten ElementaryCutten Elementary3645.5
Cutten ElementaryRidgewood ElementaryK250.6
Cuyama Joint UnifiedCuyama ElementaryK880.4
Cuyama Joint UnifiedCuyama Valley High91273.5
Cuyama Joint UnifiedSierra Madre High (Continuation)91266.6
Cypress ElementaryClara J. King ElementaryK658.5
Davis Joint UnifiedBirch Lane ElementaryK622.2
Davis Joint UnifiedFrances Ellen Watkins Harper Junior High7929.0
Davis Joint UnifiedFred T. Korematsu Elementary at Mace RanchK621.4
Davis Joint UnifiedKing (Martin Luther) High (Continuation)91236.5
Davis Joint UnifiedMarguerite Montgomery ElementaryK649.8
Davis Joint UnifiedPatwin ElementaryK622.2
Death Valley UnifiedShoshone ElementaryK675
Dehesa ElementaryDehesa ElementaryK845.8
Del Mar Union ElementaryAshley Falls ElementaryK67.78
Del Mar Union ElementaryDel Mar Hills ElementaryK612.8
Del Mar Union ElementarySycamore RidgeK621.5
Del Norte County Office of EducationDel Norte CommunityK12100
Del Norte County Office of EducationElk Creek712100
Del Norte County UnifiedBess Maxwell ElementaryK579.1
Del Norte County UnifiedCrescent Elk Middle6867.9
Del Norte County UnifiedDel Norte High91258.2
Del Norte County UnifiedJoe Hamilton ElementaryK582.9
Del Norte County UnifiedMargaret Keating ElementaryK687.8
Del Norte County UnifiedMary Peacock ElementaryK564.5
Del Norte County UnifiedMountain ElementaryK835.7
Del Norte County UnifiedPine Grove ElementaryK578.7
Del Norte County UnifiedRedwood ElementaryK854.3
Del Norte County UnifiedSmith River ElementaryK866.4
Del Norte County UnifiedSunset High91264.1
Del Norte County UnifiedUncharted Shores AcademyK958.5
Delano Joint Union HighCesar E. Chavez High91284.1
Delano Joint Union HighDelano High91289.8
Delano Joint Union HighRobert F. Kennedy High91291.7
Delano Joint Union HighValley High91293.5
Delano Union ElementaryAlbany Park ElementaryK571.4
Delano Union ElementaryAlmond Tree Middle6873.5
Delano Union ElementaryCecil Avenue Math and Science Academy6872.1
Delano Union ElementaryDel Vista Math and Science AcademyK579.4
Delano Union ElementaryFremont ElementaryK577.8
Delano Union ElementaryHarvest ElementaryK562
Delano Union ElementaryLa Vina Middle6861.0
Delano Union ElementaryMorningsideK563.1
Delano Union ElementaryNueva Vista Language AcademyK575.8
Delano Union ElementaryPioneerK871.4
Delano Union ElementaryPrinceton Street ElementaryK571.8
Delano Union ElementaryTerrace ElementaryK679.0
Delhi UnifiedDelhi High91285.4
Delhi UnifiedDelhi Middle7889.9
Delhi UnifiedEl Capitan ElementaryK693.0
Delhi UnifiedHarmony ElementaryK678.9
Delhi UnifiedSchendel ElementaryP689.3
Denair UnifiedDenair Middle6858.4
Desert Center UnifiedEagle Mountain ElementaryK860.7
Desert Sands UnifiedAbraham Lincoln ElementaryK591.1
Desert Sands UnifiedAmelia Earhart Elementary School of International StudiesK544.5
Desert Sands UnifiedAmistad High (Continuation)91285.3
Desert Sands UnifiedAndrew Jackson ElementaryK589.9
Desert Sands UnifiedBenjamin Franklin ElementaryK574.5
Desert Sands UnifiedCarrillo Ranch ElementaryK579.7
Desert Sands UnifiedColonel Mitchell Paige Middle6872.0
Desert Sands UnifiedDesert Ridge Academy6874.2
Desert Sands UnifiedDr. Reynaldo J. Carreon Jr. AcademyK580.0
Desert Sands UnifiedGerald R. Ford ElementaryK543.0
Desert Sands UnifiedHarry S. Truman ElementaryK576.8
Desert Sands UnifiedHerbert Hoover ElementaryK588.7
Desert Sands UnifiedIndio High9Adult87.6
Desert Sands UnifiedIndio Middle6895.7
Desert Sands UnifiedJames Earl Carter ElementaryK558.6
Desert Sands UnifiedJames Madison ElementaryK585.6
Desert Sands UnifiedJames Monroe ElementaryK556.0
Desert Sands UnifiedJohn F. Kennedy ElementaryK591.2
Desert Sands UnifiedJohn Glenn Middle School of International Studies6854.3
Desert Sands UnifiedLa Quinta Middle6888.6
Desert Sands UnifiedLyndon B. Johnson ElementaryK586.2
Desert Sands UnifiedMartin Van Buren ElementaryK590.0
Desert Sands UnifiedRichard R. Oliphant ElementaryK572.0
Desert Sands UnifiedRonald Reagan ElementaryK553.7
Desert Sands UnifiedSummit High (Continuation)10Adult70.8
Desert Sands UnifiedTheodore Roosevelt ElementaryK591.6
Desert Sands UnifiedThomas Jefferson Middle6898.3
Di Giorgio ElementaryDi Giorgio ElementaryK899.5
Dinuba UnifiedDinuba High91279.3
Dinuba UnifiedGrand View ElementaryK684.3
Dinuba UnifiedJefferson ElementaryK682.2
Dinuba UnifiedJohn F. Kennedy ElementaryK686.9
Dinuba UnifiedLincoln ElementaryK677.3
Dinuba UnifiedRonald Reagan AcademyK1288.1
Dinuba UnifiedRoosevelt ElementaryK675.5
Dinuba UnifiedSierra Vista High (Continuation)91290.5
Dinuba UnifiedWashington Intermediate7882.8
Dinuba UnifiedWilson ElementaryK684.8
Dixon UnifiedAnderson (Linford L.) ElementaryK574.0
Dixon UnifiedC. A. Jacobs Intermediate6858.1
Dixon UnifiedDixon Community Day71277.7
Dixon UnifiedGretchen Higgins ElementaryK565.1
Dixon UnifiedTremont ElementaryK550.7
Dos Palos Oro Loma Joint UnifiedBernhard Marks Elementary3591.0
Dos Palos Oro Loma Joint UnifiedBryant Middle6892.7
Dos Palos Oro Loma Joint UnifiedDos Palos ElementaryK290.5
Dos Palos Oro Loma Joint UnifiedDos Palos High91284.3
Dos Palos Oro Loma Joint UnifiedWestside Community Day Middle High712100
Dos Palos Oro Loma Joint UnifiedWestside High91297.7
Douglas City ElementaryDouglas City ElementaryK841.1
Downey UnifiedAlameda ElementaryK478.2
Downey UnifiedCarpenter (C. C.) ElementaryK564.4
Downey UnifiedColumbus (Christopher) High91268.8
Downey UnifiedDoty (Wendy Lopour) Middle6865.4
Downey UnifiedGallatin ElementaryK562.2
Downey UnifiedGauldin (A.L.) ElementaryK584.8
Downey UnifiedGriffiths (Gordon) Middle6864.7
Downey UnifiedImperial ElementaryK372.1
Downey UnifiedLewis (Ed C.) ElementaryK571.6
Downey UnifiedOld River Elementary4575.6
Downey UnifiedPrice (Maude) ElementaryK563.4
Downey UnifiedRio Hondo ElementaryK567.2
Downey UnifiedRio San Gabriel ElementaryK557.7
Downey UnifiedStauffer (Mary R.) Middle6872.3
Downey UnifiedSussman (Edward A.) Middle6876.8
Downey UnifiedUnsworth (Edith) ElementaryK566.8
Downey UnifiedWard (E. W.) ElementaryK480.3
Downey UnifiedWilliams (Spencer V.) ElementaryK370.4
Downey UnifiedWoodruff Academy71291.6
Dry Creek Joint ElementaryAntelope Crossing Middle6857.0
Dry Creek Joint ElementaryAntelope Meadows ElementaryK554.8
Dry Creek Joint ElementaryBarrett Ranch ElementaryK567.9
Dry Creek Joint ElementaryCreekview RanchK842.9
Dry Creek Joint ElementaryOlive Grove ElementaryK548.5
Duarte UnifiedAndres Duarte Arts Academy (PK-8)K881.6
Duarte UnifiedBeardslee Dual Language Immersion Academy (PK-8)K884.3
Duarte UnifiedCalifornia School of the Arts - San Gabriel Valley91221
Duarte UnifiedDuarte High91270.3
Duarte UnifiedMaxwell Academy (PK-8)K881.5
Duarte UnifiedMt. Olive Innovation and Technology High91287.0
Duarte UnifiedRoyal Oaks STEAM Academy (K-8)K843.8
Duarte UnifiedValley View Academy of Technology and Creative Learning (TK-6)K653.4
Dublin UnifiedDublin ElementaryK58.32
Dublin UnifiedFrederiksen ElementaryK517.9
Dublin UnifiedMurray ElementaryK515.9
Dublin UnifiedValley High (Continuation)91230.3
Dublin UnifiedWells Middle6814.1
Ducor Union ElementaryDucor Union ElementaryK872.0
Dunsmuir ElementaryDunsmuir ElementaryK878.4
Dunsmuir Joint Union HighDunsmuir High91286.4
Durham UnifiedDurham ElementaryK546.5
Earlimart ElementaryAlilaK592.5
Earlimart ElementaryEarlimart Community Day48100
Earlimart ElementaryEarlimart ElementaryK587.1
Earlimart ElementaryEarlimart Middle6892.2
East Nicolaus Joint Union HighEast Nicolaus High91233.3
East Side Union HighACE Charter High91278.4
East Side Union HighAlpha Cindy Avitia High91286.1
East Side Union HighAndrew P. Hill High91262.3
East Side Union HighApollo High111280.7
East Side Union HighB. Roberto Cruz Leadership Academy91280.2
East Side Union HighCalero High101252.8
East Side Union HighEscuela Popular Accelerated Family LearningK1283.6
East Side Union HighFoothill High111261.7
East Side Union HighIndependence High91244.8
East Side Union HighJames Lick High91268.9
East Side Union HighKIPP San Jose Collegiate91270.4
East Side Union HighLatino College Preparatory Academy91271.3
East Side Union HighLuis Valdez Leadership Academy91273.1
East Side Union HighMt. Pleasant High91266.7
East Side Union HighOak Grove High91246.5
East Side Union HighPegasus High111256
East Side Union HighPhoenix High111253.4
East Side Union HighSilver Creek High91238.1
East Side Union HighSummit Public School: Rainier91240
East Side Union HighWilliam C. Overfelt High91269.7
East Side Union HighYerba Buena High91263.1
East Whittier City ElementaryCeres ElementaryK571.0
East Whittier City ElementaryEvergreen ElementaryK584.1
East Whittier City ElementaryHillview Middle6870.9
East Whittier City ElementaryLa Colima ElementaryK571.2
East Whittier City ElementaryLaurel ElementaryK574.8
East Whittier City ElementaryMulberry ElementaryP572.4
Eastern Sierra UnifiedAntelope ElementaryK852.3
Eastern Sierra UnifiedBridgeport ElementaryK844.4
Eastern Sierra UnifiedEdna Beaman ElementaryK561.1
Eastern Sierra UnifiedLee Vining ElementaryK843.1
Eastside Union ElementaryColumbia ElementaryK697.0
Eastside Union ElementaryEastside Academy/Transitional Learning Center3892.8
Eastside Union ElementaryEastside ElementaryK696.0
Eastside Union ElementaryEnterprise ElementaryK693.4
Eastside Union ElementaryGifford C. Cole Middle7894.5
Eastside Union ElementaryTierra Bonita ElementaryK692.7
Edison ElementaryEdison Middle5889.1
Edison ElementaryOrangewood ElementaryP490.2
El Centro ElementaryBallington Academy for the Arts and SciencesK666.6
El Centro ElementaryDe Anza MagnetK866.8
El Centro ElementaryDesert Garden ElementaryK687.8
El Centro ElementaryHarding ElementaryK675.3
El Centro ElementaryKennedy Middle7889.8
El Centro ElementaryLincoln ElementaryK692.9
El Centro ElementaryMargaret Hedrick ElementaryK679.4
El Centro ElementaryMartin Luther King Jr. ElementaryK692.9
El Centro ElementaryMcKinley ElementaryK688.6
El Centro ElementarySunflower ElementaryK673.5
El Centro ElementaryWashington ElementaryK694.8
El Centro ElementaryWilson Jr. High7882.2
El Dorado County Office of EducationBlue RidgeK12100
El Dorado County Office of EducationCharter Community School Home Study AcademyK1228.1
El Dorado County Office of EducationRite of Passage912100
El Dorado Union HighEl Dorado High91238.4
El Dorado Union HighIndependence Continuation91261.3
El Dorado Union HighUnion Mine High91235.3
El Monte CityCherrylee ElementaryK692.8
El Monte CityCleminson ElementaryK678.3
El Monte CityColumbia ElementaryK896.5
El Monte CityCortada ElementaryK697.2
El Monte CityDurfee ElementaryK889.9
El Monte CityGidley ElementaryK891.1
El Monte CityLegore ElementaryK693.2
El Monte CityNew Lexington ElementaryK690.7
El Monte CityPotrero ElementaryK896.2
El Monte CityRio Hondo ElementaryK886.7
El Monte CityRio Vista ElementaryK693.1
El Monte CityShirpser ElementaryK696.7
El Monte CityThompson ElementaryK884.2
El Monte CityWilkerson ElementaryK695.5
El Monte CityWright ElementaryK896.0
El Monte Union HighArroyo High91284.6
El Monte Union HighEl Monte High91294.8
El Monte Union HighEl Monte Union High School Community Day912100
El Monte Union HighFernando R. Ledesma Continuation High101297.0
El Monte Union HighMountain View High91292.5
El Monte Union HighRosemead High91282.3
El Monte Union HighSouth El Monte High91289.7
El Nido ElementaryEl Nido ElementaryK879.7
El Rancho UnifiedBirney Tech AcademyK578.8
El Rancho UnifiedDurfee ElementaryK583.9
El Rancho UnifiedEl Rancho High91265.9
El Rancho UnifiedEllen Ochoa Prep Academy91272.1
El Rancho UnifiedMagee Academy of Arts & SciencesK577.4
El Rancho UnifiedNorth Park Academy of the Arts6877.7
El Rancho UnifiedNorth Ranchito ElementaryK583.0
El Rancho UnifiedRio Vista ElementaryK569.8
El Rancho UnifiedRivera ElementaryK574.1
El Rancho UnifiedRivera Middle6874.3
El Rancho UnifiedRuben Salazar Continuation91275
El Rancho UnifiedSouth Ranchito Dual Language AcademyK580.6
El Rancho UnifiedSTEAM Academy @ Burke6865.6
El Rancho UnifiedValencia Academy of the ArtsK573.7
El Segundo UnifiedArena High (Continuation)91229.4
El Segundo UnifiedEl Segundo High91218.1
El Segundo UnifiedEl Segundo Middle6816.7
El Tejon UnifiedEl Tejon Elementary5872.4
El Tejon UnifiedFrazier Mountain High91260.2
El Tejon UnifiedFrazier Park ElementaryK472.5
Elk Grove UnifiedAnna Kirchgater ElementaryK685.6
Elk Grove UnifiedArthur C. Butler ElementaryK657.6
Elk Grove UnifiedBarbara Comstock Morse ElementaryK679.9
Elk Grove UnifiedCalifornia Montessori Project - Elk Grove CampusK819.0
Elk Grove UnifiedCalvine High91266.2
Elk Grove UnifiedCharles E. Mack ElementaryK687.9
Elk Grove UnifiedDavid Reese ElementaryK688.2
Elk Grove UnifiedDaylor (William) High (Continuation)91285.2
Elk Grove UnifiedEdward Harris, Jr. Middle7870.9
Elk Grove UnifiedFlorin ElementaryK691.3
Elk Grove UnifiedFlorin High91288.1
Elk Grove UnifiedHerman Leimbach ElementaryK685.1
Elk Grove UnifiedIrene B. West ElementaryK667.8
Elk Grove UnifiedIsabelle Jackson ElementaryK675.9
Elk Grove UnifiedJames Rutter Middle7893.8
Elk Grove UnifiedJessie BakerK1262.8
Elk Grove UnifiedJohn Reith ElementaryK689.1
Elk Grove UnifiedMaeola E. Beitzel ElementaryK665.1
Elk Grove UnifiedMary Tsukamoto ElementaryK671.1
Elk Grove UnifiedMonterey Trail High91267.0
Elk Grove UnifiedPrairie ElementaryK684.7
Elk Grove UnifiedRaymond Case ElementaryK662.0
Elk Grove UnifiedRio Cazadero High (Continuation)91267.1
Elk Grove UnifiedRobert J. Fite ElementaryK661.8
Elk Grove UnifiedSamuel Jackman Middle7890.6
Elk Grove UnifiedSamuel Kennedy ElementaryK693.7
Elk Grove UnifiedSAVA - Sacramento Academic and Vocational Academy - EGUSD71261.4
Elk Grove UnifiedSierra-Enterprise ElementaryK675.8
Elk Grove UnifiedT. R. Smedberg Middle7863.7
Elk Grove UnifiedUnion House ElementaryK686.8
Elk Grove UnifiedValley High91291.1
Elk Hills ElementaryElk Hills ElementaryK894.7
Elverta Joint ElementaryAlpha Technology Middle6863.9
Emery UnifiedAnna Yates ElementaryK871.4
Emery UnifiedEmery Secondary91267.8
Empire Union ElementaryAlice N. Stroud ElementaryK678.1
Empire Union ElementaryBernard L. Hughes ElementaryK679.5
Empire Union ElementaryCapistrano ElementaryK692.5
Empire Union ElementaryChristine Sipherd ElementaryK679.0
Empire Union ElementaryEmpire ElementaryK693.6
Empire Union ElementaryNorman N. Glick Middle7882.7
Encinitas Union ElementaryCapri ElementaryK621.9
Encinitas Union ElementaryOcean Knoll ElementaryK630.5
Encinitas Union ElementaryPaul Ecke-Central ElementaryK624.0
Enterprise ElementaryAlta Mesa ElementaryK584.7
Enterprise ElementaryBoulder Creek ElementaryK846.1
Enterprise ElementaryLassen View ElementaryK579.0
Enterprise ElementaryMistletoe ElementaryK867.4
Enterprise ElementaryPACE Academy CharterK882.6
Enterprise ElementaryParsons Junior High6878.6
Enterprise ElementaryRedding Collegiate AcademyK1263.3
Enterprise ElementaryRother ElementaryK591.2
Enterprise ElementaryShasta Meadows ElementaryK582.1
Escalon UnifiedCollegeville ElementaryK566.8
Escalon UnifiedDent ElementaryK543.2
Escalon UnifiedFarmington ElementaryK575.2
Escalon UnifiedVan Allen ElementaryK541.4
Escondido UnionCentral ElementaryK587.9
Escondido UnionConway ElementaryK567.8
Escondido UnionDel Dios Academy of Arts and Sciences6884.3
Escondido UnionEpiphany Prep CharterK885.5
Escondido UnionFarr Avenue ElementaryK587.9
Escondido UnionFelicita ElementaryK586.1
Escondido UnionGlen View ElementaryK580.3
Escondido UnionHidden Valley Middle6885.7
Escondido UnionJuniper ElementaryK587.5
Escondido UnionLincoln ElementaryK586.7
Escondido UnionMission Middle6891.0
Escondido UnionOak Hill ElementaryK586.0
Escondido UnionOrange Glen ElementaryK580.2
Escondido UnionPioneer ElementaryK588.8
Escondido UnionRincon Middle6859.9
Escondido UnionRock Springs ElementaryK571.2
Escondido UnionRose ElementaryK582.9
Escondido Union HighAudeo Charter School III61260.7
Escondido Union HighDel Lago Academy - Campus of Applied Science91255.4
Escondido Union HighEscondido High91274.0
Escondido Union HighOrange Glen High91286.6
Escondido Union HighSan Pasqual High91260.4
Escondido Union HighValley High (Continuation)91292.7
Esparto UnifiedEsparto ElementaryK585.9
Esparto UnifiedEsparto Middle6883.6
Etiwanda ElementaryCecilia Lucero Solorio ElementaryK551.6
Etiwanda ElementaryEast Heritage ElementaryK552.1
Etiwanda ElementaryFalcon Ridge ElementaryK537.2
Etiwanda ElementaryPerdew ElementaryK548.7
Etiwanda ElementaryWest Heritage ElementaryK555.0
Eureka City SchoolsAlice Birney ElementaryK588.6
Eureka City SchoolsCatherine L. Zane Middle6867.3
Eureka City SchoolsGrant ElementaryK578.1
Eureka City SchoolsLafayette ElementaryK583.7
Eureka City SchoolsPacific View Charter 2.0K1266.5
Eureka City SchoolsWashington ElementaryK564.6
Eureka City SchoolsWinship Middle6873.9
Eureka UnionExcelsior Elementary4617.5
Eureka UnionGreenhills ElementaryP318.8
Eureka UnionMaidu ElementaryP320.4
Evergreen ElementaryCedar Grove ElementaryK638.3
Evergreen ElementaryDove Hill ElementaryK659.8
Evergreen ElementaryGeorge V. LeyVa Intermediate7854.2
Evergreen ElementaryHolly Oak ElementaryK645.5
Evergreen ElementaryJohn J. Montgomery ElementaryK654.0
Evergreen ElementaryKatherine R. Smith ElementaryK676.9
Evergreen ElementaryO. B. Whaley ElementaryK664.9
Evergreen UnionBend ElementaryK856.3
Evergreen UnionEvergreen ElementaryK456.6
Evergreen UnionEvergreen Middle5859.0
Exeter UnifiedExeter Community Day11285.7
Exeter UnifiedExeter Independent Study (Alternative)K1296.2
Exeter UnifiedExeter Union High91258.2
Exeter UnifiedKaweah High91279.5
Exeter UnifiedLincoln ElementaryK576.4
Exeter UnifiedRocky Hill ElementaryK571.3
Exeter UnifiedWilson Middle6867.0
Fairfax ElementaryFairfax Jr. High7878.4
Fairfax ElementaryShirley Lane ElementaryK680.9
Fairfax ElementaryVirginia Avenue ElementaryK683.0
Fairfax ElementaryZephyr Lane ElementaryK680.3
Fairfield-Suisun UnifiedAnna Kyle ElementaryK588.3
Fairfield-Suisun UnifiedCleo Gordon ElementaryK582.6
Fairfield-Suisun UnifiedCrystal Middle6869.7
Fairfield-Suisun UnifiedDover Academy for International StudiesK878.3
Fairfield-Suisun UnifiedE. Ruth Sheldon Academy of Innovative LearningK883.9
Fairfield-Suisun UnifiedFairview ElementaryK584.5
Fairfield-Suisun UnifiedGrange Middle6874.1
Fairfield-Suisun UnifiedMatt Garcia Career and College Academy6876.9
Fairfield-Suisun UnifiedSem Yeto Continuation High101266.8
Fairfield-Suisun UnifiedSuisun ElementaryK566.1
Fairfield-Suisun UnifiedTolenas Academy of Music and MediaK671.1
Fairfield-Suisun UnifiedWeir Preparatory AcademyK884.0
Fall River Joint UnifiedBurney Community Day71290.9
Fall River Joint UnifiedBurney ElementaryK670.9
Fall River Joint UnifiedFall River Community Day712100
Fall River Joint UnifiedFall River ElementaryK653.3
Fallbrook Union ElementaryFallbrook STEM AcademyK680.5
Fallbrook Union ElementaryJames E. Potter Intermediate7875.1
Fallbrook Union ElementaryLa Paloma ElementaryK670.1
Fallbrook Union ElementaryLive Oak ElementaryK666.6
Fallbrook Union ElementaryMaie Ellis ElementaryK671.6
Fallbrook Union ElementaryMary Fay Pendleton ElementaryK632.7
Fallbrook Union ElementarySan Onofre ElementaryK841.8
Fallbrook Union ElementarySanta Margarita Academy48100
Fallbrook Union ElementaryWilliam H. Frazier ElementaryK675.3
Fallbrook Union HighFallbrook High91266.6
Fallbrook Union HighIvy High (Continuation)91256.4
Farmersville UnifiedDeep Creek Academy91291.4
Farmersville UnifiedFarmersville High91292.0
Farmersville UnifiedFarmersville Junior High7898.1
Farmersville UnifiedFreedom Elementary4694.4
Farmersville UnifiedGeorge L. Snowden Elementary2394.7
Farmersville UnifiedJ. E. Hester ElementaryK188.9
Ferndale UnifiedFerndale ElementaryK857.3
Fieldbrook ElementaryFieldbrook ElementaryK850.8
Fillmore UnifiedFillmore Middle6876.4
Fillmore UnifiedFillmore Senior High91276.2
Fillmore UnifiedHeritage Valley Independent StudyK1257.8
Fillmore UnifiedMountain VistaK582.2
Fillmore UnifiedPiru ElementaryK572.1
Fillmore UnifiedRio Vista ElementaryK559.3
Fillmore UnifiedSan Cayetano ElementaryK577.6
Fillmore UnifiedSierra High91287.3
Firebaugh-Las Deltas UnifiedArthur E. Mills Intermediate3593.0
Firebaugh-Las Deltas UnifiedEl Puente High912100
Firebaugh-Las Deltas UnifiedFirebaugh Community Day412100
Firebaugh-Las Deltas UnifiedFirebaugh High91289.4
Firebaugh-Las Deltas UnifiedFirebaugh Middle6889.6
Firebaugh-Las Deltas UnifiedHazel M. Bailey PrimaryK287.0
Folsom-Cordova UnifiedCordova Gardens ElementaryK673.7
Folsom-Cordova UnifiedCordova High91262.3
Folsom-Cordova UnifiedCordova Meadows ElementaryK585.5
Folsom-Cordova UnifiedCordova Villa ElementaryK578.8
Folsom-Cordova UnifiedKinney High (Continuation)91274.5
Folsom-Cordova UnifiedMills Middle6882.3
Folsom-Cordova UnifiedNavigator ElementaryK544.9
Folsom-Cordova UnifiedPeter J. Shields ElementaryK567.3
Folsom-Cordova UnifiedProspect Community Day71274.3
Folsom-Cordova UnifiedRancho Cordova ElementaryK581.8
Folsom-Cordova UnifiedW. E. Mitchell Middle6861.8
Folsom-Cordova UnifiedWhite Rock ElementaryK591.6
Folsom-Cordova UnifiedWilliamson ElementaryK583.3
Fontana UnifiedAlder Middle6891.8
Fontana UnifiedAlmeria Middle6888.3
Fontana UnifiedAlmond ElementaryK686.7
Fontana UnifiedBeech Avenue ElementaryK697.9
Fontana UnifiedCanyon Crest ElementaryK572.7
Fontana UnifiedChaparral Academy of TechnologyK594.7
Fontana UnifiedCitrus ElementaryK696.9
Fontana UnifiedCitrus High (Continuation)101290.1
Fontana UnifiedCypress ElementaryK597.7
Fontana UnifiedDate ElementaryK596.2
Fontana UnifiedDolores Huerta International AcademyK679.1
Fontana UnifiedDorothy Grant Innovations AcademyK562.3
Fontana UnifiedEric Birch High (Continuation)101290.3
Fontana UnifiedFontana A. B. Miller High91296.6
Fontana UnifiedFontana High91276.0
Fontana UnifiedFontana Middle6873.4
Fontana UnifiedHarry S. Truman Middle6896.1
Fontana UnifiedHemlock ElementaryK562.4
Fontana UnifiedHenry J. Kaiser High91273.7
Fontana UnifiedJuniper ElementaryK596.0
Fontana UnifiedJurupa Hills High91274.9
Fontana UnifiedKathy Binks ElementaryK568.7
Fontana UnifiedLive Oak ElementaryK695.3
Fontana UnifiedLocust ElementaryK680.7
Fontana UnifiedMango ElementaryK584.6
Fontana UnifiedMaple ElementaryK594.7
Fontana UnifiedNorth Tamarind ElementaryK697.0
Fontana UnifiedOak Park ElementaryK568.7
Fontana UnifiedOleander ElementaryK590.3
Fontana UnifiedPalmetto ElementaryK596.3
Fontana UnifiedPoplar ElementaryK696.5
Fontana UnifiedRandall Pepper ElementaryK596.8
Fontana UnifiedRedwood ElementaryK696.7
Fontana UnifiedSequoia Middle7895.3
Fontana UnifiedShadow Hills ElementaryK571.5
Fontana UnifiedSierra Lakes ElementaryK549.3
Fontana UnifiedSouth Tamarind ElementaryK593.2
Fontana UnifiedSouthridge Tech Middle6871.2
Fontana UnifiedSummit High91261.3
Fontana UnifiedTed Porter ElementaryK597.1
Fontana UnifiedTokay ElementaryK584.4
Fontana UnifiedVirginia Primrose ElementaryK598.5
Fontana UnifiedWayne Ruble Middle6860.9
Fontana UnifiedWest Randall ElementaryK696.6
Foresthill Union ElementaryForesthill DivideK845.3
Forestville Union ElementaryForestville Academy2845.7
Forestville Union ElementaryForestville ElementaryK146.1
Fort Bragg UnifiedDana Gray Elementary3587.2
Fort Bragg UnifiedFort Bragg High91270.0
Fort Bragg UnifiedFort Bragg Middle6883.9
Fort Bragg UnifiedLighthouse Community Day91285.7
Fort Bragg UnifiedNoyo High (Continuation)91296.8
Fort Bragg UnifiedRedwood ElementaryP285.0
Fort Bragg UnifiedShelter Cove48100
Fort Bragg UnifiedThree Rivers Charter11269.0
Fort Sage UnifiedLong ValleyK1260.2
Fort Sage UnifiedSierra PrimaryK695.6
Fortuna ElementaryFortuna Middle5880.2
Fortuna ElementaryNorman G. Ambrosini ElementaryK460.8
Fortuna ElementaryRedwood Preparatory CharterK830.6
Fortuna ElementarySouth Fortuna ElementaryK489.6
Fortuna ElementaryToddy Thomas Middle4861.4
Fortuna Union HighAcademy of the Redwoods91241.7
Fortuna Union HighEast High (Continuation)101265.6
Fortuna Union HighFortuna Union High91250.2
Fountain Valley ElementaryCox (James H.) ElementaryK535.4
Fountain Valley ElementaryMasuda (Kazuo) Middle6831.1
Fountain Valley ElementaryOka (Isojiro) ElementaryK525.9
Fountain Valley ElementaryPlavan (Urbain H.) ElementaryK534.7
Fowler UnifiedFremont Elementary3567.2
Fowler UnifiedJohn Sutter Middle6878.2
Fowler UnifiedMalaga ElementaryK584.5
Fowler UnifiedMarshall ElementaryK266.6
Franklin ElementaryFranklin ElementaryK830.3
Franklin-McKinley ElementaryACE Esperanza Middle5891.2
Franklin-McKinley ElementaryAlpha: Cornerstone Academy PreparatoryK866.5
Franklin-McKinley ElementaryBridges Academy7883.5
Franklin-McKinley ElementaryCaptain Jason M. Dahl ElementaryK676.1
Franklin-McKinley ElementaryFranklin ElementaryK676.6
Franklin-McKinley ElementaryG. W. Hellyer ElementaryK674.1
Franklin-McKinley ElementaryJeanne R. Meadows ElementaryK674.8
Franklin-McKinley ElementaryKIPP Heritage Academy5871.0
Franklin-McKinley ElementaryLairon College Preparatory Academy4881.8
Franklin-McKinley ElementaryLos Arboles Literacy and Technology AcademyK383.2
Franklin-McKinley ElementaryMcKinley ElementaryK682.3
Franklin-McKinley ElementaryRamblewood ElementaryK656.0
Franklin-McKinley ElementaryRobert F. Kennedy ElementaryK672.6
Franklin-McKinley ElementaryRocketship Mosaic ElementaryK573.2
Franklin-McKinley ElementaryRocketship Spark AcademyK562.2
Franklin-McKinley ElementarySantee ElementaryK687.4
Franklin-McKinley ElementaryShirakawa (George, Sr.) ElementaryK866.5
Franklin-McKinley ElementaryStonegate ElementaryK869.9
Franklin-McKinley ElementarySylvandale Middle7873.5
Franklin-McKinley ElementaryVoices College-Bound Language AcademyK869.1
Franklin-McKinley ElementaryWindmill Springs ElementaryK863.6
Fremont UnifiedCenterville Junior High7830.2
Fremont UnifiedG. M. Walters Middle6842.9
Fremont UnifiedJohn F. Kennedy High91242.8
Fremont UnifiedRobertson High (Continuation)91259.0
Fremont UnifiedVista Alternative71217.6
Fremont UnifiedWashington High91226.5
Freshwater ElementaryFreshwater ElementaryK642.2
Fresno County Office of EducationAlice M. WorsleyK12100
Fresno County Office of EducationBig Picture Educational AcademyK1280.4
Fresno County Office of EducationCareer Technical Education Charter91251.7
Fresno County Office of EducationEdison-Bethune Charter AcademyK696.4
Fresno County Office of EducationFresno County Special EducationP1271.4
Fresno County Office of EducationHume Lake CharterK1243.9
Fresno County Office of EducationKepler NeighborhoodK876.7
Fresno County Office of EducationViolet Heintz Education Academy712100
Fresno UnifiedAddams ElementaryK698.1
Fresno UnifiedAhwahnee Middle7887.9
Fresno UnifiedAkira Yokomi ElementaryK689.7
Fresno UnifiedAnn B. LeavenworthK680.3
Fresno UnifiedAspen Meadow PublicK883.1
Fresno UnifiedAspen Valley Prep AcademyK862.4
Fresno UnifiedAyer ElementaryK690.4
Fresno UnifiedAynesworth ElementaryK695.8
Fresno UnifiedBaird Middle5844.5
Fresno UnifiedBirney ElementaryK697.2
Fresno UnifiedBullard High91261.5
Fresno UnifiedBullard TalentK856.6
Fresno UnifiedBurroughs ElementaryK696.9
Fresno UnifiedCalwa ElementaryK697.9
Fresno UnifiedCambridge Continuation High91297.1
Fresno UnifiedCarter G. Woodson Public Charter71297.4
Fresno UnifiedCentennial ElementaryK694.3
Fresno UnifiedColumbia ElementaryK699.3
Fresno UnifiedCooper Middle6889.6
Fresno UnifiedDavid L. Greenberg ElementaryK693.3
Fresno UnifiedDeborah A. Williams ElementaryK697.9
Fresno UnifiedDel Mar ElementaryK694.9
Fresno UnifiedDesign Science Middle College High91270.5
Fresno UnifiedDewolf Continuation High71295.1
Fresno UnifiedEasterby ElementaryK693.7
Fresno UnifiedEaton ElementaryK667.7
Fresno UnifiedEdison Computech7875.5
Fresno UnifiedEdison High91281.5
Fresno UnifiedEdith B. Storey ElementaryK688.0
Fresno UnifiedElizabeth Terronez Middle6891.8
Fresno UnifiedEricson ElementaryK695.3
Fresno UnifiedErma Duncan Polytechnical High91291.1
Fresno UnifiedEwing ElementaryK688.5
Fresno UnifiedEzekiel Balderas ElementaryK698.7
Fresno UnifiedFigarden ElementaryK675.3
Fresno UnifiedFlorence E. Rata91280
Fresno UnifiedForkner ElementaryK654.7
Fresno UnifiedFort Miller Middle7897.6
Fresno UnifiedFremont ElementaryK696.0
Fresno UnifiedFresno High91289.8
Fresno UnifiedFulton71276.4
Fresno UnifiedGibson ElementaryK660.8
Fresno UnifiedHamilton ElementaryK890.7
Fresno UnifiedHeaton ElementaryK691.4
Fresno UnifiedHerbert Hoover High91284.4
Fresno UnifiedHolland ElementaryK691.9
Fresno UnifiedHoman ElementaryK695.2
Fresno UnifiedIrwin O. Addicott ElementaryK864.5
Fresno UnifiedJ. E. Young Academic CenterK1290.0
Fresno UnifiedJackson ElementaryK696.0
Fresno UnifiedJefferson ElementaryK697.7
Fresno UnifiedKing ElementaryK696.6
Fresno UnifiedKings Canyon Middle7896.0
Fresno UnifiedKirk ElementaryK697.3
Fresno UnifiedKratt ElementaryK678.5
Fresno UnifiedLane ElementaryK697.2
Fresno UnifiedLawless ElementaryK685.8
Fresno UnifiedLincoln ElementaryK698.1
Fresno UnifiedLowell ElementaryK698.1
Fresno UnifiedMalloch ElementaryK651.7
Fresno UnifiedManchester Gate2663.7
Fresno UnifiedMario G. Olmos ElementaryK699.0
Fresno UnifiedMayfair ElementaryK698.5
Fresno UnifiedMcCardle ElementaryK685.6
Fresno UnifiedMcLane High91292.9
Fresno UnifiedMiguel Hidalgo ElementaryK698.8
Fresno UnifiedMolly S. Bakman ElementaryK695.0
Fresno UnifiedMuir ElementaryK695.1
Fresno UnifiedNorseman ElementaryK697.0
Fresno UnifiedPhillip J Patino School of Entrepreneurship91278.8
Fresno UnifiedPhoenix Elementary Academy Community Day1697.7
Fresno UnifiedPhoenix Secondary71295.9
Fresno UnifiedPowers-Ginsburg ElementaryK685.4
Fresno UnifiedPyle ElementaryK696.6
Fresno UnifiedRobinson ElementaryK690.2
Fresno UnifiedRoeding ElementaryK695.0
Fresno UnifiedRoosevelt High91291.1
Fresno UnifiedRowell ElementaryK697.8
Fresno UnifiedRutherford B. Gaston Sr. Middle7897.1
Fresno UnifiedScandinavian Middle7897.1
Fresno UnifiedSchool of Unlimited Learning91280.6
Fresno UnifiedSequoia Middle7897.8
Fresno UnifiedSierra CharterK1276.5
Fresno UnifiedSlater ElementaryK694.0
Fresno UnifiedStarr ElementaryK655.7
Fresno UnifiedSunnyside High91289.8
Fresno UnifiedSunset ElementaryK679.0
Fresno UnifiedSusan B. Anthony ElementaryK697.0
Fresno UnifiedTehipite Middle7897.6
Fresno UnifiedTenaya Middle7868.4
Fresno UnifiedThomas ElementaryK688.1
Fresno UnifiedTioga Middle7891.2
Fresno UnifiedTurner ElementaryK696.0
Fresno UnifiedUniversity High91216.5
Fresno UnifiedVang Pao ElementaryK696.8
Fresno UnifiedViking ElementaryK693.8
Fresno UnifiedVinland ElementaryK691.0
Fresno UnifiedWawona K-8K885.0
Fresno UnifiedWebster ElementaryK698.0
Fresno UnifiedWilson ElementaryK694.3
Fresno UnifiedWinchell ElementaryK697.2
Fresno UnifiedWishon ElementaryK693.7
Fresno UnifiedWolters ElementaryK695.9
Fresno UnifiedYosemite Middle7897.0
Fruitvale ElementaryColumbia ElementaryK654.4
Fruitvale ElementaryDiscovery ElementaryK647.9
Fruitvale ElementaryEndeavour ElementaryK655.6
Fruitvale ElementaryFruitvale Junior High7848.2
Fruitvale ElementaryQuailwood ElementaryK654.1
Fullerton ElementaryCommonwealth ElementaryK684.7
Fullerton ElementaryMaple ElementaryK685.8
Fullerton ElementaryNicolas Junior High7883.3
Fullerton ElementaryOrangethorpe ElementaryK676.5
Fullerton ElementaryPacific Drive ElementaryK675
Fullerton ElementaryRaymond ElementaryK657.6
Fullerton ElementaryRichman ElementaryK682.9
Fullerton ElementaryValencia Park ElementaryK689.5
Fullerton ElementaryWoodcrest ElementaryK685.8
Fullerton Joint Union HighBuena Park High91280.1
Fullerton Joint Union HighFullerton Union High91250.5
Fullerton Joint Union HighLa Habra High91250.5
Fullerton Joint Union HighLa Sierra High (Alternative)91271.1
Fullerton Joint Union HighLa Vista High (Continuation)91279.0
Fullerton Joint Union HighSonora High91250.3
Galt Joint Union ElementaryLake Canyon ElementaryK650.0
Galt Joint Union ElementaryMarengo Ranch ElementaryK645.0
Galt Joint Union ElementaryRiver Oaks ElementaryK657.7
Galt Joint Union ElementaryRobert L. McCaffrey Middle7861.7
Galt Joint Union ElementaryValley Oaks ElementaryK684.1
Galt Joint Union ElementaryVernon E. Greer ElementaryK665.5
Galt Joint Union HighEstrellita Continuation High91271.7
Galt Joint Union HighGalt High91265.5
Galt Joint Union HighLiberty Ranch High91252.2
Garden Grove UnifiedA. G. Cook ElementaryK663.0
Garden Grove UnifiedAgnes Ware Stanley ElementaryK669.1
Garden Grove UnifiedAlamitos Intermediate7877.9
Garden Grove UnifiedBolsa Grande High91273.5
Garden Grove UnifiedBrookhurst ElementaryK681.8
Garden Grove UnifiedBryant ElementaryK685.6
Garden Grove UnifiedC. C. Violette ElementaryK684.1
Garden Grove UnifiedClinton ElementaryK688.5
Garden Grove UnifiedDonald S. Jordan Intermediate7869.8
Garden Grove UnifiedDr. Walter C. Ralston Intermediate7868.0
Garden Grove UnifiedDwight D. Eisenhower ElementaryK688.5
Garden Grove UnifiedEarl Warren ElementaryK681.5
Garden Grove UnifiedEdward Russell ElementaryK696.5
Garden Grove UnifiedEnders ElementaryK633.2
Garden Grove UnifiedErnest O. Lawrence ElementaryK679.3
Garden Grove UnifiedEthan B. Allen ElementaryK637.1
Garden Grove UnifiedEthel M. Evans ElementaryK672.1
Garden Grove UnifiedExcelsior ElementaryK678.7
Garden Grove UnifiedFaylane ElementaryK667.1
Garden Grove UnifiedGarden Grove High91267.5
Garden Grove UnifiedGarden Park ElementaryK635.8
Garden Grove UnifiedGenevieve M. Crosby ElementaryK671.7
Garden Grove UnifiedGilbert ElementaryK674.3
Garden Grove UnifiedHeritage ElementaryP691.9
Garden Grove UnifiedIzaak Walton Intermediate7882.4
Garden Grove UnifiedJames Irvine Intermediate7880.2
Garden Grove UnifiedJames Monroe ElementaryK660.3
Garden Grove UnifiedJohn Marshall ElementaryK674.1
Garden Grove UnifiedJohn Murdy ElementaryK673.2
Garden Grove UnifiedLa Quinta High91264.7
Garden Grove UnifiedLeo Carrillo ElementaryK684.7
Garden Grove UnifiedLeroy L. Doig Intermediate7887.1
Garden Grove UnifiedLinton T. Simmons ElementaryK686.6
Garden Grove UnifiedLos Amigos High91285.4
Garden Grove UnifiedLouis G. Zeyen ElementaryK673.1
Garden Grove UnifiedLouis Lake Intermediate7870.6
Garden Grove UnifiedMamie L. Northcutt ElementaryK672.3
Garden Grove UnifiedMarie L. Hare High71280.3
Garden Grove UnifiedMark Twain Special CenterP1270.1
Garden Grove UnifiedMerton E. Hill ElementaryK673.7
Garden Grove UnifiedMitchell ElementaryK681.1
Garden Grove UnifiedMorningside ElementaryK673.3
Garden Grove UnifiedNewhope ElementaryK685.2
Garden Grove UnifiedOcia A. Peters ElementaryK675.4
Garden Grove UnifiedPacifica High91239.5
Garden Grove UnifiedParkview ElementaryK666.8
Garden Grove UnifiedPost ElementaryK666.6
Garden Grove UnifiedR. F. Hazard ElementaryK689.3
Garden Grove UnifiedRancho Alamitos High91275.3
Garden Grove UnifiedRiverdale ElementaryK680.4
Garden Grove UnifiedRosita ElementaryK687.4
Garden Grove UnifiedSantiago High91283.0
Garden Grove UnifiedSarah McGarvin Intermediate7860.6
Garden Grove UnifiedStanford ElementaryK672.4
Garden Grove UnifiedStephen R. Fitz Intermediate7888.3
Garden Grove UnifiedSunnyside ElementaryK667.2
Garden Grove UnifiedSusan B. Anthony ElementaryK668.2
Garden Grove UnifiedThomas Paine ElementaryK665.6
Garden Grove UnifiedWakeham ElementaryK683.2
Garden Grove UnifiedWoodbury ElementaryK682.8
Garvey ElementaryBitely (Arlene) ElementaryK688.8
Garvey ElementaryDewey Avenue ElementaryK685.7
Garvey ElementaryDuff Language Magnet AcademyK689.7
Garvey ElementaryEmerson (Ralph Waldo) ElementaryK684.7
Garvey ElementaryGarvey (Richard) Intermediate7881.1
Garvey ElementaryHillcrest ElementaryK669.6
Garvey ElementaryMonterey Vista ElementaryK669.9
Garvey ElementaryRice (Eldridge) ElementaryK683.7
Garvey ElementarySanchez (George I.) ElementaryK689.1
Garvey ElementaryTemple (Roger W.) Intermediate7889.3
Garvey ElementaryWillard (Frances E.) ElementaryK681.7
Gateway UnifiedBuckeye School of the ArtsK881.9
Gateway UnifiedGateway Community Day71290.4
Gateway UnifiedGateway Educational OptionsK1270
Gateway UnifiedGrand Oaks ElementaryK585.0
Gateway UnifiedMountain Lakes High101268.0
Gateway UnifiedShasta LakeK872.8
General Shafter ElementaryGeneral Shafter ElementaryK868.9
Gerber Union ElementaryGerber ElementaryK880.9
Geyserville UnifiedGeyserville ElementaryK577.0
Gilroy UnifiedAntonio Del Buono ElementaryK570.2
Gilroy UnifiedBrownell Middle6844.0
Gilroy UnifiedEl Roble ElementaryK556.9
Gilroy UnifiedEliot ElementaryK590.9
Gilroy UnifiedGilroy Prep (a Navigator School)K848.4
Gilroy UnifiedGlen View ElementaryK580.5
Gilroy UnifiedLas Animas ElementaryK542.1
Gilroy UnifiedRod Kelley ElementaryK557.7
Gilroy UnifiedRucker ElementaryK554.7
Gilroy UnifiedSolorsano Middle6855.5
Gilroy UnifiedSouth Valley Middle6865.4
Glendale UnifiedAnderson W. Clark Magnet High91253.6
Glendale UnifiedBalboa ElementaryK660.2
Glendale UnifiedCerritos ElementaryK682.2
Glendale UnifiedCollege ViewK1235.1
Glendale UnifiedColumbus ElementaryK577.2
Glendale UnifiedDaily (Allan F.) High (Continuation)91276.5
Glendale UnifiedEleanor J. Toll Middle6857.6
Glendale UnifiedGlendale High91268.4
Glendale UnifiedHerbert Hoover High91264.4
Glendale UnifiedHorace Mann ElementaryK590.5
Glendale UnifiedJewel City Community Day71025
Glendale UnifiedJohn Marshall ElementaryK580.9
Glendale UnifiedJohn Muir ElementaryK672.6
Glendale UnifiedMark Keppel ElementaryK538.8
Glendale UnifiedR. D. White ElementaryK563.3
Glendale UnifiedTheodore Roosevelt Middle6879.5
Glendale UnifiedThomas Edison ElementaryK656.6
Glendale UnifiedThomas Jefferson ElementaryK676.2
Glendale UnifiedVerdugo AcademyK1238.8
Glendale UnifiedWoodrow Wilson Middle6861.0
Glendora UnifiedSandburg Middle6839.0
Glendora UnifiedStanton ElementaryK554.9
Glenn County Office of EducationWalden AcademyK841.2
Glenn County Office of EducationWilliam FinchK1263.2
Gold Oak Union ElementaryGold Oak ElementaryK535.8
Gold Oak Union ElementaryPleasant Valley Middle6846.3
Gold Trail Union ElementarySutters MillK327.0
Golden Feather Union ElementaryConcow ElementaryK888.6
Golden Plains UnifiedCantua ElementaryK898.2
Golden Plains UnifiedHelm ElementaryK887.6
Golden Plains UnifiedRio Del Rey High (Continuation)91276.4
Golden Plains UnifiedSan Joaquin ElementaryK893.1
Golden Plains UnifiedTranquillity ElementaryK887.2
Golden Plains UnifiedTranquillity High91292.0
Golden Valley UnifiedCentennial Independent Study11286.3
Golden Valley UnifiedIndependence Continuation High101288.8
Golden Valley UnifiedLincoln Community Day71260
Golden Valley UnifiedRanchos Middle7840.0
Golden Valley UnifiedSierra View ElementaryK644.7
Golden Valley UnifiedWebster ElementaryK645.4
Goleta Union ElementaryBrandon ElementaryK642.0
Goleta Union ElementaryEl Camino ElementaryK667.4
Goleta Union ElementaryEllwood ElementaryK644.7
Goleta Union ElementaryHollister ElementaryK637.7
Goleta Union ElementaryIsla Vista ElementaryK650.9
Goleta Union ElementaryLa Patera ElementaryK655.3
Gonzales UnifiedFairview Middle6888.2
Gonzales UnifiedGonzales High91282.8
Gonzales UnifiedLa Gloria ElementaryK581.6
Gorman JointGorman Learning CenterK1244.4
Grant ElementaryGrant ElementaryK817.6
Grass Valley ElementaryBell Hill AcademyK456
Grass Valley ElementaryLyman Gilmore Middle5868.6
Grass Valley ElementaryMargaret G. Scotten ElementaryK473.1
Gratton ElementaryGratton CharterK823.2
Gratton ElementaryGratton ElementaryK850
Gravenstein Union ElementaryGravenstein Community DayK8100
Gravenstein Union ElementaryGravenstein ElementaryK520.9
Gravenstein Union ElementaryGravenstein First1122.5
Gravenstein Union ElementaryHillcrest Middle6816.0
Greenfield UnionFairview ElementaryK596.4
Greenfield UnionGranite Pointe ElementaryK592.8
Greenfield UnionGreenfield CommunityK8100
Greenfield UnionGreenfield Middle6893.1
Greenfield UnionHorizon ElementaryK595.4
Greenfield UnionLeon H. Ollivier Middle6894.6
Greenfield UnionMcKee Middle6893.9
Greenfield UnionPlantation ElementaryK596.8
Greenfield UnionPlanz ElementaryK596.7
Greenfield UnionRaffaello Palla ElementaryK595.5
Greenfield UnionValle Verde ElementaryK595.4
Greenfield UnionW. A. Kendrick ElementaryK593.4
Greenfield Union ElementaryArroyo Seco AcademyK694.2
Greenfield Union ElementaryCesar Chavez ElementaryK689.6
Greenfield Union ElementaryMary Chapa AcademyK695.6
Greenfield Union ElementaryOak Avenue ElementaryK696.6
Greenfield Union ElementaryVista Verde Middle7892.9
Grenada ElementaryGrenada ElementaryK859.4
Gridley UnifiedEsperanza High (Continuation)91288.0
Gridley UnifiedGridley High91266.8
Gridley UnifiedMcKinley ElementaryK168.3
Gridley UnifiedSycamore Middle6878.0
Gridley UnifiedWilson Elementary2580.6
Grossmont Union HighChaparral High91268.3
Grossmont Union HighEl Cajon Valley High91290.0
Grossmont Union HighEl Capitan High91249.7
Grossmont Union HighElite Academy91265.1
Grossmont Union HighGranite Hills High91253.6
Grossmont Union HighGrossmont High91256.1
Grossmont Union HighGrossmont Middle College High111241.7
Grossmont Union HighHelix High91257.1
Grossmont Union HighIDEA Center91255.0
Grossmont Union HighMERIT Academy91272.6
Grossmont Union HighMonte Vista High91274.6
Grossmont Union HighMount Miguel High91273.3
Grossmont Union HighREACH Academy91286.3
Grossmont Union HighSantana High91243.4
Grossmont Union HighSteele Canyon High91238.1
Grossmont Union HighThe Learning Choice Academy - East CountyK1250.4
Grossmont Union HighValhalla High91258.3
Grossmont Union HighWest Hills High91234.1
Guadalupe Union ElementaryKermit McKenzie Intermediate5883.1
Guadalupe Union ElementaryMary Buren ElementaryP477.4
Guerneville ElementaryGuerneville ElementaryK867.8
Guerneville ElementaryGuerneville PrimaryKK75
Gustine UnifiedGustine ElementaryK576.6
Gustine UnifiedGustine High91276.9
Gustine UnifiedGustine Middle6879.5
Gustine UnifiedPioneer High (Continuation)91292.5
Gustine UnifiedRomero ElementaryK593.2
Hacienda la Puente UnifiedBaldwin AcademyK684.9
Hacienda la Puente UnifiedBixby ElementaryK575.7
Hacienda la Puente UnifiedCalifornia ElementaryP691.2
Hacienda la Puente UnifiedCedarlane AcademyK872.4
Hacienda la Puente UnifiedDel Valle ElementaryK690
Hacienda la Puente UnifiedFairgrove AcademyK878.6
Hacienda la Puente UnifiedGlen A. Wilson High91254.9
Hacienda la Puente UnifiedGrandview, College Preparatory AcademyK883.4
Hacienda la Puente UnifiedGrazide ElementaryK546.5
Hacienda la Puente UnifiedKwis ElementaryP586.3
Hacienda la Puente UnifiedLa Puente High91284.3
Hacienda la Puente UnifiedLassaletteK887.4
Hacienda la Puente UnifiedLos Altos ElementaryK560.6
Hacienda la Puente UnifiedLos Altos High91264.4
Hacienda la Puente UnifiedLos Molinos ElementaryK545.9
Hacienda la Puente UnifiedLos Robles AcademyK573.4
Hacienda la Puente UnifiedMesa RoblesK850
Hacienda la Puente UnifiedNelson ElementaryK689.2
Hacienda la Puente UnifiedNewton Middle6859.9
Hacienda la Puente UnifiedOrange Grove Middle6878.5
Hacienda la Puente UnifiedPalm ElementaryK589.9
Hacienda la Puente UnifiedPuente Hills HighPAdult75.2
Hacienda la Puente UnifiedSierra Vista Middle6887.6
Hacienda la Puente UnifiedSparks ElementaryK690.4
Hacienda la Puente UnifiedSparks Middle7889.5
Hacienda la Puente UnifiedSunsetP854.5
Hacienda la Puente UnifiedSunset ElementaryK688.0
Hacienda la Puente UnifiedTemple AcademyP687.4
Hacienda la Puente UnifiedValinda School of AcademicsK881.7
Hacienda la Puente UnifiedValley Alternative High (Continuation)91288.5
Hacienda la Puente UnifiedValley Community Day71288.8
Hacienda la Puente UnifiedWedgeworth ElementaryK551.4
Hacienda la Puente UnifiedWilliam Workman High91283.8
Hacienda la Puente UnifiedWing Lane ElementaryK587.8
Hacienda la Puente UnifiedWorkman ElementaryP683.4
Hamilton UnifiedHamilton ElementaryK885.6
Hanford ElementaryGeorge Washington ElementaryK682.3
Hanford ElementaryHamilton ElementaryK682.4
Hanford ElementaryHanford Elementary Community DayK892.3
Hanford ElementaryJefferson AcademyK845.9
Hanford ElementaryJohn F. Kennedy Junior High7886.5
Hanford ElementaryJoseph M. SimasK658.7
Hanford ElementaryLee Richmond ElementaryK690.4
Hanford ElementaryLincoln ElementaryK694.4
Hanford ElementaryMartin Luther King Jr. ElementaryK682.0
Hanford ElementaryMonroe ElementaryK678.2
Hanford ElementaryRoosevelt ElementaryK695.0
Hanford ElementaryWoodrow Wilson Junior High7873.0
Hanford Joint Union HighEarl F. Johnson High (Continuation)91284.6
Hanford Joint Union HighHanford Community Day91275
Hanford Joint Union HighHanford High91266.5
Hanford Joint Union HighHanford Online Charter91270
Hanford Joint Union HighHanford West High91265.8
Hanford Joint Union HighSierra Pacific High91251.8
Happy Camp Union ElementaryHappy Camp ElementaryK872.6
Happy Valley ElementaryHappy Valley ElementaryK66.19
Happy Valley Union ElementaryHappy Valley Community DayK8100
Happy Valley Union ElementaryHappy Valley Elementary4862.9
Happy Valley Union ElementaryHappy Valley PrimaryK362.3
Harmony Union ElementaryHarmony ElementaryK131.1
Harmony Union ElementarySalmon Creek School - A Charter2833.1
Hart-Ransom Union ElementaryHart-Ransom ElementaryK851.6
HawthorneBud Carson Middle6889.0
HawthorneHawthorne Math and Science Academy91278.6
HawthorneHawthorne Middle6881.8
HawthornePrairie Vista Middle6888.7
HawthorneZela DavisK589.0
Hayward UnifiedAnthony W. Ochoa Middle7868.2
Hayward UnifiedBowman ElementaryK675.6
Hayward UnifiedBrenkwitz High91282.4
Hayward UnifiedBret Harte Middle7868.0
Hayward UnifiedBurbank ElementaryK671.3
Hayward UnifiedCesar Chavez Middle7875.2
Hayward UnifiedCherryland ElementaryK672.9
Hayward UnifiedEast Avenue ElementaryK667.2
Hayward UnifiedEden Gardens ElementaryK658.6
Hayward UnifiedEldridge ElementaryK676.7
Hayward UnifiedFairview ElementaryK669.9
Hayward UnifiedFaith Ringgold School of Arts and ScienceK880.4
Hayward UnifiedGlassbrook ElementaryK679.8
Hayward UnifiedGolden Oak Montessori of Hayward1820.8
Hayward UnifiedHarder ElementaryK674.2
Hayward UnifiedHayward High91267.9
Hayward UnifiedHighlandK1285.7
Hayward UnifiedImpact Academy of Arts & Technology61259.7
Hayward UnifiedKnowledge Enlightens You (KEY) AcademyK852.2
Hayward UnifiedLeadership Public Schools - Hayward91258.4
Hayward UnifiedLongwood ElementaryK681.6
Hayward UnifiedLorin A. Eden ElementaryK658.1
Hayward UnifiedMartin Luther King, Jr. Middle7870.9
Hayward UnifiedMt. Eden High91266.6
Hayward UnifiedPalma Ceia ElementaryK672.5
Hayward UnifiedPark ElementaryK680.3
Hayward UnifiedRuus ElementaryK672.7
Hayward UnifiedSchafer Park ElementaryK670.3
Hayward UnifiedSilver Oak High Public Montessori Charter91257.0
Hayward UnifiedSouthgate ElementaryK660.9
Hayward UnifiedStonebrae ElementaryK651.2
Hayward UnifiedStrobridge ElementaryK666.8
Hayward UnifiedTennyson High91277.6
Hayward UnifiedTreeview ElementaryK675.3
Hayward UnifiedTyrrell ElementaryK679.3
Hayward UnifiedWinton Middle7879.4
Healdsburg UnifiedHealdsburg ElementaryK568.0
Healdsburg UnifiedMarce Becerra Academy91268
Heber ElementaryDogwood ElementaryK373.6
Heber ElementaryHeber Elementary4871.8
Helendale ElementaryCommunity Collaborative Virtual - Sage Oak CharterK1233.6
Helendale ElementaryEmpire Springs CharterK1248.9
Helendale ElementaryExcel Academy CharterK1241.7
Helendale ElementaryHelendale ElementaryK657.4
Hemet UnifiedAcacia Middle6894.7
Hemet UnifiedAlessandro High91286.2
Hemet UnifiedASPIRE Community Day71289.8
Hemet UnifiedBautista Creek ElementaryK582.4
Hemet UnifiedCawston ElementaryK576.3
Hemet UnifiedCottonwood ElementaryK874.3
Hemet UnifiedDartmouth Middle6883.8
Hemet UnifiedDiamond Valley Middle6889.4
Hemet UnifiedFamily Tree Learning CenterK880.3
Hemet UnifiedFruitvale ElementaryK587.2
Hemet UnifiedHamilton ElementaryK885.4
Hemet UnifiedHamilton High91269.4
Hemet UnifiedHarmony ElementaryK584.6
Hemet UnifiedHelen Hunt Jackson College Prep High91280.9
Hemet UnifiedHemet ElementaryK594.4
Hemet UnifiedHemet High91269.3
Hemet UnifiedIdyllwild ElementaryK865.3
Hemet UnifiedJacob Wiens ElementaryK596.5
Hemet UnifiedLittle Lake ElementaryK587.0
Hemet UnifiedMcSweeny ElementaryK589.9
Hemet UnifiedRamona ElementaryK592.1
Hemet UnifiedRancho Viejo Middle6889.9
Hemet UnifiedTahquitz High91285.8
Hemet UnifiedValle Vista ElementaryK586.6
Hemet UnifiedWest Valley High91288.8
Hemet UnifiedWhittier ElementaryK589.5
Hemet UnifiedWinchester ElementaryK589.2
Hesperia UnifiedCanyon Ridge High91277.6
Hesperia UnifiedCarmel ElementaryK686.4
Hesperia UnifiedCedar Middle7871.3
Hesperia UnifiedCottonwood ElementaryP683.5
Hesperia UnifiedCypress School of the ArtsK673.5
Hesperia UnifiedEncore Jr./Sr. High School for the Performing and Visual Arts71255.6
Hesperia UnifiedEucalyptus ElementaryK692.0
Hesperia UnifiedHesperia Community Day71284.6
Hesperia UnifiedHesperia High91279.5
Hesperia UnifiedHesperia Junior High7882.9
Hesperia UnifiedHollyvale ElementaryP679.2
Hesperia UnifiedJoshua Circle ElementaryP695.7
Hesperia UnifiedJuniper ElementaryP690.7
Hesperia UnifiedKingston ElementaryK673.3
Hesperia UnifiedKrystal School of Science, Math & TechnologyK648.2
Hesperia UnifiedLaVerne Elementary Preparatory AcademyK861.7
Hesperia UnifiedLime Street ElementaryP691.8
Hesperia UnifiedMaple ElementaryK691.3
Hesperia UnifiedMesa Grande ElementaryP689.3
Hesperia UnifiedMesquite Trails ElementaryK660.8
Hesperia UnifiedMirus Secondary71267.7
Hesperia UnifiedMission Crest ElementaryK675.6
Hesperia UnifiedMojave High91292.5
Hesperia UnifiedOak Hills High91263.9
Hesperia UnifiedPathways to College K8K878.0
Hesperia UnifiedRanchero Middle7877.1
Hesperia UnifiedSultana High91270.3
Hesperia UnifiedSummit Leadership Academy-High Desert71278.5
Hesperia UnifiedTopaz Preparatory AcademyK677.0
Hickman Community CharterHickman ElementaryK539.3
Hilmar UnifiedElim ElementaryK548.3
Hilmar UnifiedHilmar Middle6856.4
Hilmar UnifiedMerquin ElementaryK579.4
HollisterAccelerated Achievement Academy4840.2
HollisterCalaveras ElementaryK870.2
HollisterCerra Vista ElementaryK536.2
HollisterGabilan HillsK577.0
HollisterHollister Dual Language AcademyK858.4
HollisterHollister PrepK851.4
HollisterLadd Lane ElementaryK550.7
HollisterMaze Middle6868.5
HollisterR. O. Hardin ElementaryK577.3
HollisterRancho San Justo6855.1
HollisterSunnyslope ElementaryK567.7
Holtville UnifiedEmmett S. Finley ElementaryK581.7
Holtville UnifiedHoltville High91278.4
Holtville UnifiedHoltville Junior High6878.0
Holtville UnifiedPine ElementaryK856.3
Holtville UnifiedSam Webb Continuation91292.3
Hope ElementaryHope ElementaryK635.9
Hope ElementaryHope ElementaryK878.9
Hope ElementaryMonte Vista ElementaryK625.2
Hope ElementaryVieja Valley ElementaryK630.5
Hornbrook ElementaryHornbrook ElementaryK889.2
Hot Springs ElementaryHot Springs ElementaryK8100
Howell Mountain ElementaryHowell Mountain ElementaryK860.6
Hueneme ElementaryAnsgar Larsen ElementaryK570.0
Hueneme ElementaryArt Haycox ElementaryK572.1
Hueneme ElementaryCharles Blackstock Junior High6879.2
Hueneme ElementaryE. O. Green Junior High6872.7
Hueneme ElementaryFred L. Williams ElementaryK571.2
Hueneme ElementaryHueneme ElementaryK669.9
Hueneme ElementaryJulien Hathaway ElementaryK575.0
Hueneme ElementaryParkview ElementaryK665.6
Hueneme ElementaryRichard Bard ElementaryK673.0
Hueneme ElementarySunkist ElementaryK667.5
Hughes-Elizabeth Lakes Union ElementaryHughes-Elizabeth LakesK848.0
Hughson UnifiedDickens (Billy Joe) High (Continuation)91264.2
Hughson UnifiedFox Road Elementary4557.8
Hughson UnifiedHughson ElementaryK353.6
Hughson UnifiedValley Community Day81280
Humboldt County Office of EducationEel River Community71294.8
Humboldt County Office of EducationEureka Community71293.8
Humboldt County Office of EducationHumboldt County Office of Education Court712100
Humboldt County Office of EducationHumboldt County Office of Education Juvenile Hall CourtP12100
Humboldt County Office of EducationNorthcoast Preparatory and Performing Arts Academy61222.9
Humboldt County Office of EducationNorthern United - Humboldt CharterK1261.4
Humboldt County Office of EducationSouthern Humboldt Community71288.8
Huntington Beach City ElementaryAgnes L. Smith ElementaryK528.9
Huntington Beach City ElementaryEthel Dwyer Middle6823.3
Huntington Beach City ElementaryJohn R. Peterson ElementaryK521.7
Huntington Beach City ElementaryJoseph R. Perry ElementaryK546.5
Huntington Beach Union HighOcean View High91256.0
Huntington Beach Union HighValley Vista High (Continuation)91259.1
Huntington Beach Union HighWestminster High91278.8
Hydesville ElementaryHydesville ElementaryK836.3
Igo, Ono, Platina Union ElementaryIgo-Ono ElementaryK882.8
Imperial County Office of EducationImperial County Juvenile Hall/CommunityK12100
Imperial County Office of EducationImperial County Special EducationK1259.0
Imperial County Office of EducationValley AcademyK1294.9
Imperial UnifiedBen Hulse ElementaryK557.6
Imperial UnifiedFrank M. Wright Middle6853.2
Imperial UnifiedImperial Cross ElementaryK561.3
Imperial UnifiedImperial High91246.2
Imperial UnifiedT. L. Waggoner ElementaryK545.6
Inglewood UnifiedAnimo Inglewood Charter High91291.5
Inglewood UnifiedBennett/Kew ElementaryK593.8
Inglewood UnifiedBeulah Payne ElementaryK694.0
Inglewood UnifiedCentinela ElementaryK693.8
Inglewood UnifiedChildren of Promise Preparatory AcademyK875.7
Inglewood UnifiedCity Honors College Preparatory Academy91277.4
Inglewood UnifiedCrozier (George W.) Middle7887.2
Inglewood UnifiedFrank D. ParentK868.8
Inglewood UnifiedGrace Hopper STEM Academy6859.3
Inglewood UnifiedHighland ElementaryK693.4
Inglewood UnifiedHudnall (Claude) ElementaryK691.2
Inglewood UnifiedICEF Inglewood Elementary Charter AcademyK594.4
Inglewood UnifiedInglewood Continuation High91296.4
Inglewood UnifiedInglewood High91295.0
Inglewood UnifiedKelso (William H.) ElementaryK684.6
Inglewood UnifiedLa Tijera K-8 Charter School Academy of ExcellenceK861.2
Inglewood UnifiedMorningside High91264.8
Inglewood UnifiedOak Street ElementaryK693.0
Inglewood UnifiedToday's Fresh Start Charter School InglewoodK682.5
Inglewood UnifiedWarren Lane ElementaryK685.2
Inglewood UnifiedWilder's Preparatory Academy CharterK573.7
Inglewood UnifiedWilder's Preparatory Academy Charter Middle6870
Inglewood UnifiedWoodworth-Monroe K-8 AcademyK882.9
Inglewood UnifiedWorthington ElementaryK590.5
Inyo County Office of EducationCollege Bridge Academy91293.5
Inyo County Office of EducationThe Education Corps91291.6
Inyo County Office of EducationYouthBuild Charter School of California91292.2
Irvine UnifiedCadence ParkK818.9
Irvine UnifiedCulverdale ElementaryK643.9
Irvine UnifiedCypress Village ElementaryK620.2
Irvine UnifiedEastshore ElementaryK617.2
Irvine UnifiedGreentree ElementaryK629.6
Irvine UnifiedMeadow Park ElementaryK622.1
Irvine UnifiedNorthwood ElementaryK630.5
Irvine UnifiedOak Creek ElementaryK622.1
Irvine UnifiedSouth Lake Middle7828.7
Irvine UnifiedSpringbrook ElementaryK628.5
Irvine UnifiedUniversity Park ElementaryK629.8
Irvine UnifiedVenado Middle7820.7
Island Union ElementaryIsland ElementaryK837
Jacoby Creek ElementaryJacoby CreekK826.3
Jamestown ElementaryJamestown ElementaryK876.8
Jamul-Dulzura Union ElementaryJamul ElementaryK555.0
Jamul-Dulzura Union ElementaryOak Grove Middle6859.2
Janesville Union ElementaryJanesville ElementaryK836.6
Jefferson ElementaryAnthony C. Traina ElementaryK836.5
Jefferson ElementaryBenjamin Franklin Intermediate6851.9
Jefferson ElementaryCalifornia Virtual Academy San MateoK1248.2
Jefferson ElementaryDaniel Webster ElementaryK556.6
Jefferson ElementaryGarden Village ElementaryK557.6
Jefferson ElementaryGeorge Washington ElementaryK565.8
Jefferson ElementaryJohn F. Kennedy ElementaryK562.3
Jefferson ElementaryMargaret Pauline Brown ElementaryK555.2
Jefferson ElementarySusan B. Anthony ElementaryK560.4
Jefferson ElementaryThomas R. Pollicita Middle6856.8
Jefferson ElementaryWestlake ElementaryK555.1
Jefferson ElementaryWoodrow Wilson ElementaryK571.2
Jefferson Union HighJefferson High91233.9
Jefferson Union HighSummit Public School: Shasta91221.7
John Swett UnifiedCarquinez Middle6866.5
John Swett UnifiedJohn Swett High91251.3
John Swett UnifiedRodeo Hills ElementaryK571.7
Johnstonville ElementaryJohnstonville ElementaryK848.0
Julian Union ElementaryHarbor Springs CharterK1255.6
Julian Union ElementaryJulian ElementaryK563.8
Julian Union ElementaryJulian Junior High6864.5
Julian Union HighJulian High91250.9
Junction City ElementaryJunction City ElementaryK874.3
Junction ElementaryJunction ElementaryK829.4
Jurupa UnifiedCamino Real ElementaryK646.4
Jurupa UnifiedDel Sol AcademyK854.7
Jurupa UnifiedGlen Avon ElementaryK674.9
Jurupa UnifiedGranite Hill ElementaryK683.3
Jurupa UnifiedIna Arbuckle ElementaryK696.5
Jurupa UnifiedIndian Hills ElementaryK663.3
Jurupa UnifiedJurupa Middle7867.8
Jurupa UnifiedJurupa Valley High91270.0
Jurupa UnifiedMira Loma Middle7878.8
Jurupa UnifiedMission Bell ElementaryK689.8
Jurupa UnifiedMission Middle7885.6
Jurupa UnifiedNueva Vista Continuation High91271.7
Jurupa UnifiedPacific Avenue Academy of MusicK669.7
Jurupa UnifiedPatriot High91264.5
Jurupa UnifiedPedley ElementaryK675.3
Jurupa UnifiedPeralta ElementaryK675.0
Jurupa UnifiedRubidoux High91274.9
Jurupa UnifiedRustic Lane ElementaryK685.5
Jurupa UnifiedSky Country ElementaryK667.7
Jurupa UnifiedStone Avenue ElementaryK670.0
Jurupa UnifiedSunnyslope ElementaryK676.0
Jurupa UnifiedTroth Street ElementaryK680.6
Jurupa UnifiedVan Buren ElementaryK681.0
Jurupa UnifiedWest Riverside ElementaryK687.3
Kelseyville UnifiedEd Donaldson Education Center91281.8
Kelseyville UnifiedKelseyville ElementaryK574.6
Kelseyville UnifiedMountain Vista Middle6869.5
Kelseyville UnifiedRiviera ElementaryK559.2
Kentfield ElementaryAdaline E. Kent Middle587.89
Kentfield ElementaryAnthony G. Bacich ElementaryK412.0
Keppel Union ElementaryAlpine ElementaryK879.8
Keppel Union ElementaryAntelope ElementaryK881.4
Keppel Union ElementaryCommunity Collaborative Virtual - Keppel Partnership AcademyK1227.6
Keppel Union ElementaryDaisy Gibson ElementaryK879.0
Keppel Union ElementaryKeppel Academy5875.3
Keppel Union ElementaryLake Los Angeles ElementaryK882.6
Keppel Union ElementaryPearblossom ElementaryK874.7
Kerman UnifiedEnterprise High71282.3
Kerman UnifiedGoldenrod ElementaryK683.8
Kerman UnifiedKerman High91272.8
Kerman UnifiedKerman Middle7877.3
Kerman UnifiedKerman-Floyd ElementaryK689.5
Kerman UnifiedLiberty ElementaryK669.4
Kerman UnifiedSun Empire ElementaryK683.2
Kern County Office of EducationGrimmway AcademyK877.9
Kern County Office of EducationKern County CommunityK1292.7
Kern County Office of EducationKern County Juvenile CourtK12100
Kern County Office of EducationRidgecrest Elementary Academy for Language, Music, and ScienceK654.5
Kern County Office of EducationWonderful College Prep AcademyK1285.3
Kern County Office of EducationWonderful College Prep Academy - Lost HillsK1277.8
Kern HighArvin High91290.6
Kern HighBakersfield High91277.0
Kern HighCentennial High91236.4
Kern HighCentral Valley High (Continuation)91289.0
Kern HighEast Bakersfield High91285.2
Kern HighFoothill High91286.8
Kern HighGolden Valley High91287.3
Kern HighHighland High91273.2
Kern HighIndependence High91256.5
Kern HighKern Valley High91275.5
Kern HighKern Workforce 2000 Academy91291.6
Kern HighMira Monte High91293.5
Kern HighNorth High91277.6
Kern HighNueva Continuation High91292.3
Kern HighRidgeview High91269.1
Kern HighShafter High91282.5
Kern HighSouth High91294.6
Kern HighStockdale High91237.6
Kern HighTierra Del Sol Continuation High91291.6
Kern HighVista Continuation High91289.6
Kern HighVista West Continuation High91283.3
Kern HighWest High91285.2
Kernville Union ElementaryKernville ElementaryK557.1
Kernville Union ElementaryWoodrow W. Wallace ElementaryK580.3
Kernville Union ElementaryWoodrow Wallace Middle6872.2
Keyes UnionBarbara Spratling Middle6889.8
Keyes UnionKeyes ElementaryK588.9
King City UnionChalone Peaks Middle6886.3
King City UnionDel Rey ElementaryK584.4
King City UnionKing City Arts MagnetK582.2
King City UnionSanta Lucia ElementaryK593.7
Kings Canyon Joint UnifiedA. L. Conner ElementaryP595.4
Kings Canyon Joint UnifiedAlta ElementaryK585.9
Kings Canyon Joint UnifiedCitrus Middle6894.2
Kings Canyon Joint UnifiedDunlap ElementaryP875.4
Kings Canyon Joint UnifiedDunlap Leadership Academy91288.0
Kings Canyon Joint UnifiedGeneral Grant Middle6892.5
Kings Canyon Joint UnifiedGreat Western ElementaryK585.2
Kings Canyon Joint UnifiedJefferson ElementaryP593.1
Kings Canyon Joint UnifiedKings Canyon Continuation91285.4
Kings Canyon Joint UnifiedLincoln ElementaryP596.0
Kings Canyon Joint UnifiedMcCord ElementaryP590.1
Kings Canyon Joint UnifiedMountain View (Alternative)K1279.4
Kings Canyon Joint UnifiedNavelencia Middle6890.3
Kings Canyon Joint UnifiedOrange Cove High91293.2
Kings Canyon Joint UnifiedReedley High91278.4
Kings Canyon Joint UnifiedReedley Middle College High91277.9
Kings Canyon Joint UnifiedRiverview ElementaryK866.1
Kings Canyon Joint UnifiedSheridan ElementaryK594.6
Kings Canyon Joint UnifiedSilas BartschK887.8
Kings Canyon Joint UnifiedThomas Law Reed ElementaryK877.0
Kings Canyon Joint UnifiedWashington ElementaryP588.7
Kings River Union ElementaryKings River ElementaryK889.4
Kings River-Hardwick Union ElementaryKings River-Hardwick ElementaryK830.8
Kingsburg Elementary CharterCentral Valley HomeK866.0
Kingsburg Elementary CharterIsland Community Day48100
Kingsburg Elementary CharterLincoln Elementary2358.3
Kingsburg Elementary CharterRonald W. Reagan Elementary4658.2
Kingsburg Elementary CharterRoosevelt Elementary1159.0
Kingsburg Elementary CharterWashington ElementaryKK56.8
Kingsburg Joint Union HighKingsburg High91260.6
Kingsburg Joint Union HighKingsburg Independent Study High91279.4
Kingsburg Joint Union HighOasis Continuation High91292
Kirkwood ElementaryKirkwood ElementaryK854.5
Kit Carson Union ElementaryKit Carson ElementaryK878.4
Klamath River Union ElementaryKlamath River ElementaryK863.6
Klamath-Trinity Joint UnifiedCaptain John Continuation High91288.8
Klamath-Trinity Joint UnifiedHoopa Valley ElementaryK880.9
Klamath-Trinity Joint UnifiedHoopa Valley High91264.4
Klamath-Trinity Joint UnifiedJack Norton ElementaryK896.1
Klamath-Trinity Joint UnifiedOrleans ElementaryK866.6
Klamath-Trinity Joint UnifiedTrinity Valley ElementaryK877.8
Klamath-Trinity Joint UnifiedWeitchpec ElementaryK8100
Knights Ferry ElementaryKnights Ferry ElementaryK822.7
Knightsen ElementaryKnightsen ElementaryK836.3
Knightsen ElementaryOld River ElementaryK820.9
Konocti UnifiedBlue Heron91180
Konocti UnifiedBurns ValleyK791.4
Konocti UnifiedCarle (William C.) High (Continuation)91278.1
Konocti UnifiedEast LakeK786.9
Konocti UnifiedHighlands Academy2894.1
Konocti UnifiedKonocti Education Center41282.4
Konocti UnifiedLower Lake ElementaryK780.8
Konocti UnifiedLower Lake High81283.7
Konocti UnifiedPomoK785.8
Konocti UnifiedRichard H. Lewis AlternativeK1264.5
La Habra City ElementaryArbolita ElementaryK683.1
La Habra City ElementaryEl Cerrito ElementaryK673.0
La Habra City ElementaryImperial Middle6877.9
La Habra City ElementaryLadera Palma ElementaryK558.3
La Habra City ElementaryLas Lomas ElementaryK685.9
La Habra City ElementaryLas Positas ElementaryK574.4
La Habra City ElementarySierra Vista ElementaryK669.9
La Habra City ElementaryWalnut ElementaryK683.4
La Habra City ElementaryWashington Middle7875.4
La Honda-Pescadero UnifiedPescadero Elementary and MiddleK864.2
La Mesa-Spring ValleyAvondale ElementaryK684.0
La Mesa-Spring ValleyBancroft ElementaryK690.7
La Mesa-Spring ValleyCasa de Oro ElementaryK673.4
La Mesa-Spring ValleyHighlands ElementaryK678.3
La Mesa-Spring ValleyKempton Street Literacy AcademyK489.4
La Mesa-Spring ValleyLa Mesa Dale ElementaryK669.8
La Mesa-Spring ValleyLa Presa ElementaryK685.2
La Mesa-Spring ValleyLoma ElementaryK677.1
La Mesa-Spring ValleyQuest Academy6858.3
La Mesa-Spring ValleyRancho ElementaryK674.2
La Mesa-Spring ValleyScience, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math Academy at La Presa4879.7
La Mesa-Spring ValleySparrow AcademyK826.9
La Mesa-Spring ValleySpring Valley Academy5877.7
La Mesa-Spring ValleySweetwater Springs ElementaryK660.6
Lafayette ElementaryLafayette ElementaryK54.57
Laguna Beach UnifiedEl Morro ElementaryK515.6
Laguna Joint ElementaryLaguna ElementaryK6100
Lagunitas ElementaryLagunitas ElementaryK89.55
Lagunitas ElementarySan Geronimo Valley ElementaryK612.5
Lake County Office of EducationClearlake CreativityK1269.5
Lake County Office of EducationLloyd Hance Community71268.7
Lake ElementaryLake ElementaryK844.2
Lake Elsinore UnifiedDavid A. Brown Middle6874.8
Lake Elsinore UnifiedElsinore ElementaryK586.8
Lake Elsinore UnifiedElsinore Middle6878.9
Lake Elsinore UnifiedLakeland VillageK888.2
Lake Elsinore UnifiedMachado ElementaryK589.4
Lake Elsinore UnifiedRailroad Canyon ElementaryK577.5
Lake Elsinore UnifiedSycamore Academy of Science and Cultural ArtsK843.6
Lake Elsinore UnifiedTerra Cotta Middle6875.9
Lake Elsinore UnifiedWildomar ElementaryK578.3
Lake Elsinore UnifiedWilliam Collier ElementaryK570.3
Lake Elsinore UnifiedWithrow ElementaryK581.2
Lake Tahoe UnifiedBijou CommunityK570.3
Lake Tahoe UnifiedMt. Tallac High91276.3
Lake Tahoe UnifiedSierra House ElementaryK549.2
Lake Tahoe UnifiedSouth Tahoe High91249.9
Lake Tahoe UnifiedSouth Tahoe Middle6860.4
Lake Tahoe UnifiedTahoe Valley ElementaryK571.1
Lakeport UnifiedLakeport Community Day610100
Lakeport UnifiedLakeport ElementaryK371.5
Lakeport UnifiedNatural High (Continuation)91286.3
Lakeport UnifiedTerrace Middle4868.5
Lakeside UnionDonald E. SuburuK567.8
Lakeside UnionLakesideK865.9
Lakeside Union ElementaryLakeside ElementaryK896.3
Lakeside Union ElementaryLakeside Farms ElementaryK550.2
Lakeside Union ElementaryLakeside Middle6845.7
Lakeside Union ElementaryLemon Crest ElementaryK562.8
Lakeside Union ElementaryLindo Park ElementaryK579.9
Lakeside Union ElementaryTierra del Sol Middle6847.2
Lammersville Joint UnifiedLammersville ElementaryK841.8
Lamont ElementaryAlicante Avenue ElementaryK672.8
Lamont ElementaryLamont ElementaryK378.5
Lamont ElementaryMountain View Middle7875.2
Lamont ElementaryMyrtle Avenue Elementary4672.8
Lancaster ElementaryAmargosa Creek Middle6886.9
Lancaster ElementaryDesert View ElementaryK694.3
Lancaster ElementaryDiscoveryK591.1
Lancaster ElementaryEl Dorado ElementaryK595.1
Lancaster ElementaryEndeavour Middle6871.7
Lancaster ElementaryFulton and Alsbury Academy of Arts and Engineering6880.9
Lancaster ElementaryiLEAD Lancaster CharterK871.9
Lancaster ElementaryJack Northrop ElementaryK588.9
Lancaster ElementaryJohn and Jacquelyn Miller ElementaryK678.3
Lancaster ElementaryJoshua ElementaryK595.3
Lancaster ElementaryLancaster Alternative and Virtual AcademiesK888.2
Lancaster ElementaryLincoln ElementaryK595.0
Lancaster ElementaryLinda Verde ElementaryK692.8
Lancaster ElementaryMariposa ElementaryK694.9
Lancaster ElementaryMonte Vista ElementaryK589.3
Lancaster ElementaryNancy Cory ElementaryK581.2
Lancaster ElementaryNew Vista Middle6892.6
Lancaster ElementaryPiute Middle6896.2
Lancaster ElementarySierra ElementaryK592.9
Lancaster ElementarySunnydale ElementaryK691.4
Lancaster ElementaryThe Leadership AcademyK892.5
Lancaster ElementaryWest Wind ElementaryK573.0
Larkspur-Corte MaderaHall Middle689.57
Las Lomitas ElementaryLas Lomitas ElementaryK37.62
Las Virgenes UnifiedArthur E. Wright Middle6814.3
Las Virgenes UnifiedChaparral ElementaryK59.51
Las Virgenes UnifiedLupin Hill ElementaryK518.8
Las Virgenes UnifiedMariposa School of Global EducationK811.7
Las Virgenes UnifiedSumac ElementaryK531.2
Lassen Union HighLassen Community Day91253.3
Lassen Union HighLassen High91232.5
Lassen View Union ElementaryLassen View ElementaryK856.6
Laton Joint UnifiedLaton ElementaryK589.2
Laton Joint UnifiedLaton High91286.5
Laton Joint UnifiedLaton Middle6891.2
Lawndale ElementaryBilly Mitchell ElementaryK585.6
Lawndale ElementaryEnvironmental Charter High91279.4
Lawndale ElementaryF. D. Roosevelt ElementaryK589.2
Lawndale ElementaryJane Addams Middle6881.9
Lawndale ElementaryLucille J. Smith ElementaryK581.0
Lawndale ElementaryMark Twain ElementaryK567.8
Lawndale ElementaryWill Rogers Middle6883.8
Lawndale ElementaryWilliam Anderson ElementaryK583.5
Lawndale ElementaryWilliam Green ElementaryK585.1
Laytonville UnifiedLaytonville ElementaryK869.6
Laytonville UnifiedLaytonville High91267.9
Le Grand Union ElementaryLe Grand ElementaryK879.2
Le Grand Union HighGranada High91287.8
Le Grand Union HighLe Grand High91280.2
Leggett Valley UnifiedLeggett Valley ElementaryK866.6
Leggett Valley UnifiedLeggett Valley High91283.3
Lemon GroveLemon Grove Academy for the Sciences and HumanitiesP874.3
Lemon GroveMonterey Heights ElementaryP671.5
Lemon GroveMt. VernonP863.4
Lemon GroveSan Altos ElementaryP654.3
Lemon GroveSan Miguel ElementaryP678.8
Lemon GroveVista La Mesa AcademyP868.8
Lemoore Union ElementaryBridges Academy6887.5
Lemoore Union ElementaryCinnamon ElementaryK667.8
Lemoore Union ElementaryLemoore ElementaryK673.3
Lemoore Union ElementaryMeadow Lane ElementaryK666.1
Lemoore Union ElementaryP. W. Engvall ElementaryK666.0
Lemoore Union HighJamison (Donald C.) High (Continuation)91267.1
Lemoore Union HighLemoore High91246.9
LennoxAnimo Leadership High91287.1
LennoxBuford ElementaryK585.5
LennoxCentury Academy for Excellence68#DIV/0!
LennoxCentury Community Charter6885.4
LennoxDolores Huerta ElementaryK594.4
LennoxFelton ElementaryK595.6
LennoxJefferson ElementaryK593.9
LennoxLennox Middle6893.3
LennoxMoffett ElementaryK593.3
Lewiston ElementaryLewiston ElementaryK885.2
Liberty ElementaryCalifornia Virtual Academy @ SonomaK1256.5
Liberty ElementaryLiberty ElementaryK852.9
Liberty Union HighFreedom High91241.3
Liberty Union HighLa Paloma High (Continuation)91257.3
Liberty Union HighLiberty High91230.1
Lincoln UnifiedClaudia LandeenK879.4
Lincoln UnifiedColonial HeightsK874.7
Lincoln UnifiedDon RiggioK865.0
Lincoln UnifiedJohn McCandless CharterK836.0
Lincoln UnifiedJohn R. WilliamsK672.7
Lincoln UnifiedLincoln ElementaryK682.4
Lincoln UnifiedMable BarronK859.1
Lincoln UnifiedSierra Middle7861.3
Lincoln UnifiedTully C. KnolesK882.0
Lincoln UnifiedVillage Oaks High91281.4
Linden UnifiedGlenwood ElementaryK875.0
Linden UnifiedLinden ElementaryK451.6
Linden UnifiedWaterloo Elementary5856.3
Linden UnifiedWaverly ElementaryK856.2
Lindsay UnifiedJefferson ElementaryK890.3
Lindsay UnifiedJohn J. Cairns Continuation91290.7
Lindsay UnifiedKennedy ElementaryK888.0
Lindsay UnifiedLincoln ElementaryK888.7
Lindsay UnifiedLindsay Community Day71292.3
Lindsay UnifiedLindsay Senior High91286.2
Lindsay UnifiedLoma Vista CharterK1284.8
Lindsay UnifiedReagan ElementaryK892.2
Lindsay UnifiedRoosevelt ElementaryK880.5
Lindsay UnifiedWashington ElementaryP889.0
Linns Valley-Poso Flat UnionLinns Valley-Poso Flat ElementaryK841.1
Little Lake City ElementaryCresson ElementaryK569.5
Little Lake City ElementaryJersey Avenue ElementaryK565.3
Little Lake City ElementaryLake Center Middle6868.3
Little Lake City ElementaryLakeland ElementaryK573.4
Little Lake City ElementaryLakeside Middle6869.2
Little Lake City ElementaryLakeview ElementaryK560.4
Little Lake City ElementaryPaddison ElementaryK573.0
Little Lake City ElementaryStudebaker ElementaryK567.0
Little Lake City ElementaryWilliam W. Orr ElementaryK568.6
Live Oak ElementaryDel Mar ElementaryK560.8
Live Oak ElementaryGreen Acres ElementaryK556.5
Live Oak ElementaryLive Oak ElementaryK579.3
Live Oak UnifiedEncinal ElementaryK854.6
Live Oak UnifiedLive Oak AlternativeK1285.7
Live Oak UnifiedLive Oak High91276.0
Live Oak UnifiedLive Oak Middle5885.6
Live Oak UnifiedLuther ElementaryK582.0
Live Oak UnifiedValley Oak Continuation High91285.1
Livermore Valley Joint UnifiedJackson Avenue ElementaryK538.0
Livermore Valley Joint UnifiedJunction K-8K858.6
Livermore Valley Joint UnifiedMarylin Avenue ElementaryK572.2
Livingston UnionCampus Park ElementaryK588.5
Livingston UnionLivingston Middle6885.0
Livingston UnionSelma Herndon ElementaryK580.1
Livingston UnionYamato Colony ElementaryK581.9
Lodi UnifiedAnsel AdamsK674.7
Lodi UnifiedAspire Benjamin Holt College Preparatory Academy91245.1
Lodi UnifiedAspire Benjamin Holt Middle6856.6
Lodi UnifiedAspire River Oaks CharterK573.1
Lodi UnifiedAspire Vincent Shalvey AcademyK548.0
Lodi UnifiedBeckman ElementaryP682.6
Lodi UnifiedClairmont ElementaryP689.2
Lodi UnifiedClyde W. Needham ElementaryK694.3
Lodi UnifiedCreekside ElementaryP675.3
Lodi UnifiedDavis ElementaryK682.5
Lodi UnifiedDelta Sierra Middle7878.4
Lodi UnifiedGeorge Washington ElementaryP687.8
Lodi UnifiedHenderson7881.5
Lodi UnifiedHeritage ElementaryP696.8
Lodi UnifiedHoustonK881.3
Lodi UnifiedLawrence ElementaryP690.1
Lodi UnifiedLeroy Nichols ElementaryK680.1
Lodi UnifiedLive Oak ElementaryK679.8
Lodi UnifiedLodi Middle7873.4
Lodi UnifiedLois E. Borchardt ElementaryK672.4
Lodi UnifiedMorada Middle7880.2
Lodi UnifiedOakwood ElementaryP682.4
Lodi UnifiedParklane ElementaryP688.7
Lodi UnifiedRio Valley CharterK1253.4
Lodi UnifiedRonald E. McNair High91278.3
Lodi UnifiedSutherland ElementaryK688.7
Lodi UnifiedVictor ElementaryK686.9
Lodi UnifiedWagner-Holt ElementaryP681.4
Lodi UnifiedWestwood ElementaryP687.9
Lodi UnifiedWoodbridgeK673.4
Loleta Union ElementaryLoleta ElementaryK889
Loma Prieta Joint Union ElementaryLoma Prieta ElementaryK55.67
Lompoc UnifiedArthur Hapgood ElementaryK676.9
Lompoc UnifiedBuena Vista ElementaryK641.2
Lompoc UnifiedCabrillo High91242.6
Lompoc UnifiedClarence Ruth ElementaryK678.1
Lompoc UnifiedDr Bob Forinash Community Day71290.4
Lompoc UnifiedLa Canada ElementaryK687.9
Lompoc UnifiedLa Honda STEAM AcademyK683.3
Lompoc UnifiedLeonora Fillmore ElementaryK682.5
Lompoc UnifiedLompoc High91272.2
Lompoc UnifiedLompoc Valley Middle7877.8
Lompoc UnifiedLos Berros Visual and Performing Arts AcademyK657.6
Lompoc UnifiedManzanita Public CharterK655.6
Lompoc UnifiedMaple High91277.2
Lompoc UnifiedMiguelito ElementaryK667.6
Lompoc UnifiedMission ValleyK871.7
Lompoc UnifiedVandenberg Middle7846.7
Lone Pine UnifiedLo-Inyo ElementaryK874.0
Long Beach UnifiedAddams ElementaryK585.7
Long Beach UnifiedAlvarado ElementaryK582.4
Long Beach UnifiedBarton ElementaryK586.3
Long Beach UnifiedBeach High-Intensive Learning Program91274.4
Long Beach UnifiedBirney ElementaryK577.5
Long Beach UnifiedBobbie Smith ElementaryK591.4
Long Beach UnifiedBryant ElementaryK578.4
Long Beach UnifiedBurbank ElementaryK586.7
Long Beach UnifiedCabrillo High91281.3
Long Beach UnifiedChavez ElementaryK582.9
Long Beach UnifiedClear Passage Educational Center91289.0
Long Beach UnifiedDooley ElementaryK590.0
Long Beach UnifiedEdison ElementaryK589.2
Long Beach UnifiedFranklin Classical Middle6888.3
Long Beach UnifiedGarfield ElementaryK583.2
Long Beach UnifiedGrant ElementaryK585.0
Long Beach UnifiedHamilton Middle6888.3
Long Beach UnifiedHarte ElementaryK586.2
Long Beach UnifiedHolmes ElementaryK574.2
Long Beach UnifiedHoover Middle6874.4
Long Beach UnifiedHudson K-8K884.5
Long Beach UnifiedIntellectual Virtues Academy of Long Beach6833.1
Long Beach UnifiedJefferson Leadership Academies6872.0
Long Beach UnifiedJenny Oropeza ElementaryK588.8
Long Beach UnifiedJessie Nelson Academy6885.5
Long Beach UnifiedJordan High91279.8
Long Beach UnifiedKing ElementaryK587.8
Long Beach UnifiedLafayette ElementaryK586.8
Long Beach UnifiedLincoln ElementaryK594.4
Long Beach UnifiedLindbergh STEM Academy6883.1
Long Beach UnifiedLindsey Academy6880.5
Long Beach UnifiedMann ElementaryK580.7
Long Beach UnifiedMcKinley ElementaryK588.3
Long Beach UnifiedMuir K-8K883.0
Long Beach UnifiedOlivia Nieto Herrera ElementaryK589.1
Long Beach UnifiedPowell Academy for SuccessK886.7
Long Beach UnifiedReid High111274.1
Long Beach UnifiedRichard D. Browning High91276.6
Long Beach UnifiedRobinson AcademyK882.1
Long Beach UnifiedRoosevelt ElementaryK592.3
Long Beach UnifiedSignal Hill ElementaryK588.0
Long Beach UnifiedStephens Middle6886.3
Long Beach UnifiedStevenson ElementaryK584.6
Long Beach UnifiedWashington Middle6886.2
Long Beach UnifiedWebster ElementaryK585.9
Long Beach UnifiedWhittier ElementaryK586.8
Long Beach UnifiedWillard ElementaryK592.6
Loomis Union ElementaryLoomis ElementaryK831.7
Loomis Union ElementaryOphir STEAM AcademyK822.7
Los Alamitos UnifiedLos Alamitos ElementaryK530.2
Los Altos ElementaryAlmond ElementaryK611.7
Los Altos ElementaryArdis G. Egan Junior High788.45
Los Altos ElementarySanta Rita ElementaryK613.8
Los Angeles County Office of EducationAfflerbaugh-Paige Camp712100
Los Angeles County Office of EducationAlma Fuerte PublicK868.0
Los Angeles County Office of EducationAnimo City of Champions Charter High91279.4
Los Angeles County Office of EducationAspire Antonio Maria Lugo AcademyK689.0
Los Angeles County Office of EducationAspire Ollin University Preparatory Academy61292.4
Los Angeles County Office of EducationCentral Juvenile Hall612100
Los Angeles County Office of EducationDa Vinci RISE High91285.0
Los Angeles County Office of EducationEnvironmental Charter Middle6884.8
Los Angeles County Office of EducationEnvironmental Charter Middle - Inglewood6889.9
Los Angeles County Office of EducationIntellectual Virtues Academy91265.2
Los Angeles County Office of EducationJardin de la InfanciaK1100
Los Angeles County Office of EducationKirby, Dorothy Camp712100
Los Angeles County Office of EducationLA's Promise Charter High #191267.3
Los Angeles County Office of EducationLA's Promise Charter Middle #16882.7
Los Angeles County Office of EducationLashon AcademyK871.9
Los Angeles County Office of EducationLashon Academy CityK685.1
Los Angeles County Office of EducationMagnolia Science Academy61288.9
Los Angeles County Office of EducationMagnolia Science Academy 261291.2
Los Angeles County Office of EducationMagnolia Science Academy 361273.2
Los Angeles County Office of EducationMagnolia Science Academy 561288.6
Los Angeles County Office of EducationNidorf, Barry J.612100
Los Angeles County Office of EducationNorth Valley Military Institute College Preparatory Academy61297.4
Los Angeles County Office of EducationOdyssey CharterK830.7
Los Angeles County Office of EducationOptimist Charter712100
Los Angeles County Office of EducationRenaissance County Community71290.1
Los Angeles County Office of EducationRoad to Success Academy at Campus Kilpatrick712100
Los Angeles County Office of EducationRockey, Glenn Camp712100
Los Angeles County Office of EducationScott, Joseph Camp712100
Los Angeles County Office of EducationSoleil Academy CharterK589.1
Los Angeles County Office of EducationValiente College Preparatory Charter4893.5
Los Angeles UnifiedAbraham Lincoln Senior High91295.9
Los Angeles UnifiedAcademia ModernaK598.1
Los Angeles UnifiedAcademies of Education and Empowerment at Carson High91273.0
Los Angeles UnifiedAcademy for Multilingual Arts and Science at Mervyn M. Dymally High91297.9
Los Angeles UnifiedAcademy of Media Arts91251.6
Los Angeles UnifiedAcademy of Medical Arts at Carson High91269.2
Los Angeles UnifiedAcceleratedK880.2
Los Angeles UnifiedAccelerated Charter ElementaryK690.2
Los Angeles UnifiedAggeler Community Day712100
Los Angeles UnifiedAlain Leroy Locke College Preparatory Academy91297.8
Los Angeles UnifiedAlbert Einstein Continuation91291.2
Los Angeles UnifiedAlbion Street ElementaryK696.8
Los Angeles UnifiedAldama ElementaryK673.0
Los Angeles UnifiedAlexander Fleming Middle6884.2
Los Angeles UnifiedAlexander Hamilton Senior High91267.2
Los Angeles UnifiedAlexandria Avenue ElementaryK593.9
Los Angeles UnifiedAlfonso B. Perez Special Education CenterK1291.4
Los Angeles UnifiedAlfred B. Nobel Charter Middle6849.9
Los Angeles UnifiedAllesandro ElementaryK677.7
Los Angeles UnifiedAlliance Alice M. Baxter College-Ready High91280
Los Angeles UnifiedAlliance Cindy and Bill Simon Technology Academy High91284.6
Los Angeles UnifiedAlliance College-Ready Middle Academy 126879.3
Los Angeles UnifiedAlliance College-Ready Middle Academy 46898.2
Los Angeles UnifiedAlliance College-Ready Middle Academy 56883.8
Los Angeles UnifiedAlliance College-Ready Middle Academy 86895.5
Los Angeles UnifiedAlliance Collins Family College-Ready High91278.3
Los Angeles UnifiedAlliance Dr. Olga Mohan High91295.1
Los Angeles UnifiedAlliance Gertz-Ressler Richard Merkin 6-12 Complex61297.7
Los Angeles UnifiedAlliance Jack H. Skirball Middle6897.4
Los Angeles UnifiedAlliance Judy Ivie Burton Technology Academy High91298.3
Los Angeles UnifiedAlliance Kory Hunter Middle6897.8
Los Angeles UnifiedAlliance Leichtman-Levine Family Foundation Environmental Science High91286.0
Los Angeles UnifiedAlliance Marc & Eva Stern Math and Science91287.7
Los Angeles UnifiedAlliance Margaret M. Bloomfield Technology Academy High91188.2
Los Angeles UnifiedAlliance Marine - Innovation and Technology 6-12 Complex61288.8
Los Angeles UnifiedAlliance Morgan McKinzie High91297.9
Los Angeles UnifiedAlliance Ouchi-O'Donovan 6-12 Complex61283.1
Los Angeles UnifiedAlliance Patti And Peter Neuwirth Leadership Academy91286.8
Los Angeles UnifiedAlliance Piera Barbaglia Shaheen Health Services Academy6893.2
Los Angeles UnifiedAlliance Renee and Meyer Luskin Academy High91295.5
Los Angeles UnifiedAlliance Susan and Eric Smidt Technology High91298.0
Los Angeles UnifiedAlliance Ted K. Tajima High91296.5
Los Angeles UnifiedAlliance Tennenbaum Family Technology High91280
Los Angeles UnifiedAlliance Virgil Roberts Leadership Academy6890.0
Los Angeles UnifiedAlta California ElementaryK597.0
Los Angeles UnifiedAlta Loma ElementaryK597.1
Los Angeles UnifiedAmanecer Primary CenterK291.9
Los Angeles UnifiedAmbassador School-Global EducationK592.6
Los Angeles UnifiedAmbassador-Global Leadership61293.9
Los Angeles UnifiedAmbler Avenue ElementaryK576.6
Los Angeles UnifiedAmelia Earhart Continuation91289.7
Los Angeles UnifiedAmestoy ElementaryK590.5
Los Angeles UnifiedAnahuacalmecac International University Preparatory of North AmericaK1283.6
Los Angeles UnifiedAnatola Avenue ElementaryK587.3
Los Angeles UnifiedAndasol Avenue ElementaryK569.2
Los Angeles UnifiedAndres and Maria Cardenas ElementaryK593.5
Los Angeles UnifiedAndrew Carnegie Middle6882.7
Los Angeles UnifiedAngeles Mesa ElementaryK578.5
Los Angeles UnifiedAngel's Gate (Continuation)91287.7
Los Angeles UnifiedAnimo College Preparatory Academy91293.9
Los Angeles UnifiedAnimo Ellen Ochoa Charter Middle6895.4
Los Angeles UnifiedAnimo Florence-Firestone Charter Middle6896.9
Los Angeles UnifiedAnimo Jackie Robinson High91293.3
Los Angeles UnifiedAnimo James B. Taylor Charter Middle6896.3
Los Angeles UnifiedAnimo Jefferson Charter Middle6896.5
Los Angeles UnifiedAnimo Legacy Charter Middle6892.3
Los Angeles UnifiedAnimo Mae Jemison Charter Middle6892.0
Los Angeles UnifiedAnimo Pat Brown91292.3
Los Angeles UnifiedAnimo Ralph Bunche Charter High91296.9
Los Angeles UnifiedAnimo South Los Angeles Charter91289.7
Los Angeles UnifiedAnimo Venice Charter High91284.3
Los Angeles UnifiedAnimo Watts College Preparatory Academy91291.2
Los Angeles UnifiedAnimo Westside Charter Middle81281.5
Los Angeles UnifiedAnn Street ElementaryK6100
Los Angeles UnifiedAnnalee Avenue ElementaryK680.8
Los Angeles UnifiedAnnandale ElementaryK672.8
Los Angeles UnifiedAPEX Academy71282.1
Los Angeles UnifiedApperson Street ElementaryK558.7
Los Angeles UnifiedAragon Avenue ElementaryK587.8
Los Angeles UnifiedArarat CharterK567.8
Los Angeles UnifiedArleta High91289.8
Los Angeles UnifiedArlington Heights ElementaryK597.8
Los Angeles UnifiedArminta Street ElementaryK590.2
Los Angeles UnifiedArroyo Seco Museum ScienceK874.9
Los Angeles UnifiedArts In Action Community CharterK596.8
Los Angeles UnifiedArts in Action Community Middle6898.2
Los Angeles UnifiedAscot Avenue ElementaryK598.0
Los Angeles UnifiedAspire Centennial College Preparatory Academy6887.3
Los Angeles UnifiedAspire Firestone Academy CharterK585.3
Los Angeles UnifiedAspire Gateway Academy CharterK578.0
Los Angeles UnifiedAspire Inskeep Academy CharterK699.7
Los Angeles UnifiedAspire Juanita Tate Academy CharterK6100
Los Angeles UnifiedAspire Junior Collegiate AcademyK596.7
Los Angeles UnifiedAspire Pacific Academy61293.1
Los Angeles UnifiedAspire Slauson Academy CharterK699.1
Los Angeles UnifiedAspire Titan AcademyK591.4
Los Angeles UnifiedAtwater Avenue ElementaryK668.8
Los Angeles UnifiedAudubon Middle6889.5
Los Angeles UnifiedAugustus F. Hawkins High A Critical Design and Gaming91278.8
Los Angeles UnifiedAugustus F. Hawkins High B Community Health Advocates91279.3
Los Angeles UnifiedAugustus F. Hawkins High C Responsible Indigenous Social Entrepreneurship91269.2
Los Angeles UnifiedAurora ElementaryK596.6
Los Angeles UnifiedAvalon Gardens ElementaryK688.2
Los Angeles UnifiedBaldwin Hills ElementaryK576.9
Los Angeles UnifiedBandini Street ElementaryK680
Los Angeles UnifiedBarack Obama Global Preparation Academy6892.4
Los Angeles UnifiedBarton Hill ElementaryK695.4
Los Angeles UnifiedBassett Street ElementaryK595.8
Los Angeles UnifiedBeachy Avenue ElementaryK585.5
Los Angeles UnifiedBeethoven Street ElementaryK552.2
Los Angeles UnifiedBell Senior High91292.1
Los Angeles UnifiedBellingham ElementaryK594.5
Los Angeles UnifiedBelmont Senior High91287.1
Los Angeles UnifiedBelvedere ElementaryK597.2
Los Angeles UnifiedBelvedere Middle6895.9
Los Angeles UnifiedBenjamin Banneker Career and Transition Center91285.5
Los Angeles UnifiedBenjamin Franklin Senior High61289.6
Los Angeles UnifiedBerendo Middle6895.5
Los Angeles UnifiedBerenece Carlson Home HospitalK1274.3
Los Angeles UnifiedBert Corona Charter5877.2
Los Angeles UnifiedBert Corona Charter High91291.6
Los Angeles UnifiedBertrand Avenue ElementaryK585.2
Los Angeles UnifiedBetty Plasencia ElementaryK693.7
Los Angeles UnifiedBirdielee V. Bright ElementaryK589.0
Los Angeles UnifiedBirmingham Community Charter High91282.6
Los Angeles UnifiedBlythe Street ElementaryK588.8
Los Angeles UnifiedBonita Street ElementaryK574.6
Los Angeles UnifiedBoyle Heights Continuation91286.7
Los Angeles UnifiedBoyle Heights Science, Technology, Engineering and Math Magnet91297.3
Los Angeles UnifiedBoys Academic Leadership Academy61276.4
Los Angeles UnifiedBraddock Drive ElementaryK560.3
Los Angeles UnifiedBrainard ElementaryK577.6
Los Angeles UnifiedBreed Street ElementaryK686.7
Los Angeles UnifiedBrentwood ScienceK583.7
Los Angeles UnifiedBret Harte Preparatory Middle6897.8
Los Angeles UnifiedBridge Street ElementaryK598.9
Los Angeles UnifiedBright Star Secondary Charter Academy91289.4
Los Angeles UnifiedBroad Avenue ElementaryK583.4
Los Angeles UnifiedBroadacres Avenue ElementaryK585.8
Los Angeles UnifiedBrockton Avenue ElementaryK574.5
Los Angeles UnifiedBrooklyn Avenue ElementaryK894.0
Los Angeles UnifiedBryson Avenue ElementaryK583.2
Los Angeles UnifiedBuchanan Street ElementaryK680.4
Los Angeles UnifiedBudlong Avenue ElementaryK591.1
Los Angeles UnifiedBurbank Boulevard ElementaryK571.0
Los Angeles UnifiedBurton Street ElementaryK589.8
Los Angeles UnifiedBushnell Way ElementaryK685.1
Los Angeles UnifiedCabrillo Avenue ElementaryK594.1
Los Angeles UnifiedCahuenga ElementaryK583.8
Los Angeles UnifiedCal Burke High91295.9
Los Angeles UnifiedCalahan Street ElementaryK566.9
Los Angeles UnifiedCalifornia Collegiate Charter61091.3
Los Angeles UnifiedCalvert Charter for Enriched StudiesK561.3
Los Angeles UnifiedCamellia Avenue ElementaryK595.1
Los Angeles UnifiedCamino Nuevo Charter AcademyK8100
Los Angeles UnifiedCamino Nuevo Charter Academy #2K892.0
Los Angeles UnifiedCamino Nuevo Charter Academy #4K890.1
Los Angeles UnifiedCamino Nuevo Charter High91295.0
Los Angeles UnifiedCamino Nuevo Elementary School #3K897.5
Los Angeles UnifiedCamino Nuevo High #291298.4
Los Angeles UnifiedCanoga Park ElementaryK595.5
Los Angeles UnifiedCanoga Park Senior High91285.2
Los Angeles UnifiedCantara Street ElementaryK596.0
Los Angeles UnifiedCanterbury Avenue ElementaryK584.2
Los Angeles UnifiedCapistrano Avenue ElementaryK573.9
Los Angeles UnifiedCarlos Santana Arts AcademyK594.3
Los Angeles UnifiedCaroldale Learning CommunityK872.3
Los Angeles UnifiedCarson Senior High91274.8
Los Angeles UnifiedCarson Street ElementaryK578.5
Los Angeles UnifiedCarson-Gore Academy of Enviornmental StudiesK595.4
Los Angeles UnifiedCarthay Elementary Of Environmental Studies MagnetK564.0
Los Angeles UnifiedCastelar Street ElementaryK579.7
Los Angeles UnifiedCATCH Prep Charter High, Inc.91297.6
Los Angeles UnifiedCatskill Avenue ElementaryK587.3
Los Angeles UnifiedCDS ElementaryK6100
Los Angeles UnifiedCDS Secondary61290
Los Angeles UnifiedCenter for Advanced LearningK596.0
Los Angeles UnifiedCentral City Value91293.8
Los Angeles UnifiedCentral High91289.5
Los Angeles UnifiedCentury Park ElementaryK583.0
Los Angeles UnifiedCesar Chavez ElementaryK687.3
Los Angeles UnifiedCesar E. Chavez Learning Academies-Academy of Scientific Exploration (ASE)91289.2
Los Angeles UnifiedCesar E. Chavez Learning Academies-Arts/Theatre/Entertain Mag91283.7
Los Angeles UnifiedCesar E. Chavez Learning Academies-Social Justice Humanitas Academy91289.2
Los Angeles UnifiedCesar E. Chavez Learning Academies-Technology Preparatory Academy91286.6
Los Angeles UnifiedCHAMPS - Charter HS of Arts-Multimedia & Performing91252.2
Los Angeles UnifiedChandler ElementaryK544.5
Los Angeles UnifiedChapman ElementaryK579.1
Los Angeles UnifiedCharles Drew Middle6899.5
Los Angeles UnifiedCharles H. Kim ElementaryK597.3
Los Angeles UnifiedCharles Leroy Lowman Special Education and Career Transition CenterK1276.0
Los Angeles UnifiedCharles Maclay Middle6894.9
Los Angeles UnifiedCharles W. Barrett ElementaryK597.2
Los Angeles UnifiedCharles White Elementary1598.8
Los Angeles UnifiedCharnock Road ElementaryK670.9
Los Angeles UnifiedChase Street ElementaryK594.8
Los Angeles UnifiedChatsworth Charter High91267.7
Los Angeles UnifiedChatsworth Park ES Urban Planning/Community Development MagnetK560.3
Los Angeles UnifiedCheremoya Avenue ElementaryK670.1
Los Angeles UnifiedChester W. Nimitz Middle6895.5
Los Angeles UnifiedCheviot Hills Continuation91270.2
Los Angeles UnifiedCHIME Institute's Schwarzenegger CommunityK820.6
Los Angeles UnifiedChristopher Columbus Middle6888.3
Los Angeles UnifiedChristopher Dena ElementaryK696.5
Los Angeles UnifiedCienega ElementaryK593.0
Los Angeles UnifiedCimarron Avenue ElementaryK578.6
Los Angeles UnifiedCitizens of the World Charter School HollywoodK543.4
Los Angeles UnifiedCitizens of the World Charter School Mar VistaK836.5
Los Angeles UnifiedCitizens of the World Charter School Silver LakeK843.2
Los Angeles UnifiedCity Language Immersion CharterK545.6
Los Angeles UnifiedCity of AngelsK1273.0
Los Angeles UnifiedCity Terrace ElementaryK575.1
Los Angeles UnifiedClifford Street ElementaryK665.1
Los Angeles UnifiedCohasset Street ElementaryK589.9
Los Angeles UnifiedColdwater Canyon ElementaryK591.7
Los Angeles UnifiedColiseum Street ElementaryK589.5
Los Angeles UnifiedCollegiate Charter High School of Los Angeles91293.8
Los Angeles UnifiedColumbus AvenueK582.5
Los Angeles UnifiedCommonwealth Avenue ElementaryK591.6
Los Angeles UnifiedCommunication and Technology at Diego Rivera Learning Complex91294.6
Los Angeles UnifiedCompton Avenue ElementaryK599.3
Los Angeles UnifiedContreras Learning Center-Academic Leadership Community91298.9
Los Angeles UnifiedContreras Learning Center-Los Angeles School of Global Studies91298.0
Los Angeles UnifiedContreras Learning Center-School of Social Justice91297.3
Los Angeles UnifiedCorona Avenue ElementaryK592.2
Los Angeles UnifiedCowan Avenue ElementaryK665.9
Los Angeles UnifiedCrenshaw Science, Technology, Engineering, Math and Medicine Magnet91293.3
Los Angeles UnifiedCrescent Heights Boulevard ElementaryK581.6
Los Angeles UnifiedCrestwood Street ElementaryK670.2
Los Angeles UnifiedCrete AcademyK686
Los Angeles UnifiedCrown Preparatory Academy5895.5
Los Angeles UnifiedDan M. Issacs Avalon High91297.2
Los Angeles UnifiedDaniel Pearl Journalism & Communications Magnet91266.3
Los Angeles UnifiedDaniel Webster Middle6880.2
Los Angeles UnifiedDanny J. Bakewell, Sr., Primary CenterKK94.2
Los Angeles UnifiedDanube Avenue ElementaryK575.1
Los Angeles UnifiedDarby Avenue ElementaryK552.8
Los Angeles UnifiedDavid Starr Jordan Senior High91298.6
Los Angeles UnifiedDayton Heights ElementaryK592.5
Los Angeles UnifiedDearborn Elementary Charter AcademyK557.8
Los Angeles UnifiedDel Amo ElementaryK570.8
Los Angeles UnifiedDelevan Drive ElementaryK657.4
Los Angeles UnifiedDenker Avenue ElementaryK573.4
Los Angeles UnifiedDiane S. Leichman Career Preparatory and Transition Center61262.9
Los Angeles UnifiedDiego Rivera Learning Complex Green Design STEAM Academy91296.7
Los Angeles UnifiedDiscovery Charter Preparatory #291280.6
Los Angeles UnifiedDolores Huerta ElementaryK596.4
Los Angeles UnifiedDolores Street ElementaryK580.4
Los Angeles UnifiedDominguez ElementaryK585.0
Los Angeles UnifiedDorothy V. Johnson Community Day71294.1
Los Angeles UnifiedDorris Place ElementaryK679.7
Los Angeles UnifiedDowntown Business High91280.8
Los Angeles UnifiedDowntown ValueK892.8
Los Angeles UnifiedDr. James Edward Jones Primary CenterK295.6
Los Angeles UnifiedDr. Julian Nava Learning Academy6895.9
Los Angeles UnifiedDr. Lawrence H. Moore Math, Science, Technology AcademyK596.3
Los Angeles UnifiedDr. Maya Angelou Community High91296.8
Los Angeles UnifiedDr. Owen Lloyd Knox ElementaryK697.3
Los Angeles UnifiedDr. Richard A. Vladovic Harbor Teacher Preparation Academy91263.9
Los Angeles UnifiedDr. Sammy Lee Medical and Health Science Magnet ElementaryK593.7
Los Angeles UnifiedDr. Theodore T. Alexander Jr. Science CenterK581.7
Los Angeles UnifiedDyer Street ElementaryK592.2
Los Angeles UnifiedEagle Rock ElementaryK646.7
Los Angeles UnifiedEagle Rock High71252.4
Los Angeles UnifiedEagle Tree Continuation91283.8
Los Angeles UnifiedEarly College Academy-LA Trade Tech College91294.7
Los Angeles UnifiedEast Los Angeles Renaissance Academy at Esteban E. Torres High No. 291295.6
Los Angeles UnifiedEast Valley Senior High91293.0
Los Angeles UnifiedEastman Avenue ElementaryK597.5
Los Angeles UnifiedEdnovate - Brio College Prep91182.5
Los Angeles UnifiedEdnovate - East College Prep91287.4
Los Angeles UnifiedEdnovate - Esperanza College Prep91184.9
Los Angeles UnifiedEdnovate - USC Hybrid High College Prep91284.8
Los Angeles UnifiedEdward R. Roybal Learning Center91296.0
Los Angeles UnifiedEdwin Markham Middle6897.9
Los Angeles UnifiedEl Camino Real Charter High91235.4
Los Angeles UnifiedEl Dorado Avenue ElementaryK581.4
Los Angeles UnifiedEl Sereno ElementaryK691.0
Los Angeles UnifiedEl Sereno Middle6890
Los Angeles UnifiedElizabeth Learning CenterK1296.6
Los Angeles UnifiedEllen Ochoa Learning CenterK893.8
Los Angeles UnifiedEllington (Duke) High (Continuation)91284.6
Los Angeles UnifiedElysian Heights ES Arts MagnetK658.1
Los Angeles UnifiedEmelita Street ElementaryK563.7
Los Angeles UnifiedEmerson Community Charter6853.3
Los Angeles UnifiedEnadia Way Technology CharterK558.4
Los Angeles UnifiedEndeavor College Preparatory CharterK891.4
Los Angeles UnifiedEngineering and Technology Academy at Esteban E. Torres High No. 391298.8
Los Angeles UnifiedEquitas Academy #25896.2
Los Angeles UnifiedEquitas Academy #3 CharterK490.9
Los Angeles UnifiedEquitas Academy 45889.4
Los Angeles UnifiedEquitas Academy 5K483.3
Los Angeles UnifiedEquitas Academy CharterK590.5
Los Angeles UnifiedErnest Lawrence Middle6862.4
Los Angeles UnifiedErnest P. Willenberg Special Education CenterK1265.6
Los Angeles UnifiedErwin ElementaryK586.9
Los Angeles UnifiedEshelman Avenue ElementaryK587.9
Los Angeles UnifiedEsperanza ElementaryK599.6
Los Angeles UnifiedEsteban Torres East LA Performing Arts Magnet91290.7
Los Angeles UnifiedEstrella ElementaryK598.2
Los Angeles UnifiedEuclid Avenue ElementaryK587.5
Los Angeles UnifiedEverest ValueK895.8
Los Angeles UnifiedEvergreen Avenue ElementaryK695.0
Los Angeles UnifiedEvergreen Continuation91282.5
Los Angeles UnifiedExcelencia Charter AcademyK590.1
Los Angeles UnifiedExtera PublicK897.9
Los Angeles UnifiedExtera Public School No. 2K596.1
Los Angeles UnifiedFair Avenue ElementaryK594.1
Los Angeles UnifiedFairfax Senior High91277.6
Los Angeles UnifiedFarmdale ElementaryK588.3
Los Angeles UnifiedFelicitas and Gonzalo Mendez High91292.0
Los Angeles UnifiedFenton Avenue CharterK585.6
Los Angeles UnifiedFenton Charter Leadership AcademyK577.7
Los Angeles UnifiedFenton Primary CenterK284.4
Los Angeles UnifiedFenton STEM Academy: Elementary Center for Science Technology Engineering and MathematicsK577.2
Los Angeles UnifiedFernangeles ElementaryK591.9
Los Angeles UnifiedFifteenth Street ElementaryK590.2
Los Angeles UnifiedFifty-Fourth Street ElementaryK588.2
Los Angeles UnifiedFifty-Ninth Street ElementaryK588.8
Los Angeles UnifiedFifty-Second Street ElementaryK598.2
Los Angeles UnifiedFigueroa Street ElementaryK598.8
Los Angeles UnifiedFirst Street ElementaryK694.8
Los Angeles UnifiedFishburn Avenue ElementaryK591.5
Los Angeles UnifiedFletcher Drive ElementaryK695.6
Los Angeles UnifiedFlorence Avenue ElementaryK694.2
Los Angeles UnifiedFlorence Griffith Joyner ElementaryK598.4
Los Angeles UnifiedFlorence Nightingale Middle6889.5
Los Angeles UnifiedFord Boulevard ElementaryK690.5
Los Angeles UnifiedForty-Ninth Street ElementaryK598.1
Los Angeles UnifiedForty-Second Street ElementaryK591.8
Los Angeles UnifiedFoshay Learning CenterK1286.9
Los Angeles UnifiedFourth Street ElementaryK590.2
Los Angeles UnifiedFourth Street Primary CenterK194.1
Los Angeles UnifiedFrancisco Bravo Medical Magnet High91281.9
Los Angeles UnifiedFrancisco Sepulveda Middle6892.0
Los Angeles UnifiedFrank del Olmo ElementaryK696.7
Los Angeles UnifiedFrank Lanterman61275
Los Angeles UnifiedFrida Kahlo High91294.3
Los Angeles UnifiedFries Avenue ElementaryK596.6
Los Angeles UnifiedFullbright Avenue ElementaryK585.9
Los Angeles UnifiedGabriella CharterK883.4
Los Angeles UnifiedGabriella Charter 2K492.8
Los Angeles UnifiedGarden Grove ElementaryK591.1
Los Angeles UnifiedGardena ElementaryK589.7
Los Angeles UnifiedGardena Senior High91293.2
Los Angeles UnifiedGardner Street ElementaryK654.0
Los Angeles UnifiedGarvanza ElementaryK681.0
Los Angeles UnifiedGarza (Carmen Lomas) Primary CenterK295.9
Los Angeles UnifiedGaspar De Portola Charter Middle6851.7
Los Angeles UnifiedGates Street ElementaryK593.4
Los Angeles UnifiedGault Street ElementaryK587.8
Los Angeles UnifiedGeorge De La Torre Jr. ElementaryK596.1
Los Angeles UnifiedGeorge K. Porter Middle6868.8
Los Angeles UnifiedGeorge S. Patton Continuation91278.2
Los Angeles UnifiedGeorge Washington Carver Middle6897.5
Los Angeles UnifiedGeorge Washington Preparatory High91295.7
Los Angeles UnifiedGerald A. Lawson Academy of the Arts, Mathematics and ScienceK695.6
Los Angeles UnifiedGermain Academy For Academic AchievementK563.0
Los Angeles UnifiedGil Garcetti Learning AcademyK697.1
Los Angeles UnifiedGirls Athletic Leadership School Los Angeles6887.0
Los Angeles UnifiedGlassell Park ES Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math MagnetK692.3
Los Angeles UnifiedGledhill Street ElementaryK578.4
Los Angeles UnifiedGlen Alta ElementaryK896.3
Los Angeles UnifiedGlenfeliz Boulevard ElementaryK668.8
Los Angeles UnifiedGlenn Hammond Curtiss Middle6888.8
Los Angeles UnifiedGlenwood ElementaryK589.1
Los Angeles UnifiedGlobal Education AcademyK592.5
Los Angeles UnifiedGlobal Education Academy 2K586.9
Los Angeles UnifiedGraham ElementaryK695.3
Los Angeles UnifiedGranada ElementaryK569.8
Los Angeles UnifiedGranada Hills CharterK1251.6
Los Angeles UnifiedGrand View Boulevard ElementaryK561.3
Los Angeles UnifiedGrant ElementaryK685.6
Los Angeles UnifiedGrape Street ElementaryK598.2
Los Angeles UnifiedGratts Learning Academy for Young Scholars (GLAYS)K698.8
Los Angeles UnifiedGridley Street ElementaryK578.0
Los Angeles UnifiedGriffin Avenue ElementaryK595.0
Los Angeles UnifiedGriffith Middle6893.0
Los Angeles UnifiedGrover Cleveland Charter High91264.5
Los Angeles UnifiedGulf Avenue ElementaryK592.3
Los Angeles UnifiedHaddon Avenue ElementaryK588.8
Los Angeles UnifiedHalldale ElementaryK586.2
Los Angeles UnifiedHamlin Charter AcademyK551.0
Los Angeles UnifiedHarbor City ElementaryK590.6
Los Angeles UnifiedHarding Street ElementaryK574.5
Los Angeles UnifiedHarmony ElementaryK591
Los Angeles UnifiedHarold McAlister High (Opportunity)61283.6
Los Angeles UnifiedHarris Newmark Continuation91296.7
Los Angeles UnifiedHarrison Street ElementaryK693.9
Los Angeles UnifiedHarry Bridges SpanK889.0
Los Angeles UnifiedHart Street ElementaryK596.1
Los Angeles UnifiedHarvard ElementaryK589.7
Los Angeles UnifiedHaskell Elementary Science Technology Engineering Arts And Mathematics (STEAM) MagnetK569.2
Los Angeles UnifiedHawaiian Avenue ElementaryK596.5
Los Angeles UnifiedHazeltine Avenue ElementaryK589.5
Los Angeles UnifiedHelen Bernstein High91294.5
Los Angeles UnifiedHeliotrope Avenue ElementaryK589.8
Los Angeles UnifiedHenry David Thoreau Continuation91292.0
Los Angeles UnifiedHenry T. Gage Middle6897.7
Los Angeles UnifiedHerrick Avenue ElementaryK582.8
Los Angeles UnifiedHigh Tech LA91241.2
Los Angeles UnifiedHigh Tech LA Middle6851.0
Los Angeles UnifiedHighland Park Continuation91271.6
Los Angeles UnifiedHilda L. Solis Learning Academy School of Technology, Business and Education91297.7
Los Angeles UnifiedHillcrest Drive ElementaryK598.1
Los Angeles UnifiedHillery T. Broadous ElementaryK597.4
Los Angeles UnifiedHillside ElementaryK592.9
Los Angeles UnifiedHobart Boulevard ElementaryK595.5
Los Angeles UnifiedHollenbeck Middle6894.6
Los Angeles UnifiedHollywood Primary CenterK388.4
Los Angeles UnifiedHollywood Senior High91285.1
Los Angeles UnifiedHolmes Avenue ElementaryK699.5
Los Angeles UnifiedHooper Avenue Elementary1596.4
Los Angeles UnifiedHooper Avenue Primary CenterKK95.5
Los Angeles UnifiedHoover Street ElementaryK598.1
Los Angeles UnifiedHope Street ElementaryK592.6
Los Angeles UnifiedHorace Mann UCLA CommunityK1280.8
Los Angeles UnifiedHubbard Street ElementaryK583.8
Los Angeles UnifiedHubert Howe Bancroft Middle6892.9
Los Angeles UnifiedHumanitas Academy of Art and Technology at Esteban E. Torres High No. 491296.2
Los Angeles UnifiedHumanities and Arts (HARTS) Academy of Los Angeles91283.6
Los Angeles UnifiedHumphreys Avenue ElementaryK597.4
Los Angeles UnifiedHuntington Drive ElementaryK694.1
Los Angeles UnifiedHuntington Park ElementaryK594.9
Los Angeles UnifiedHuntington Park Senior High91295.2
Los Angeles UnifiedICEF Innovation Los Angeles CharterK598.7
Los Angeles UnifiedICEF View Park Preparatory ElementaryK493.0
Los Angeles UnifiedICEF View Park Preparatory High91292.4
Los Angeles UnifiedICEF View Park Preparatory Middle6890.9
Los Angeles UnifiedICEF Vista Elementary AcademyK598.7
Los Angeles UnifiedICEF Vista Middle Academy6897.1
Los Angeles UnifiedIndependence Continuation91285.9
Los Angeles UnifiedIndependence ElementaryK595.4
Los Angeles UnifiedIngenium CharterK590.3
Los Angeles UnifiedIngenium Charter Middle6895.5
Los Angeles UnifiedInternational Studies Learning Center at Legacy High School Complex61283.9
Los Angeles UnifiedISANA Cardinal AcademyK890
Los Angeles UnifiedISANA Nascent AcademyK893.9
Los Angeles UnifiedISANA Octavia AcademyK882.7
Los Angeles UnifiedISANA Palmati AcademyK893.4
Los Angeles UnifiedIvy AcademiaK1241.9
Los Angeles UnifiedIvy Bound Academy Math, Science, and Technology Charter Middle 25871.6
Los Angeles UnifiedIvy Bound Academy of Math, Science, and Technology Charter Middle5850.8
Los Angeles UnifiedJack London Community Day912100
Los Angeles UnifiedJack London Continuation91297.0
Los Angeles UnifiedJaime Escalante ElementaryK689.2
Los Angeles UnifiedJames A. Garfield Senior High91294.9
Los Angeles UnifiedJames J. McBride Special Education Center61268.5
Los Angeles UnifiedJames Jordan Middle6890.1
Los Angeles UnifiedJames Madison Middle6889.0
Los Angeles UnifiedJames Monroe High91288.1
Los Angeles UnifiedJane Addams Continuation91284.4
Los Angeles UnifiedJoaquin Miller Career and Transition Center61269.7
Los Angeles UnifiedJohn A. Sutter Middle6892.1
Los Angeles UnifiedJohn Adams Middle6892.5
Los Angeles UnifiedJohn B. Monlux ElementaryK578.6
Los Angeles UnifiedJohn Burroughs Middle6883.2
Los Angeles UnifiedJohn C. Fremont Senior High91296.3
Los Angeles UnifiedJohn F. Kennedy High91273.9
Los Angeles UnifiedJohn H. Francis Polytechnic91291.8
Los Angeles UnifiedJohn H. Liechty Middle6899.2
Los Angeles UnifiedJohn Hope Continuation91297.4
Los Angeles UnifiedJohn Marshall Senior High91272.8
Los Angeles UnifiedJohn Muir Middle6895.7
Los Angeles UnifiedJohn R. Wooden High91295.5
Los Angeles UnifiedJohn W. Mack ElementaryK596.3
Los Angeles UnifiedJohnnie Cochran, Jr., Middle6897.5
Los Angeles UnifiedJoseph Le Conte Middle6894.2
Los Angeles UnifiedJoseph Pomeroy Widney Career Preparatory and Transition Center61292.0
Los Angeles UnifiedJudith F. Baca Arts AcademyK697.6
Los Angeles UnifiedJulie Korenstein ElementaryK584.3
Los Angeles UnifiedKatherine Johnson STEM Academy6853.9
Los Angeles UnifiedKester Avenue ElementaryK550.4
Los Angeles UnifiedKing/Drew Medical Magnet High91291.3
Los Angeles UnifiedKingsley ElementaryK597.2
Los Angeles UnifiedKIPP Academy of Innovation5884.4
Los Angeles UnifiedKIPP Academy of Opportunity5891.4
Los Angeles UnifiedKIPP Comienza Community PrepK893.4
Los Angeles UnifiedKIPP Corazon AcademyK689.1
Los Angeles UnifiedKIPP Empower AcademyK487.5
Los Angeles UnifiedKIPP Ignite AcademyK490.9
Los Angeles UnifiedKIPP Iluminar AcademyK487.3
Los Angeles UnifiedKIPP Los Angeles College Preparatory5893.3
Los Angeles UnifiedKIPP Philosophers Academy5892.4
Los Angeles UnifiedKIPP Promesa PrepK484.5
Los Angeles UnifiedKIPP Pueblo UnidoK891.3
Los Angeles UnifiedKIPP Raices AcademyK483.2
Los Angeles UnifiedKIPP Scholar Academy5892.9
Los Angeles UnifiedKIPP Sol Academy5887.8
Los Angeles UnifiedKIPP Vida Preparatory AcademyK494.4
Los Angeles UnifiedKittridge Street ElementaryK589.7
Los Angeles UnifiedKnollwood Preparatory AcademyK565.6
Los Angeles UnifiedLa Salle Avenue ElementaryK593.8
Los Angeles UnifiedLafayette Park Primary CenterKK94.2
Los Angeles UnifiedLake Balboa College Preparatory Magnet K-12K1283.8
Los Angeles UnifiedLake Street PrimaryK193.0
Los Angeles UnifiedLangdon Avenue ElementaryK597.8
Los Angeles UnifiedLankershim ElementaryK588.3
Los Angeles UnifiedLarchmont CharterK1242.5
Los Angeles UnifiedLassen ElementaryK589.7
Los Angeles UnifiedLatona Avenue ElementaryK691.9
Los Angeles UnifiedLaurel ElementaryK883.8
Los Angeles UnifiedLeapwood Avenue ElementaryK569.3
Los Angeles UnifiedLearning by Design CharterK596.1
Los Angeles UnifiedLeland Street ElementaryK684.4
Los Angeles UnifiedLemay Street ElementaryK577.7
Los Angeles UnifiedLenicia B. Weemes ElementaryK585.7
Los Angeles UnifiedLeo Politi ElementaryK596.7
Los Angeles UnifiedLexington Avenue Primary CenterK291.3
Los Angeles UnifiedLibertas College Preparatory Charter4893.1
Los Angeles UnifiedLiberty Boulevard ElementaryK595.4
Los Angeles UnifiedLiggett Street ElementaryK586.8
Los Angeles UnifiedLillian Street ElementaryK696.1
Los Angeles UnifiedLimerick Avenue ElementaryK590.7
Los Angeles UnifiedLinda Esperanza Marquez High A Huntington Park Institute of Applied Medicine91294.9
Los Angeles UnifiedLinda Esperanza Marquez High B LIBRA Academy91288.3
Los Angeles UnifiedLinda Esperanza Marquez High C School of Social Justice91296.8
Los Angeles UnifiedLockwood Avenue ElementaryK698.2
Los Angeles UnifiedLogan Academy of Global EcologyK892.2
Los Angeles UnifiedLoma Vista ElementaryK593.9
Los Angeles UnifiedLomita Math/Science/Technology MagnetK569.6
Los Angeles UnifiedLoren Miller ElementaryK697.4
Los Angeles UnifiedLorena Street ElementaryK595.4
Los Angeles UnifiedLoreto Street ElementaryK596.2
Los Angeles UnifiedLorne Street ElementaryK569.5
Los Angeles UnifiedLos Angeles Academy Middle6896.5
Los Angeles UnifiedLos Angeles Academy of Arts and Enterprise61285.2
Los Angeles UnifiedLos Angeles Center for Enriched Studies61251.0
Los Angeles UnifiedLos Angeles ElementaryK597.1
Los Angeles UnifiedLos Angeles High School of the Arts91289.9
Los Angeles UnifiedLos Angeles Leadership Academy61292.7
Los Angeles UnifiedLos Angeles Leadership Primary AcademyK597.5
Los Angeles UnifiedLos Angeles Senior High91284.4
Los Angeles UnifiedLos Feliz Charter Middle School for the Arts6747.0
Los Angeles UnifiedLos Feliz Charter School for the ArtsK535.6
Los Angeles UnifiedLos Feliz Science/Tech/Engineer/Math/Medicine MagnetK682.9
Los Angeles UnifiedLovelia P. Flournoy ElementaryK596.2
Los Angeles UnifiedLoyola Village Fine And Performing Arts MagnetK566.7
Los Angeles UnifiedLucille Roybal-Allard ElementaryK686.9
Los Angeles UnifiedLuther Burbank Middle6882.5
Los Angeles UnifiedMacArthur Park Elementary School for the Visual and Performing ArtsK598.4
Los Angeles UnifiedMadison ElementaryK592.1
Los Angeles UnifiedMagnolia Avenue ElementaryK699.6
Los Angeles UnifiedMagnolia Science Academy 461284.7
Los Angeles UnifiedMagnolia Science Academy 66884.3
Los Angeles UnifiedMagnolia Science Academy 7K576.3
Los Angeles UnifiedMagnolia Science Academy Bell6879.4
Los Angeles UnifiedMain Street ElementaryK597.4
Los Angeles UnifiedMalabar Street ElementaryK690.7
Los Angeles UnifiedManchester Avenue Elementary1695.4
Los Angeles UnifiedManhattan Place ElementaryK595.7
Los Angeles UnifiedManual Arts Senior High91282.4
Los Angeles UnifiedMaple Primary CenterK194.4
Los Angeles UnifiedMarguerite Poindexter LaMotte ElementaryK597.6
Los Angeles UnifiedMarianna Avenue ElementaryK693.9
Los Angeles UnifiedMarina del Rey Middle6887.5
Los Angeles UnifiedMariposa-Nabi Primary CenterK293.4
Los Angeles UnifiedMark Twain Middle6861.2
Los Angeles UnifiedMarltonK1296.0
Los Angeles UnifiedMartha Escutia Primary CenterKK92.4
Los Angeles UnifiedMartin Luther King Jr. ElementaryK590.9
Los Angeles UnifiedMarvin ElementaryK592.6
Los Angeles UnifiedMary McLeod Bethune Middle6897.7
Los Angeles UnifiedMath and Science College Preparatory91293.3
Los Angeles UnifiedMath, Science, & Technology Magnet Academy at Roosevelt High91292.2
Los Angeles UnifiedMatrix for Success Academy91272
Los Angeles UnifiedMaurice Sendak ElementaryK593.0
Los Angeles UnifiedMayall Street ElementaryK565.5
Los Angeles UnifiedMayberry Street ElementaryK684.8
Los Angeles UnifiedMaywood Academy High91292.7
Los Angeles UnifiedMaywood Center for Enriched Studies61292.7
Los Angeles UnifiedMaywood ElementaryK594.2
Los Angeles UnifiedMcKinley Avenue ElementaryK698.5
Los Angeles UnifiedMelrose Avenue ElementaryK648.9
Los Angeles UnifiedMelvin Avenue ElementaryK591.9
Los Angeles UnifiedMenlo Avenue ElementaryK596.1
Los Angeles UnifiedMetropolitan Continuation91298.3
Los Angeles UnifiedMeyler Street ElementaryK592.8
Los Angeles UnifiedMichelle Obama ElementaryK597.4
Los Angeles UnifiedMicheltorena Street ElementaryK543.8
Los Angeles UnifiedMid-City's Prescott School of Enriched SciencesK877.2
Los Angeles UnifiedMiddle College High91290.4
Los Angeles UnifiedMiddleton Primary CenterK194.5
Los Angeles UnifiedMiddleton Street ElementaryK697.4
Los Angeles UnifiedMiles Avenue ElementaryK594.5
Los Angeles UnifiedMiramonte ElementaryK698.0
Los Angeles UnifiedMission Continuation91298.2
Los Angeles UnifiedMoneta Continuation91280.6
Los Angeles UnifiedMonsenor Oscar Romero Charter Middle6894.1
Los Angeles UnifiedMontague Charter AcademyK588.9
Los Angeles UnifiedMontara Avenue ElementaryK692.3
Los Angeles UnifiedMonte Vista Street Elementary2691.3
Los Angeles UnifiedMonterey Continuation91295.5
Los Angeles UnifiedMorningside ElementaryK591.2
Los Angeles UnifiedMorris K. Hamasaki ElementaryK691.9
Los Angeles UnifiedMountain View ElementaryK569.2
Los Angeles UnifiedMt. Gleason Middle6883.5
Los Angeles UnifiedMt. Lukens Continuation91291.6
Los Angeles UnifiedMulticultural Learning CenterK857.2
Los Angeles UnifiedMultnomah Street ElementaryK576.2
Los Angeles UnifiedMurchison Street ElementaryK694.1
Los Angeles UnifiedN.E.W. Academy Canoga ParkK593.5
Los Angeles UnifiedN.E.W. Academy of Science and ArtsK599.0
Los Angeles UnifiedNapa Street ElementaryK591.9
Los Angeles UnifiedNathaniel Narbonne Senior High91277.3
Los Angeles UnifiedNAVA College Preparatory Academy91298.4
Los Angeles UnifiedNestle Avenue CharterK560.8
Los Angeles UnifiedNevada Avenue ElementaryK583.3
Los Angeles UnifiedNevin Avenue ElementaryK597.6
Los Angeles UnifiedNew Designs Charter61285.7
Los Angeles UnifiedNew Designs Charter School-Watts61276.7
Los Angeles UnifiedNew Heights CharterK896.5
Los Angeles UnifiedNew Horizons Charter AcademyK878.3
Los Angeles UnifiedNew Los Angeles Charter6891.8
Los Angeles UnifiedNew Los Angeles Charter ElementaryK486.5
Los Angeles UnifiedNew Millennium Secondary91292.1
Los Angeles UnifiedNew Open World Academy K-12K1297.0
Los Angeles UnifiedNew Village Girls Academy91294.6
Los Angeles UnifiedNewcastle ElementaryK589.5
Los Angeles UnifiedNinety-Fifth Street ElementaryK594.2
Los Angeles UnifiedNinety-Ninth Street ElementaryK696
Los Angeles UnifiedNinety-Second Street ElementaryK696.3
Los Angeles UnifiedNinety-Sixth Street ElementaryK697.6
Los Angeles UnifiedNinety-Third Street ElementaryK698.3
Los Angeles UnifiedNinth Street ElementaryK597.7
Los Angeles UnifiedNoble Avenue ElementaryK593.8
Los Angeles UnifiedNora Sterry ElementaryK575.3
Los Angeles UnifiedNormandie Avenue ElementaryK592.5
Los Angeles UnifiedNormont ElementaryK596.4
Los Angeles UnifiedNorth Hollywood Senior High91266.8
Los Angeles UnifiedNorthridge Academy High91269.1
Los Angeles UnifiedNorthridge Middle6887.4
Los Angeles UnifiedNorwood Street ElementaryK592.7
Los Angeles UnifiedNueva Vista ElementaryK593.4
Los Angeles UnifiedOcean CharterK821.5
Los Angeles UnifiedOdyssey Continuation91289.7
Los Angeles UnifiedOlive Vista Middle6887.2
Los Angeles UnifiedOliver Wendell Holmes Middle6872.3
Los Angeles UnifiedOlympic Primary CenterKK95.9
Los Angeles UnifiedO'Melveny ElementaryK592.5
Los Angeles UnifiedOne Hundred Eighteenth StreetK598.4
Los Angeles UnifiedOne Hundred Eighty-Sixth Street ElementaryK577.0
Los Angeles UnifiedOne Hundred Fifty-Sixth Street ElementaryK666.0
Los Angeles UnifiedOne Hundred Fifty-Third StreetK586.9
Los Angeles UnifiedOne Hundred Ninth Street ElementaryK594.3
Los Angeles UnifiedOne Hundred Seventh Street ElementaryK598.3
Los Angeles UnifiedOne Hundred Sixteenth Street ElementaryK599.1
Los Angeles UnifiedOne Hundred Thirty-Fifth Street ElementaryK590.8
Los Angeles UnifiedOne Hundred Twelfth Street ElementaryK599.5
Los Angeles UnifiedOne Hundred Twenty-Second Street ElementaryK595.3
Los Angeles UnifiedOrchard Academies 2B6895.7
Los Angeles UnifiedOrchard Academies 2C6896.1
Los Angeles UnifiedOrthopaedic Hospital91287.8
Los Angeles UnifiedOrville Wright Engineering and Design Magnet6868.4
Los Angeles UnifiedOscar De La Hoya Animo Charter High91291.9
Los Angeles UnifiedOsceola Street ElementaryK581.3
Los Angeles UnifiedOur Community CharterK825
Los Angeles UnifiedOwensmouth Continuation91293.8
Los Angeles UnifiedOxnard Street ElementaryK591.6
Los Angeles UnifiedPacific BoulevardK591.9
Los Angeles UnifiedPacoima Charter ElementaryK685.4
Los Angeles UnifiedPacoima Middle6889.6
Los Angeles UnifiedPalisades Charter High91229.5
Los Angeles UnifiedPalms ElementaryK576.3
Los Angeles UnifiedPalms Middle6858.1
Los Angeles UnifiedPanorama City ElementaryK596.5
Los Angeles UnifiedPanorama High91296.4
Los Angeles UnifiedPara Los Niños - Evelyn Thurman Gratts PrimaryK192.6
Los Angeles UnifiedPara Los Niños CharterK591.3
Los Angeles UnifiedPara Los Niños Middle6894.3
Los Angeles UnifiedPark Avenue ElementaryK692.8
Los Angeles UnifiedPark Western Place ElementaryK558.5
Los Angeles UnifiedParmelee Avenue ElementaryK695.3
Los Angeles UnifiedParthenia Academy of Arts and TechnologyK590.4
Los Angeles UnifiedPaseo del Rey FundamentalK566.7
Los Angeles UnifiedPatrick Henry Middle6867.6
Los Angeles UnifiedPerforming Arts Community at Diego Rivera Learning Complex91294.6
Los Angeles UnifiedPhineas Banning Senior High91292.9
Los Angeles UnifiedPhoenix Continuation91291.5
Los Angeles UnifiedPinewood Avenue ElementaryK593.1
Los Angeles UnifiedPio Pico Middle6894.9
Los Angeles UnifiedPlainview Academic Charter AcademyK591.7
Los Angeles UnifiedPlummer ElementaryK684.7
Los Angeles UnifiedPoint Fermin ElementaryK566.8
Los Angeles UnifiedPort of Los Angeles High91256.4
Los Angeles UnifiedPREPA TEC - Los Angeles6855.9
Los Angeles UnifiedPresident Avenue ElementaryK678.0
Los Angeles UnifiedPrimary Academy for SuccessK297.7
Los Angeles UnifiedPublic Policy Charter5898.7
Los Angeles UnifiedPublic Service Community at Diego Rivera Learning Complex91298.1
Los Angeles UnifiedPUC CALS Middle School and Early College High61291.8
Los Angeles UnifiedPUC Community Charter ElementaryK584.1
Los Angeles UnifiedPUC Community Charter Middle and PUC Community Charter Early College High61287.3
Los Angeles UnifiedPUC Early College Academy for Leaders and Scholars (ECALS)91291.5
Los Angeles UnifiedPUC Excel Charter Academy6893.8
Los Angeles UnifiedPUC Inspire Charter Academy6894.5
Los Angeles UnifiedPUC Lakeview Charter Academy6884.5
Los Angeles UnifiedPUC Lakeview Charter High91287.8
Los Angeles UnifiedPUC Milagro CharterK584.2
Los Angeles UnifiedPUC Nueva Esperanza Charter Academy61290.5
Los Angeles UnifiedPUC Triumph Charter Academy and PUC Triumph Charter High61289.7
Los Angeles UnifiedPueblo de Los Angeles Continuation91298.7
Los Angeles UnifiedPuente CharterK285.3
Los Angeles UnifiedPurche Avenue ElementaryK582.2
Los Angeles UnifiedQueen Anne Place ElementaryK587.9
Los Angeles UnifiedQuincy Jones ElementaryK596.8
Los Angeles UnifiedRamon C. Cortines School of Visual and Performing Arts91269.4
Los Angeles UnifiedRamona ElementaryK685.5
Los Angeles UnifiedRamona Opportunity High71296.7
Los Angeles UnifiedRanchito Avenue ElementaryK586.1
Los Angeles UnifiedRancho Dominguez Preparatory61278.5
Los Angeles UnifiedRaymond Avenue ElementaryK589.3
Los Angeles UnifiedRenaissance Arts AcademyK1266.7
Los Angeles UnifiedReseda Charter High91281.9
Los Angeles UnifiedReseda ElementaryK586.7
Los Angeles UnifiedResolute Academy Charter58100
Los Angeles UnifiedRicardo Lizarraga ElementaryK596.2
Los Angeles UnifiedRichard A. Alonzo Community Day71291.3
Los Angeles UnifiedRichard E. Byrd Middle6886.0
Los Angeles UnifiedRichard Henry Dana Middle6875.0
Los Angeles UnifiedRichard Riordan Primary CenterK190.8
Los Angeles UnifiedRichland Avenue ElementaryK632.6
Los Angeles UnifiedRise Kohyang ElementaryK588.8
Los Angeles UnifiedRise Kohyang High91288.3
Los Angeles UnifiedRise Kohyang Middle6892.3
Los Angeles UnifiedRitter ElementaryK596.6
Los Angeles UnifiedRobert E. Peary Middle6886.5
Los Angeles UnifiedRobert F. Kennedy ElementaryK698.1
Los Angeles UnifiedRobert Frost Middle6853.9
Los Angeles UnifiedRobert Fulton College Preparatory61296.1
Los Angeles UnifiedRobert H. Lewis Continuation91285.9
Los Angeles UnifiedRobert Hill Lane ElementaryK682.5
Los Angeles UnifiedRobert Louis Stevenson College and Career Preparatory6892.6
Los Angeles UnifiedRockdale Visual & Performing Arts MagnetK654.9
Los Angeles UnifiedRosa Parks Learning CenterK595.5
Los Angeles UnifiedRoscoe ElementaryK594.1
Los Angeles UnifiedRosemont Avenue ElementaryK591.4
Los Angeles UnifiedRosewood Avenue ElementaryK647.2
Los Angeles UnifiedRowan Avenue ElementaryK595.7
Los Angeles UnifiedRoy Romer Middle6890.4
Los Angeles UnifiedRudecinda Sepulveda Dodson Middle6860.9
Los Angeles UnifiedRussell ElementaryK693.1
Los Angeles UnifiedSal Castro Middle6894.7
Los Angeles UnifiedSally Ride Elementary: A SMArT AcademyK597.4
Los Angeles UnifiedSamuel Gompers Middle68100
Los Angeles UnifiedSan Antonio Continuation91298.4
Los Angeles UnifiedSan Antonio ElementaryK591.8
Los Angeles UnifiedSan Fernando ElementaryK592.7
Los Angeles UnifiedSan Fernando Institute of Applied Media6887.5
Los Angeles UnifiedSan Fernando Middle6897.4
Los Angeles UnifiedSan Fernando Senior High91291.6
Los Angeles UnifiedSan Gabriel Avenue ElementaryK590.7
Los Angeles UnifiedSan Jose Street ElementaryK572.6
Los Angeles UnifiedSan Miguel ElementaryK591.4
Los Angeles UnifiedSan Pascual Elementary Science Technology Engineering Arts And Mathematics (STEAM) MagnetK676.9
Los Angeles UnifiedSan Pedro Senior High91261.2
Los Angeles UnifiedSan Pedro Street ElementaryK596.8
Los Angeles UnifiedSanta Monica Boulevard Community CharterK695.1
Los Angeles UnifiedSantee Education Complex91298.0
Los Angeles UnifiedSara Coughlin ElementaryK596.2
Los Angeles UnifiedSaticoy ElementaryK586.4
Los Angeles UnifiedSaturn Street ElementaryK590.6
Los Angeles UnifiedScholarship Prep - Lomita-Harbor CityK862.6
Los Angeles UnifiedSchool for the Visual Arts and Humanities91293.8
Los Angeles UnifiedSchool of Business and Tourism at Contreras Learning Complex91298.3
Los Angeles UnifiedScience, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics at Legacy High School Complex91284.2
Los Angeles UnifiedSecond Street ElementaryK693.0
Los Angeles UnifiedSelma Avenue ElementaryK687.5
Los Angeles UnifiedSeventh Street ElementaryK565.7
Los Angeles UnifiedSeventy-Fifth Street ElementaryK692.2
Los Angeles UnifiedSeventy-Fourth Street ElementaryK586.7
Los Angeles UnifiedSharp Avenue ElementaryK586.8
Los Angeles UnifiedShenandoah Street ElementaryK591.7
Los Angeles UnifiedSheridan Street ElementaryK694.7
Los Angeles UnifiedSherman Oaks Center for Enriched Studies41254.3
Los Angeles UnifiedShirley Avenue ElementaryK585.7
Los Angeles UnifiedShort Avenue ElementaryK652.9
Los Angeles UnifiedSierra Park ElementaryK688.9
Los Angeles UnifiedSierra Vista ElementaryK685.5
Los Angeles UnifiedSimon Rodia Continuation91292.4
Los Angeles UnifiedSixth Avenue ElementaryK587.1
Los Angeles UnifiedSixty-First Street ElementaryK693.9
Los Angeles UnifiedSixty-Sixth Street ElementaryK696.5
Los Angeles UnifiedSocial Justice Leadership Academy at Esteban E. Torres High No. 591293.6
Los Angeles UnifiedSolano Avenue ElementaryK662.0
Los Angeles UnifiedSophia T. Salvin Special Education CenterK895.2
Los Angeles UnifiedSoto Street ElementaryK696.0
Los Angeles UnifiedSotomayor Arts and Sciences Magnet61294.4
Los Angeles UnifiedSouth East High91294.6
Los Angeles UnifiedSouth Gate Middle6888.2
Los Angeles UnifiedSouth Gate Senior High91288.6
Los Angeles UnifiedSouth Park ElementaryK696.1
Los Angeles UnifiedSoutheast Middle6887.8
Los Angeles UnifiedStagg Street ElementaryK577.9
Los Angeles UnifiedStanford Avenue ElementaryK594.8
Los Angeles UnifiedStanford Primary CenterKK97.6
Los Angeles UnifiedStanley Mosk ElementaryK582.6
Los Angeles UnifiedState Street ElementaryK590.5
Los Angeles UnifiedStella Elementary Charter AcademyK289.2
Los Angeles UnifiedStella Middle Charter Academy5895.3
Los Angeles UnifiedSTEM Academy at Bernstein High912100
Los Angeles UnifiedSTEM Preparatory ElementaryK486.8
Los Angeles UnifiedStephen M. White Middle6872.1
Los Angeles UnifiedStonehurst Avenue ElementaryK582.2
Los Angeles UnifiedStoner Avenue ElementaryK590.2
Los Angeles UnifiedStoney Point Continuation91291.7
Los Angeles UnifiedStrathern Street ElementaryK590.0
Los Angeles UnifiedSun Valley High91292.1
Los Angeles UnifiedSun Valley Magnet61294.9
Los Angeles UnifiedSunland ElementaryK575.9
Los Angeles UnifiedSunny Brae Avenue ElementaryK588.0
Los Angeles UnifiedSunrise ElementaryK696.8
Los Angeles UnifiedSuperior Street ElementaryK557.4
Los Angeles UnifiedSusan Miller Dorsey Senior High91276.2
Los Angeles UnifiedSven Lokrantz Special Education CenterK1256.6
Los Angeles UnifiedSylmar Biotech Health and Engineering Magnet912100
Los Angeles UnifiedSylmar Charter High91285.9
Los Angeles UnifiedSylmar ElementaryK592.5
Los Angeles UnifiedSylmar Leadership AcademyK879.8
Los Angeles UnifiedSylvan Park ElementaryK595.6
Los Angeles UnifiedSynergy Charter AcademyK596.1
Los Angeles UnifiedSynergy Kinetic Academy6898.7
Los Angeles UnifiedSynergy Quantum Academy91298.7
Los Angeles UnifiedTaft Charter High91259.6
Los Angeles UnifiedTaper Avenue ElementaryK552.3
Los Angeles UnifiedTarzana ElementaryK579.1
Los Angeles UnifiedTEACH Academy of Technologies5898.0
Los Angeles UnifiedTEACH Tech Charter High91094.6
Los Angeles UnifiedTelfair Avenue ElementaryK588.0
Los Angeles UnifiedTenth Street ElementaryK598.5
Los Angeles UnifiedTeresa Hughes ElementaryK691.4
Los Angeles UnifiedThe City61239.8
Los Angeles UnifiedTheodore Roosevelt Senior High91297.0
Los Angeles UnifiedThirty-Second Street USC Performing ArtsK1288.7
Los Angeles UnifiedThomas A. Edison Middle6897.1
Los Angeles UnifiedThomas Jefferson Senior High91298.0
Los Angeles UnifiedThomas Riley High712100
Los Angeles UnifiedThomas Starr King Middle School Film and Media Magnet6869.3
Los Angeles UnifiedToland Way ElementaryK683.1
Los Angeles UnifiedToluca Lake ElementaryK567.5
Los Angeles UnifiedTom Bradley Global Awareness MagnetK590.4
Los Angeles UnifiedTowne Avenue ElementaryK576.2
Los Angeles UnifiedTri-C Community Day71292.4
Los Angeles UnifiedTrinity Street ElementaryK594.5
Los Angeles UnifiedTulsa Street ElementaryK570.4
Los Angeles UnifiedTweedy ElementaryK585.2
Los Angeles UnifiedTwentieth Street ElementaryK595.2
Los Angeles UnifiedTwenty-Eighth Street ElementaryK598.5
Los Angeles UnifiedTwenty-Fourth Street ElementaryK590.2
Los Angeles UnifiedTwo Hundred Thirty-Second PlaceK567.7
Los Angeles UnifiedUCLA Community K-12K1293.8
Los Angeles UnifiedUlysses S. Grant Senior High91295.5
Los Angeles UnifiedUnion Avenue ElementaryK598.0
Los Angeles UnifiedUniversity High School Charter91270.5
Los Angeles UnifiedUniversity Pathways Medical Magnet Academy91297.3
Los Angeles UnifiedUniversity Pathways Public Service Academy91297.1
Los Angeles UnifiedUniversity Preparatory Value High91294.7
Los Angeles UnifiedUtah Street ElementaryK895.3
Los Angeles UnifiedValerio Street ElementaryK587.7
Los Angeles UnifiedValley Academy of Arts and Sciences91263.6
Los Angeles UnifiedValley Charter ElementaryK525.1
Los Angeles UnifiedValley Charter Middle6859.0
Los Angeles UnifiedValor Academy ElementaryK476.1
Los Angeles UnifiedValor Academy High91293.4
Los Angeles UnifiedValor Academy Middle5894.6
Los Angeles UnifiedVan Deene Avenue ElementaryK676.8
Los Angeles UnifiedVan Ness Avenue ElementaryK580.6
Los Angeles UnifiedVan Nuys ElementaryK597.4
Los Angeles UnifiedVan Nuys Middle6886.8
Los Angeles UnifiedVan Nuys Senior High91284.7
Los Angeles UnifiedVanalden Avenue ElementaryK589.3
Los Angeles UnifiedVaughn Next Century Learning CenterP1297.5
Los Angeles UnifiedVena Avenue ElementaryK585.3
Los Angeles UnifiedVenice Senior High91269.4
Los Angeles UnifiedVerdugo Hills Senior High91278.1
Los Angeles UnifiedVermont Avenue ElementaryK593.3
Los Angeles UnifiedVernon City ElementaryK796.6
Los Angeles UnifiedVictoria Avenue ElementaryK594.5
Los Angeles UnifiedVictory Boulevard ElementaryK593.4
Los Angeles UnifiedView Park Continuation91265.9
Los Angeles UnifiedVillage Charter AcademyK582.7
Los Angeles UnifiedVine Street ElementaryK687.7
Los Angeles UnifiedVinedale ElementaryK777.4
Los Angeles UnifiedVintage Math/Science/Technology MagnetK558.4
Los Angeles UnifiedVirgil Middle6894.9
Los Angeles UnifiedVirginia Road ElementaryK592.6
Los Angeles UnifiedVista Charter Middle6896.4
Los Angeles UnifiedVista del Valle Dual Language AcademyK586.7
Los Angeles UnifiedVista Horizon Global AcademyK575
Los Angeles UnifiedVista Middle6897.3
Los Angeles UnifiedVisual and Performing Arts at Legacy High School Complex91291.1
Los Angeles UnifiedVox Collegiate of Los Angeles6883.8
Los Angeles UnifiedWadsworth Avenue ElementaryK597.8
Los Angeles UnifiedWallis Annenberg High91276.0
Los Angeles UnifiedWalnut Park ElementaryK593.6
Los Angeles UnifiedWalnut Park Middle A School of Social Justice and Service Learning6896.5
Los Angeles UnifiedWalnut Park Middle B Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Academy6894.7
Los Angeles UnifiedWalter Reed Middle6852.2
Los Angeles UnifiedWashington Irving Middle School Math, Music and Engineering Magnet6887.0
Los Angeles UnifiedWashington Primary CenterK193.8
Los Angeles UnifiedWatts Learning CenterK598.1
Los Angeles UnifiedWatts Learning Center Charter Middle6894.8
Los Angeles UnifiedWeigand Avenue ElementaryK598.7
Los Angeles UnifiedWESM Health/Sports Medicine91274.5
Los Angeles UnifiedWest Adams Preparatory High91298.1
Los Angeles UnifiedWest Athens ElementaryK596.6
Los Angeles UnifiedWest Hollywood Opportunity71282.3
Los Angeles UnifiedWest Vernon Avenue ElementaryK599.2
Los Angeles UnifiedWestern Avenue Technology MagnetK592.5
Los Angeles UnifiedWestminster Avenue ElementaryK577.4
Los Angeles UnifiedWestport Heights ElementaryK561.6
Los Angeles UnifiedWestside Global Awareness MagnetK878.4
Los Angeles UnifiedWhitman Continuation91291.0
Los Angeles UnifiedWhitney Young Continuation91287.8
Los Angeles UnifiedWill Rogers Continuation91296.8
Los Angeles UnifiedWilliam J. Johnston Community Day71295.2
Los Angeles UnifiedWilliam Jefferson Clinton Middle6894.5
Los Angeles UnifiedWilliam Mulholland Middle6892.4
Los Angeles UnifiedWilliam R. Anton ElementaryK696.6
Los Angeles UnifiedWilliam Tell Aggeler Opportunity High71288.6
Los Angeles UnifiedWillow ElementaryK594.6
Los Angeles UnifiedWilmington Middle Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics (STEAM) Magnet6890.6
Los Angeles UnifiedWilmington Park ElementaryK594.7
Los Angeles UnifiedWilshire Crest ElementaryK588.8
Los Angeles UnifiedWilshire Park ElementaryK584.5
Los Angeles UnifiedWilton Place ElementaryK592.4
Los Angeles UnifiedWindsor Hills Math ScienceK582.4
Los Angeles UnifiedWinnetka Avenue ElementaryK585.9
Los Angeles UnifiedWisdom ElementaryK695.2
Los Angeles UnifiedWISH Academy High91137.4
Los Angeles UnifiedWISH CommunityK520.4
Los Angeles UnifiedWoodcrest ElementaryK598.4
Los Angeles UnifiedWoodland Hills Academy6876.1
Los Angeles UnifiedWoodlawn Avenue ElementaryK589.6
Los Angeles UnifiedWoodrow Wilson Senior High91293.1
Los Angeles UnifiedYES AcademyK588.2
Los Angeles UnifiedYorkdale ElementaryK685.4
Los Angeles UnifiedYoung Oak Kim Academy6897.7
Los Angeles UnifiedYouth Opportunities Unlimited91291.3
Los Angeles UnifiedZane Grey Continuation91294.5
Los Banos UnifiedCharleston ElementaryK654.5
Los Banos UnifiedCreekside Junior High7874.6
Los Banos UnifiedCrossroads Alternative Education CenterK1264.9
Los Banos UnifiedHenry Miller ElementaryK680.1
Los Banos UnifiedLorena Falasco ElementaryK683.0
Los Banos UnifiedLos Banos ElementaryK683.2
Los Banos UnifiedLos Banos High91267.0
Los Banos UnifiedLos Banos Junior High7879.2
Los Banos UnifiedMercey Springs ElementaryK681.5
Los Banos UnifiedPacheco High91273.0
Los Banos UnifiedR. M. Miano ElementaryK685.1
Los Banos UnifiedSan Luis High (Continuation)91282.6
Los Banos UnifiedVolta ElementaryK662.8
Los Banos UnifiedWestside Union ElementaryK669.2
Los Molinos UnifiedLos Molinos ElementaryK881.0
Los Molinos UnifiedVina Elementary1875
Los NietosAda S. Nelson ElementaryK674.2
Los NietosAeolian ElementaryK678.0
Los NietosLos Nietos Middle7880.8
Los NietosRancho Santa Gertrudes ElementaryK672.0
Los Olivos ElementaryLos Olivos ElementaryK817.3
Lost Hills Union ElementaryA. M. Thomas Middle6871.8
Lost Hills Union ElementaryLost Hills ElementaryK580.7
Lowell JointEl Portal ElementaryK639.8
Lowell JointJordan ElementaryK654.7
Lowell JointMeadow Green ElementaryP643.8
Lowell JointOlita ElementaryK645.5
Lucerne ElementaryLucerne ElementaryK884.3
Lucerne Valley UnifiedElite Academic Academy - LucerneK1260.4
Lucerne Valley UnifiedGorman Learning Center San Bernardino/Santa ClaritaK1235.4
Lucerne Valley UnifiedLucerne Valley ElementaryK685.8
Lucerne Valley UnifiedLucerne Valley High91291.1
Lucerne Valley UnifiedLucerne Valley Middle7888.4
Lucerne Valley UnifiedMountain View High91293.7
Lucerne Valley UnifiedSky Mountain CharterK1232.9
Lucia Mar UnifiedArroyo Grande High81237.2
Lucia Mar UnifiedCentral Coast New Tech High91239.1
Lucia Mar UnifiedDana ElementaryK665.1
Lucia Mar UnifiedFairgrove ElementaryK659.9
Lucia Mar UnifiedGrover Beach ElementaryP673.9
Lucia Mar UnifiedGrover Heights ElementaryK649.2
Lucia Mar UnifiedHarloe ElementaryK637.7
Lucia Mar UnifiedJudkins Middle7858.3
Lucia Mar UnifiedLange (Dorothea) ElementaryK655.4
Lucia Mar UnifiedLopez Continuation High91286.9
Lucia Mar UnifiedMesa Middle7865.1
Lucia Mar UnifiedNipomo ElementaryK681.6
Lucia Mar UnifiedNipomo High91264.5
Lucia Mar UnifiedOceano ElementaryK691.7
Lucia Mar UnifiedPaulding Middle7844.3
Luther BurbankLuther Burbank ElementaryK883.3
Lynwood UnifiedCesar Chavez Middle6891.4
Lynwood UnifiedHelen Keller ElementaryK696.4
Lynwood UnifiedHosler Middle7891.4
Lynwood UnifiedJanie P. Abbott ElementaryK692.8
Lynwood UnifiedLincoln ElementaryK592.9
Lynwood UnifiedLindbergh ElementaryK696.0
Lynwood UnifiedLugo ElementaryK691.0
Lynwood UnifiedLynwood High91285.6
Lynwood UnifiedLynwood Middle7893.9
Lynwood UnifiedMarco Antonio Firebaugh High91290.5
Lynwood UnifiedMark Twain ElementaryK690.0
Lynwood UnifiedPathway Independent Study91294.2
Lynwood UnifiedRoosevelt ElementaryK683.5
Lynwood UnifiedRosa Parks ElementaryK690.3
Lynwood UnifiedThurgood Marshall ElementaryK594.1
Lynwood UnifiedVista High91294.4
Lynwood UnifiedWashington ElementaryK689.8
Lynwood UnifiedWill Rogers ElementaryK693.4
Lynwood UnifiedWilson ElementaryK694.0
Madera County Superintendent of SchoolsJuvenile Hall (Endeavor/Voyager Secondary)712100
Madera County Superintendent of SchoolsMadera County Independent AcademyK1280.2
Madera County Superintendent of SchoolsPioneer Technical CenterP1287.6
Madera UnifiedAlpha ElementaryK692.2
Madera UnifiedBerenda ElementaryK679.7
Madera UnifiedCesar Chavez ElementaryK693.2
Madera UnifiedDixieland ElementaryK892
Madera UnifiedEastin ArcolaK892.0
Madera UnifiedEzequiel Tafoya Alvarado AcademyK891.9
Madera UnifiedFurman (Duane E.) High (Independent Study Program)K1292.7
Madera UnifiedGeorge Washington ElementaryK699.4
Madera UnifiedHoward ElementaryK876.4
Madera UnifiedJack G. Desmond Middle7894.2
Madera UnifiedJames Madison ElementaryK692.4
Madera UnifiedJames Monroe ElementaryK698.8
Madera UnifiedJohn Adams ElementaryK675.5
Madera UnifiedJohn J. Pershing ElementaryK695.6
Madera UnifiedLa Vina ElementaryK896
Madera UnifiedLincoln ElementaryK671.2
Madera UnifiedMadera High91279.4
Madera UnifiedMadera South High91292.3
Madera UnifiedMartin Luther King Jr. Middle7895.7
Madera UnifiedMillview ElementaryK697.0
Madera UnifiedMountain Vista High101296.8
Madera UnifiedNishimoto ElementaryK695.0
Madera UnifiedParkwood ElementaryK694.8
Madera UnifiedRipperdan Community Day71283.7
Madera UnifiedSierra Vista ElementaryK697.7
Madera UnifiedThomas Jefferson Middle7886.4
Madera UnifiedVirginia Lee Rose ElementaryK696.2
Magnolia ElementaryDr. Albert SchweitzerP686.9
Magnolia ElementaryDr. Peter MarshallP670.0
Magnolia ElementaryEsther L. WalterP692.6
Magnolia ElementaryJonas E. SalkP684.2
Magnolia ElementaryJuliette Low School of the ArtsP681.4
Magnolia ElementaryLord Baden-PowellP682.5
Magnolia ElementaryMattie Lou MaxwellP683.9
Magnolia ElementaryRobert M. Pyles STEM AcademyP690.7
Magnolia ElementaryWalt DisneyK671.5
Mammoth UnifiedMammoth ElementaryK558.2
Mammoth UnifiedMammoth Middle6853.8
Manchester Union ElementaryManchester ElementaryK851.1
Manhattan Beach UnifiedMira Costa High9125.79
Manteca UnifiedAugust Knodt ElementaryK874.9
Manteca UnifiedBrock Elliott ElementaryK851.3
Manteca UnifiedCalla High91277.1
Manteca UnifiedEast Union High91253.1
Manteca UnifiedFrench Camp ElementaryK894.0
Manteca UnifiedGeorge McParland ElementaryK844.7
Manteca UnifiedGeorge Y. Komure ElementaryK876.2
Manteca UnifiedGolden West ElementaryK873.6
Manteca UnifiedGreat Valley ElementaryK877.2
Manteca UnifiedJoseph Widmer Jr. ElementaryK859.9
Manteca UnifiedJoshua Cowell ElementaryK857.7
Manteca UnifiedLathrop ElementaryK872.8
Manteca UnifiedLathrop High91253.3
Manteca UnifiedLincoln ElementaryK886.9
Manteca UnifiedManteca Community Day (7-12)71284
Manteca UnifiedManteca Community Day (K-6)K693.3
Manteca UnifiedManteca High91251.4
Manteca UnifiedMossdale ElementaryK848.5
Manteca UnifiedNeil Hafley ElementaryK862.8
Manteca UnifiedNew Haven ElementaryK848.2
Manteca UnifiedNew Vision High91268.4
Manteca UnifiedNile Garden ElementaryK846.5
Manteca UnifiedSequoia ElementaryK876.5
Manteca UnifiedShasta ElementaryK875.1
Manteca UnifiedSierra High91240.9
Manteca UnifiedStella Brockman ElementaryK853.1
Manteca UnifiedVeritas ElementaryK843.3
Manteca UnifiedWalter Woodward ElementaryK835.6
Manteca UnifiedWeston Ranch High91271.5
Manzanita ElementaryManzanita ElementaryK851.6
Maple ElementaryMaple ElementaryK855.1
Marcum-Illinois Union ElementaryMarcum-Illinois Union ElementaryK845.4
Marcum-Illinois Union ElementarySouth Sutter CharterK1238.7
Maricopa UnifiedCalifornia Virtual Academy at MaricopaK1271.5
Maricopa UnifiedInsight School of California91267.4
Maricopa UnifiedMaricopa ElementaryK591.2
Maricopa UnifiedMaricopa High91291.2
Maricopa UnifiedMaricopa Middle6891.0
Marin County Office of EducationMarin County Juvenile Court712100
Marin County Office of EducationMarin's Community61255.3
Marin County Office of EducationPhoenix Academy91278.2
Mariposa County Office of EducationCounty CommunityK12100
Mariposa County Office of EducationMonarch AcademyK1279.0
Mariposa County UnifiedCoulterville High91266.6
Mariposa County UnifiedGreeley Hill ElementaryK888.4
Mariposa County UnifiedLake Don Pedro ElementaryK874.4
Mariposa County UnifiedMariposa County High91257.2
Mariposa County UnifiedMariposa ElementaryK876.0
Mariposa County UnifiedSierra Foothill CharterK847.5
Mariposa County UnifiedSierra HomeK1261.7
Mariposa County UnifiedSpring Hill High (Continuation)91287.5
Mariposa County UnifiedWoodland ElementaryK860
Mariposa County UnifiedYosemite National Park El PortalK866.6
Mariposa County UnifiedYosemite Park High91283.3
Mark Twain Union ElementaryCopperopolis ElementaryK655.8
Mark Twain Union ElementaryMark Twain ElementaryK858.0
Mark West Union ElementaryMark West ElementaryK642.9
Mark West Union ElementarySan Miguel ElementaryK629.9
Martinez UnifiedJohn Muir ElementaryK533.4
Martinez UnifiedLas Juntas ElementaryK547.3
Martinez UnifiedVicente Martinez High91239.3
Marysville Joint UnifiedAnna McKenney Intermediate6883.8
Marysville Joint UnifiedArboga ElementaryK662.3
Marysville Joint UnifiedCedar Lane ElementaryK692.7
Marysville Joint UnifiedCordua ElementaryK556
Marysville Joint UnifiedCovillaud ElementaryK579.4
Marysville Joint UnifiedDobbins ElementaryK674.3
Marysville Joint UnifiedEdgewater ElementaryK662.1
Marysville Joint UnifiedElla ElementaryK688.0
Marysville Joint UnifiedFoothill Intermediate6855.6
Marysville Joint UnifiedJohnson Park ElementaryK685.8
Marysville Joint UnifiedKynoch ElementaryK580.8
Marysville Joint UnifiedLinda ElementaryK691.5
Marysville Joint UnifiedLindhurst High91286.4
Marysville Joint UnifiedLoma Rica ElementaryK561.2
Marysville Joint UnifiedMarysville Charter Academy for the Arts71258.7
Marysville Joint UnifiedMarysville Community Day71287.5
Marysville Joint UnifiedMarysville High91271.9
Marysville Joint UnifiedOlivehurst ElementaryK681.9
Marysville Joint UnifiedParagon Collegiate AcademyK876.5
Marysville Joint UnifiedSouth Lindhurst Continuation High101287.1
Marysville Joint UnifiedYuba Feather ElementaryK685
Marysville Joint UnifiedYuba Gardens Intermediate7889.4
Maxwell UnifiedMaxwell ElementaryK560.7
Maxwell UnifiedMaxwell Middle6869.2
McCabe Union ElementaryMcCabe ElementaryK833.6
McCloud Union ElementaryMcCloud ElementaryK881.0
McFarland UnifiedBrowning Road STEAM AcademyK688.9
McFarland UnifiedHorizon ElementaryK687.3
McFarland UnifiedKern Avenue ElementaryK693.0
McFarland UnifiedMcFarland High91285.4
McFarland UnifiedMcFarland Independent91284.2
McFarland UnifiedMcFarland Junior High7893.6
McFarland UnifiedSan Joaquin High (Continuation)91295.4
McKinleyville Union ElementaryDow's Prairie ElementaryK264.3
McKinleyville Union ElementaryMcKinleyville Middle6859.3
McKinleyville Union ElementaryMorris Elementary3559.1
McSwain Union ElementaryMcSwain ElementaryK838.1
Meadows Union ElementaryMeadows ElementaryK877.4
Mendocino County Office of EducationMendocino County Community71290.3
Mendocino County Office of EducationOrr CreekK1285.7
Mendocino County Office of EducationWest Hills Juvenile Hall CourtK12100
Mendocino UnifiedAlbion ElementaryK3100
Mendocino UnifiedMendocino High91240.4
Mendocino UnifiedMendocino K-8K849.3
Mendota UnifiedMcCabe Elementary2697.6
Mendota UnifiedMendota Community Day712100
Mendota UnifiedMendota Continuation High912100
Mendota UnifiedMendota ElementaryK697.1
Mendota UnifiedMendota High91296.6
Mendota UnifiedMendota Junior High7898.0
Mendota UnifiedWashington ElementaryK199.0
Menifee Union ElementaryBell Mountain Middle6840.8
Menifee Union ElementaryCallie Kirkpatrick ElementaryK541.2
Menifee Union ElementaryChester W. Morrison ElementaryK544.0
Menifee Union ElementaryEvans Ranch ElementaryK545.4
Menifee Union ElementaryFreedom Crest ElementaryK554.0
Menifee Union ElementaryHans Christensen Middle6863.0
Menifee Union ElementaryHerk Bouris ElementaryK538.9
Menifee Union ElementaryMenifee Valley Middle6848.2
Menifee Union ElementaryQuail Valley ElementaryK574.7
Menifee Union ElementaryRidgemoor ElementaryK549.0
Menlo Park City ElementaryEncinal ElementaryK510.5
Menlo Park City ElementaryHillview Middle688.95
Menlo Park City ElementaryLaurel ElementaryK59.50
Merced City ElementaryAda Givens ElementaryK675.2
Merced City ElementaryAlicia Reyes ElementaryK693.3
Merced City ElementaryAllan Peterson ElementaryK653.8
Merced City ElementaryCharles Wright ElementaryK690.7
Merced City ElementaryDon Stowell ElementaryK694.0
Merced City ElementaryDonn B. Chenoweth ElementaryK660.5
Merced City ElementaryFranklin ElementaryK381.8
Merced City ElementaryHerbert H. Cruickshank Middle7856.1
Merced City ElementaryHerbert Hoover Middle7881.9
Merced City ElementaryJoe Stefani3683.3
Merced City ElementaryJohn C. Fremont ElementaryK689.3
Merced City ElementaryJohn Muir ElementaryK692.3
Merced City ElementaryLeontine Gracey ElementaryK687.8
Merced City ElementaryLuther Burbank ElementaryK667.3
Merced City ElementaryMargaret Sheehy ElementaryK693.9
Merced City ElementaryRudolph Rivera ElementaryK673.6
Merced City ElementaryRudolph Rivera Middle7880.9
Merced City ElementaryTenaya Middle7890.9
Merced County Office of EducationFloyd A. SchelbyP1272.9
Merced County Office of EducationMerced County Juvenile CourtK12100
Merced County Office of EducationMerced County Special EducationP1280.4
Merced County Office of EducationMerced Scholars Charter61280.5
Merced County Office of EducationValley Atwater Community61294.1
Merced County Office of EducationValley Los Banos Community61286.9
Merced County Office of EducationValley Merced CommunityK1286.0
Merced River Union ElementaryWashington ElementaryP878.3
Merced Union HighAtwater High91272.9
Merced Union HighBuhach Colony High91266.3
Merced Union HighEl Capitan High91266.1
Merced Union HighGolden Valley High91279.5
Merced Union HighIndependence High (Alternative)91283.9
Merced Union HighLivingston High91279.1
Merced Union HighMerced High91270.8
Merced Union HighSequoia High91293.2
Merced Union HighYosemite High (Continuation)91287.9
Meridian ElementaryCalifornia Virtual Academy at SutterK1263.7
Meridian ElementaryMeridian ElementaryK875
Mesa Union ElementaryMesa ElementaryK841.9
Middletown UnifiedCalifornia Connections Academy North BayK1243.8
Middletown UnifiedLake County International CharterK870.6
Middletown UnifiedMiddletown Middle7856.2
Middletown UnifiedMinnie Cannon ElementaryK661.4
Midway ElementaryMidway ElementaryK856.8
Mill Valley ElementaryEdna Maguire ElementaryK55.11
Mill Valley ElementaryMill Valley Middle685.56
Mill Valley ElementaryStrawberry Point ElementaryK55.59
Millbrae ElementaryLomita Park ElementaryK559.4
Miller Creek ElementaryMary E. Silveira ElementaryK525.8
Miller Creek ElementaryMiller Creek Middle6816.6
Millville ElementaryMillville ElementaryK838.8
Milpitas UnifiedAlexander Rose ElementaryK647.7
Milpitas UnifiedCalaveras Hills91255.8
Milpitas UnifiedJoseph Weller ElementaryK638.8
Milpitas UnifiedRobert Randall ElementaryK664.7
Milpitas UnifiedWilliam Burnett ElementaryK633.4
Modesto City ElementaryAlberta Martone ElementaryK682.0
Modesto City ElementaryAspire University CharterK576.3
Modesto City ElementaryBret Harte ElementaryK692.6
Modesto City ElementaryBurbank ElementaryK692.5
Modesto City ElementaryCatherine Everett ElementaryK682.0
Modesto City ElementaryEl Vista ElementaryK690.7
Modesto City ElementaryElihu Beard ElementaryK682.2
Modesto City ElementaryEvelyn Hanshaw Middle7896.7
Modesto City ElementaryFairview ElementaryK692.8
Modesto City ElementaryFranklin ElementaryK694.3
Modesto City ElementaryHarriette Kirschen ElementaryK694.8
Modesto City ElementaryJames Marshall ElementaryK694.0
Modesto City ElementaryJohn Fremont ElementaryK664.5
Modesto City ElementaryJohn Muir ElementaryK685.5
Modesto City ElementaryLa Loma Junior High7879.2
Modesto City ElementaryMark Twain Junior High7896.5
Modesto City ElementaryOrville Wright ElementaryK696.8
Modesto City ElementaryRobertson Road ElementaryK696.4
Modesto City ElementaryRoosevelt Junior High7876.7
Modesto City ElementaryRose Avenue ElementaryK672.5
Modesto City ElementaryShackelford ElementaryK695.9
Modesto City ElementarySonoma ElementaryK660
Modesto City ElementaryTuolumne ElementaryK696.6
Modesto City ElementaryWilliam Garrison ElementaryK689.0
Modesto City ElementaryWilson ElementaryK687.3
Modesto City HighAspire Vanguard College Preparatory Academy61267.7
Modesto City HighFred C. Beyer High91259.4
Modesto City HighGrace M. Davis High91276.7
Modesto City HighModesto High91280.1
Modesto City HighPeter Johansen High91277.3
Modesto City HighRobert Elliott Alternative Education Center91286.2
Modesto City HighThomas Downey High91275.5
Modoc County Office of EducationModoc County Special EducationP1292
Modoc Joint UnifiedAlturas ElementaryK563.3
Modoc Joint UnifiedHigh Desert Community Day61090.9
Modoc Joint UnifiedModoc Middle6866.1
Modoc Joint UnifiedState Line ElementaryK550
Modoc Joint UnifiedWarner High91280
Mojave UnifiedCalifornia City High91278.8
Mojave UnifiedCalifornia City Middle6883.8
Mojave UnifiedHacienda Elementary3585.7
Mojave UnifiedMojave ElementaryP592.7
Mojave UnifiedMojave Jr./Sr. High61290.3
Mojave UnifiedRobert P. Ulrich ElementaryK288.5
Monroe ElementaryMonroe ElementaryK896.3
Monrovia UnifiedBradoaks ElementaryK565.4
Monrovia UnifiedCanyon Oaks High91258.5
Monrovia UnifiedMayflower ElementaryK540.6
Monrovia UnifiedMonroe ElementaryK556.0
Monrovia UnifiedPlymouth ElementaryK561.2
Monrovia UnifiedWild Rose School of CreativeK574.6
Monson-Sultana Joint Union ElementaryMonson-Sultana ElementaryK883.3
Montague ElementaryMontague ElementaryK852.4
Montebello UnifiedApplied Technology Center91284.3
Montebello UnifiedBandini ElementaryK580.7
Montebello UnifiedBell Gardens ElementaryK584.1
Montebello UnifiedBell Gardens High91289.2
Montebello UnifiedBell Gardens Intermediate6892.6
Montebello UnifiedBella Vista ElementaryK576.8
Montebello UnifiedCesar E. Chavez ElementaryK585.8
Montebello UnifiedEastmont Intermediate6894.7
Montebello UnifiedFremont ElementaryK585.3
Montebello UnifiedGarfield ElementaryK583.6
Montebello UnifiedGreenwood ElementaryK589.1
Montebello UnifiedJoseph A. Gascon ElementaryK583.9
Montebello UnifiedLa Merced ElementaryK578.5
Montebello UnifiedLa Merced Intermediate6881.6
Montebello UnifiedMacy Intermediate6877.4
Montebello UnifiedMontebello Community Day71265.8
Montebello UnifiedMontebello Gardens ElementaryK582.4
Montebello UnifiedMontebello High91287.9
Montebello UnifiedMontebello Intermediate6888.4
Montebello UnifiedMontebello Park ElementaryK588.4
Montebello UnifiedPotrero Heights ElementaryK561.9
Montebello UnifiedRosewood ParkK869.2
Montebello UnifiedSchurr High91279.1
Montebello UnifiedSuva ElementaryK588.0
Montebello UnifiedSuva Intermediate6894.5
Montebello UnifiedVail High (Continuation)91271.9
Montebello UnifiedWashington ElementaryK584.0
Montebello UnifiedWilcox ElementaryK583.3
Montebello UnifiedWinter Gardens ElementaryK584.7
Montecito Union ElementaryMontecito UnionK611.1
Monterey County Office of EducationBay View AcademyK842.1
Monterey County Office of EducationSalinas Community71283.0
Monterey County Office of EducationWellington M. Smith, Jr.412100
Monterey Peninsula UnifiedCentral Coast High91287.6
Monterey Peninsula UnifiedDel Rey Woods ElementaryK589.5
Monterey Peninsula UnifiedDual Language Academy of the Monterey PeninsulaK868.9
Monterey Peninsula UnifiedFoothill ElementaryK567.6
Monterey Peninsula UnifiedHighland ElementaryK594.7
Monterey Peninsula UnifiedIone Olson ElementaryK556.7
Monterey Peninsula UnifiedJ. C. Crumpton ElementaryK562.7
Monterey Peninsula UnifiedLos Arboles Middle6872.7
Monterey Peninsula UnifiedMarina Vista ElementaryK587.1
Monterey Peninsula UnifiedMartin Luther KingK588.2
Monterey Peninsula UnifiedMonterey Peninsula Unified School District Community Day912100
Monterey Peninsula UnifiedMonterey Peninsula Unified School District Community Day Middle6866.6
Monterey Peninsula UnifiedOrd Terrace ElementaryK591.2
Monterey Peninsula UnifiedSeaside High91277.4
Monterey Peninsula UnifiedSeaside Middle6884.8
Montgomery ElementaryMontgomery ElementaryK852.3
Moorpark UnifiedArroyo West ElementaryK542.7
Moorpark UnifiedCampus Canyon ElementaryK839.7
Moorpark UnifiedChaparral Middle6840.2
Moorpark UnifiedFlory Academy of Sciences and TechnologyK549.3
Moorpark UnifiedWalnut Canyon ElementaryK534.8
Moraga ElementaryDonald L. Rheem ElementaryK55.71
MorelandGeorge C. Payne ElementaryK524.7
MorelandLeroy Anderson ElementaryK570.1
MorelandMoreland Middle6834.1
Moreno Valley UnifiedAlessandroK1276.9
Moreno Valley UnifiedArmada ElementaryK592.5
Moreno Valley UnifiedBadger Springs Middle6893.3
Moreno Valley UnifiedBayside Community Day91281.8
Moreno Valley UnifiedBear Valley ElementaryK586.9
Moreno Valley UnifiedBox Springs ElementaryK587.5
Moreno Valley UnifiedButterfield ElementaryK589.4
Moreno Valley UnifiedCanyon Springs High91267.2
Moreno Valley UnifiedChaparral Hills ElementaryK591.0
Moreno Valley UnifiedCloverdale ElementaryK590.3
Moreno Valley UnifiedCreekside ElementaryK591.5
Moreno Valley UnifiedEdgemont ElementaryK594.5
Moreno Valley UnifiedHendrick Ranch ElementaryK590.3
Moreno Valley UnifiedHidden Springs ElementaryK584.8
Moreno Valley UnifiedHoney Hollow ElementaryK590.5
Moreno Valley UnifiedLa Jolla ElementaryK584.9
Moreno Valley UnifiedLandmark Middle6888.9
Moreno Valley UnifiedMarch Mountain High91285.1
Moreno Valley UnifiedMarch Valley91091.3
Moreno Valley UnifiedMidland ElementaryK594.0
Moreno Valley UnifiedMoreno ElementaryK584.2
Moreno Valley UnifiedMoreno Valley Community Learning Center71294.4
Moreno Valley UnifiedMoreno Valley High91276.2
Moreno Valley UnifiedMoreno Valley Online AcademyK1283.8
Moreno Valley UnifiedMountain View Middle6888.0
Moreno Valley UnifiedNorth Ridge ElementaryK573.0
Moreno Valley UnifiedPalm Middle6886.2
Moreno Valley UnifiedRamona ElementaryK591.8
Moreno Valley UnifiedRidge Crest ElementaryK585.0
Moreno Valley UnifiedSeneca ElementaryK584.9
Moreno Valley UnifiedSerrano ElementaryK595.3
Moreno Valley UnifiedSugar Hill ElementaryK583.7
Moreno Valley UnifiedSunnymead ElementaryK592.7
Moreno Valley UnifiedSunnymead Middle6893.2
Moreno Valley UnifiedSunnymeadows ElementaryK595.3
Moreno Valley UnifiedTownGate ElementaryK589.7
Moreno Valley UnifiedValley View High91263.3
Moreno Valley UnifiedVista del Lago High91271.9
Moreno Valley UnifiedVista Heights Middle6885.1
Morgan Hill UnifiedBarrett ElementaryK554.9
Morgan Hill UnifiedCentral High (Continuation)101261.7
Morgan Hill UnifiedEl Toro Health Science AcademyK547.6
Morgan Hill UnifiedP. A. Walsh STEAM AcademyK561.7
Morgan Hill UnifiedSan Martin Gwinn Environmental Science AcademyK856.7
Morongo UnifiedBlack Rock Alternative/Continuation91285.2
Morongo UnifiedCondor ElementaryK655.1
Morongo UnifiedFriendly Hills ElementaryK662.6
Morongo UnifiedJoshua Tree ElementaryK696.6
Morongo UnifiedLa Contenta Middle7875.2
Morongo UnifiedLanders ElementaryK693.0
Morongo UnifiedMorongo Valley ElementaryK676.4
Morongo UnifiedOasis ElementaryK683.3
Morongo UnifiedOnaga ElementaryK665.5
Morongo UnifiedPalm Vista ElementaryK690.6
Morongo UnifiedTwentynine Palms ElementaryK652.3
Morongo UnifiedTwentynine Palms Junior High7872.9
Morongo UnifiedYucca Mesa ElementaryK678.4
Morongo UnifiedYucca Valley ElementaryK682.8
Mother Lode Union ElementaryIndian Creek ElementaryK458.0
Mount Pleasant ElementaryAugust Boeger Middle6879.3
Mount Pleasant ElementaryMt. Pleasant ElementaryK578.2
Mount Pleasant ElementaryRobert Sanders ElementaryK579.5
Mountain Empire UnifiedCamp Lockett Middle7882.1
Mountain Empire UnifiedCampo ElementaryP863.9
Mountain Empire UnifiedCampo High (Continuation)91283.3
Mountain Empire UnifiedClover Flat ElementaryP664.8
Mountain Empire UnifiedCompass Charter Schools of San DiegoK1225.8
Mountain Empire UnifiedDescanso ElementaryP644.5
Mountain Empire UnifiedElite Academic Academy - Mountain EmpireK1234.9
Mountain Empire UnifiedMountain Empire High91264.8
Mountain Empire UnifiedPine Valley Middle7855.4
Mountain Empire UnifiedPotrero ElementaryP662.1
Mountain House ElementaryMountain House ElementaryK880
Mountain Union ElementaryMontgomery Creek ElementaryP884.2
Mountain Valley UnifiedHayfork ElementaryK879
Mountain Valley UnifiedHayfork High91276.8
Mountain Valley UnifiedValley High912100
Mountain View ElementaryAlfred S. Madrid Middle6894.0
Mountain View ElementaryBaker ElementaryK590.0
Mountain View ElementaryCharles T. Kranz Intermediate7895.0
Mountain View ElementaryCogswell ElementaryK694.1
Mountain View ElementaryJerry Voorhis ElementaryK590.9
Mountain View ElementaryLa Primaria ElementaryK578.7
Mountain View ElementaryMaxson ElementaryK689.5
Mountain View ElementaryMiramonte ElementaryK689.9
Mountain View ElementaryMonte Vista ElementaryK882.5
Mountain View ElementaryParkview ElementaryK691.8
Mountain View ElementaryTwin Lakes ElementaryK694.5
Mountain View ElementaryWillard F. Payne ElementaryK690.6
Mountain View WhismanMariano Castro ElementaryK584.7
Mountain View WhismanTheuerkauf ElementaryK537.8
Mountain View-Los Altos Union HighAlta Vista High91262.3
Mt. Diablo UnifiedBel Air ElementaryK590.3
Mt. Diablo UnifiedCambridge ElementaryK593.1
Mt. Diablo UnifiedCrossroads High71276
Mt. Diablo UnifiedDiablo Community Day71293.7
Mt. Diablo UnifiedEl Dorado Middle6861.3
Mt. Diablo UnifiedEl Monte ElementaryK563.4
Mt. Diablo UnifiedFair Oaks ElementaryK571.6
Mt. Diablo UnifiedMeadow Homes ElementaryK588.7
Mt. Diablo UnifiedMt. Diablo High91270.8
Mt. Diablo UnifiedOak Grove Middle6887.4
Mt. Diablo UnifiedOlympic Continuation High91268.3
Mt. Diablo UnifiedRio Vista ElementaryK583.5
Mt. Diablo UnifiedRiverview Middle6883.8
Mt. Diablo UnifiedShore Acres ElementaryK589.1
Mt. Diablo UnifiedSun Terrace ElementaryK566.8
Mt. Diablo UnifiedSunrise (Special Education)K868.9
Mt. Diablo UnifiedWren Avenue ElementaryK574.3
Mt. Diablo UnifiedYgnacio Valley ElementaryK579.6
Mt. Diablo UnifiedYgnacio Valley High91269.4
Mt. Shasta Union ElementaryMt. Shasta ElementaryK345.1
Mt. Shasta Union ElementarySisson4841.0
Mupu ElementaryMupu ElementaryK843.3
Muroc Joint UnifiedBoron Junior-Senior High71245.6
Muroc Joint UnifiedWest Boron ElementaryK655.8
Murrieta Valley UnifiedAlta Murrieta ElementaryK541.4
Murrieta Valley UnifiedAvaxat ElementaryK556.6
Murrieta Valley UnifiedDaniel N. Buchanan ElementaryK544.3
Murrieta Valley UnifiedE. Hale Curran ElementaryK550.8
Murrieta Valley UnifiedMonte Vista ElementaryK540
Murrieta Valley UnifiedMurrieta ElementaryK546.0
Murrieta Valley UnifiedRail Ranch ElementaryK547.3
Murrieta Valley UnifiedTovashal ElementaryK539.0
Napa County Office of EducationNapa County CommunityK1277.7
Napa Valley UnifiedAlta Heights ElementaryK543.9
Napa Valley UnifiedBel Aire Park ElementaryK562.1
Napa Valley UnifiedDonaldson Way ElementaryK541.8
Napa Valley UnifiedMcPherson ElementaryK592.4
Napa Valley UnifiedNapa Junction ElementaryK557.7
Napa Valley UnifiedNapa Valley Language AcademyK650.4
Napa Valley UnifiedNorthwood ElementaryK535.3
Napa Valley UnifiedPhillips ElementaryK583.9
Napa Valley UnifiedPueblo Vista ElementaryK547.2
Napa Valley UnifiedShearer ElementaryK593.0
Napa Valley UnifiedSnow ElementaryK580.1
Napa Valley UnifiedWest Park ElementaryK544.4
Napa Valley UnifiedWillow ElementaryK546.2
National ElementaryCentral ElementaryK681.9
National ElementaryEl Toyon ElementaryK683.1
National ElementaryIntegrity CharterK889.1
National ElementaryIra HarbisonK665.1
National ElementaryJohn A. Otis ElementaryK681.4
National ElementaryKimballK671.9
National ElementaryLas PalmasK678.1
National ElementaryLincoln AcresP677.8
National ElementaryOlivewoodK677.7
National ElementaryPalmer WayK679.0
National ElementaryRancho de la NacionK680.0
Natomas UnifiedAmerican LakesK881.6
Natomas UnifiedBannon CreekK881.8
Natomas UnifiedJeffersonK881.4
Natomas UnifiedNatomas High91267.6
Natomas UnifiedNatomas Middle6867.6
Needles UnifiedChemehuevi Valley ElementaryK592.1
Needles UnifiedNeedles High91269.6
Needles UnifiedNeedles Middle6870.8
Needles UnifiedVista Colorado ElementaryK580
Nevada City ElementaryDeer Creek ElementaryP437.3
Nevada City ElementarySeven Hills Intermediate5837.2
Nevada County Office of EducationEarle Jamieson Educational Options71262.5
Nevada County Office of EducationNevada City School of the ArtsK847.4
Nevada County Office of EducationSugarloaf Mountain, Juvenile Hall Program612100
Nevada Joint Union HighNevada Union High91246.9
Nevada Joint Union HighSierra Academy of Expeditionary Learning91244.8
Nevada Joint Union HighSilver Springs High (Continuation)91280.2
New Haven UnifiedAlternative Learning Academy at Conley-Caraballo High91277.7
New Haven UnifiedAlvarado ElementaryK547.3
New Haven UnifiedCesar Chavez Middle6859.9
New Haven UnifiedCore Learning Academy at Conley-Caraballo High91258.6
New Haven UnifiedDecoto School for Independent StudyK1250
New Haven UnifiedGuy Jr. Emanuele ElementaryK561.0
New Haven UnifiedHillview Crest ElementaryK569.8
New Haven UnifiedItliong-Vera Cruz6835.9
New Haven UnifiedJames Logan High91244.1
New Haven UnifiedPioneer ElementaryK535.3
New Haven UnifiedSearles ElementaryK561.3
New Haven UnifiedTom Kitayama ElementaryK538.9
New Hope ElementaryNew Hope ElementaryK886.4
New Jerusalem ElementaryCalifornia Virtual Academy @ San JoaquinK1258.6
New Jerusalem ElementaryDelta Bridges CharterK888.9
New Jerusalem ElementaryDelta Keys CharterK1253.9
New Jerusalem ElementaryInsight @ San JoaquinK1256.5
New Jerusalem ElementaryNew Jerusalem1863.6
New Jerusalem ElementaryNew Jerusalem ElementaryKK73.0
Newark UnifiedAugust Schilling ElementaryK669.6
Newark UnifiedBridgepoint High (Continuation)91262.6
Newark UnifiedE. L. Musick ElementaryK655.8
Newark UnifiedH. A. Snow ElementaryK646.2
Newark UnifiedJames A. Graham ElementaryK658.6
Newark UnifiedNewark Junior High7851.5
Newcastle ElementaryNewcastle ElementaryK835.8
NewhallDr. J. Michael McGrath ElementaryK685.0
NewhallNewhall ElementaryK687.4
NewhallOld Orchard ElementaryK639.8
NewhallPeachland Avenue ElementaryK651.8
NewhallWiley Canyon ElementaryK670.7
Newman-Crows Landing UnifiedBonita ElementaryK546.5
Newman-Crows Landing UnifiedFoothill Community Day71266.6
Newman-Crows Landing UnifiedHunt ElementaryK576.6
Newman-Crows Landing UnifiedHurd Barrington ElementaryK561.1
Newman-Crows Landing UnifiedNewman-Crows Landing Independent StudyK12100
Newman-Crows Landing UnifiedOrestimba High91258.4
Newman-Crows Landing UnifiedVon Renner ElementaryK569.4
Newman-Crows Landing UnifiedWest Side Valley High (Continuation)91255.5
Newman-Crows Landing UnifiedYolo Junior High6863.9
Newport-Mesa UnifiedAdams ElementaryP653.2
Newport-Mesa UnifiedBack Bay High91271.4
Newport-Mesa UnifiedCharles W. Tewinkle Middle7870.4
Newport-Mesa UnifiedCollege Park ElementaryP658.0
Newport-Mesa UnifiedCosta Mesa High71261.8
Newport-Mesa UnifiedEarly College High91259.4
Newport-Mesa UnifiedEstancia High91268.8
Newport-Mesa UnifiedEverett A. Rea ElementaryP673.0
Newport-Mesa UnifiedKillybrooke ElementaryP658.5
Newport-Mesa UnifiedPaularino ElementaryP663.4
Newport-Mesa UnifiedPomona ElementaryP680.1
Newport-Mesa UnifiedSonora ElementaryP674.3
Newport-Mesa UnifiedVictoria ElementaryP664.0
Newport-Mesa UnifiedWhittier ElementaryP680.8
Newport-Mesa UnifiedWilson ElementaryP682.4
North County Joint Union ElementarySpring Grove ElementaryK843.4
North Cow Creek ElementaryNorth Cow Creek ElementaryK831.3
North Monterey County UnifiedCastroville ElementaryK691.0
North Monterey County UnifiedCentral Bay High (Continuation)91280
North Monterey County UnifiedEcho Valley ElementaryK685.5
North Monterey County UnifiedElkhorn ElementaryK684.8
North Monterey County UnifiedNorth Monterey County High91280.4
North Monterey County UnifiedNorth Monterey County Middle7882.4
North Monterey County UnifiedPrunedale ElementaryK676.9
Northern Humboldt Union HighArcata High91235.7
Northern Humboldt Union HighLaurel Tree CharterP1248.5
Northern Humboldt Union HighMad River High (Continuation)91277.7
Northern Humboldt Union HighMcKinleyville High91243.6
Northern Humboldt Union HighPacific Coast High (Continuation)91279.5
Northern Humboldt Union HighSix Rivers Charter High91240.5
Norwalk-La Mirada UnifiedAnna M. Glazier ElementaryK587.9
Norwalk-La Mirada UnifiedArturo Sanchez ElementaryK595.5
Norwalk-La Mirada UnifiedCesar Chavez ElementaryK592.6
Norwalk-La Mirada UnifiedCorvallis Middle6888.1
Norwalk-La Mirada UnifiedD. D. Johnston ElementaryK587.1
Norwalk-La Mirada UnifiedEarl E. Edmondson ElementaryK594.3
Norwalk-La Mirada UnifiedEl Camino High (Continuation)91280.4
Norwalk-La Mirada UnifiedFoster Road ElementaryK584.3
Norwalk-La Mirada UnifiedJohn Dolland ElementaryK588.2
Norwalk-La Mirada UnifiedJohn H. Glenn High91284.4
Norwalk-La Mirada UnifiedJohn H. Nuffer ElementaryK592.0
Norwalk-La Mirada UnifiedJulia B. Morrison ElementaryK582.4
Norwalk-La Mirada UnifiedLoretta Lampton ElementaryK581.8
Norwalk-La Mirada UnifiedLos Alisos Middle6886.3
Norwalk-La Mirada UnifiedNettie L. Waite Middle6890
Norwalk-La Mirada UnifiedNew River ElementaryK592.7
Norwalk-La Mirada UnifiedNorwalk High91281.3
Norwalk-La Mirada UnifiedThomas B. Moffitt ElementaryK587.3
Novato UnifiedHamilton Meadow ParkK873.7
Novato UnifiedLoma Verde ElementaryK546.9
Novato UnifiedLu Sutton ElementaryK560.4
Novato UnifiedLynwood ElementaryK567.7
Novato UnifiedMarin Oaks High91265.0
Novato UnifiedOlive ElementaryK542.6
Novato UnifiedSan Jose Intermediate6851.8
Nuestro ElementaryNuestro ElementaryK847.8
Nuview UnionMountain Shadows Middle7878.6
Nuview UnionNuview ElementaryK685.2
Nuview UnionValley View ElementaryK676.6
Oak Grove ElementaryChristopher ElementaryK865.2
Oak Grove ElementaryEdenvale ElementaryK676.1
Oak Grove ElementaryStipe (Samuel) ElementaryK664.2
Oak Grove Union ElementaryOak Grove ElementaryKK30.9
Oak Grove Union ElementaryOak Grove Elementary/Willowside Middle1828.5
Oak Park UnifiedBrookside ElementaryK58.98
Oak Park UnifiedOak Park High9126.93
Oak Park UnifiedOak Park IndependentK129.35
Oak Park UnifiedOak View High91216.2
Oak Run ElementaryOak Run ElementaryP863.4
Oak Valley Union ElementaryOak Valley ElementaryK870.7
Oak View Union ElementaryOak View ElementaryK833.1
Oakdale Joint UnifiedCloverland ElementaryK657.8
Oakdale Joint UnifiedFair Oaks ElementaryK641.2
Oakdale Joint UnifiedMagnolia ElementaryK652.8
Oakdale Joint UnifiedSierra View ElementaryK648.0
Oakland UnifiedAchieve AcademyK580
Oakland UnifiedACORN Woodland ElementaryK591.1
Oakland UnifiedAllendale ElementaryK582.7
Oakland UnifiedAmerican Indian Public Charter6862.6
Oakland UnifiedAmerican Indian Public Charter IIK879.3
Oakland UnifiedAmerican Indian Public High91259.6
Oakland UnifiedARISE High91281.5
Oakland UnifiedASCENDK877.9
Oakland UnifiedAspire Berkley Maynard AcademyK874.5
Oakland UnifiedAspire College AcademyK587.7
Oakland UnifiedAspire ERES AcademyK893.8
Oakland UnifiedAspire Golden State College Preparatory Academy61290.6
Oakland UnifiedAspire Lionel Wilson College Preparatory Academy61286.6
Oakland UnifiedAspire Monarch AcademyK589.2
Oakland UnifiedAspire Triumph Technology AcademyK593.8
Oakland UnifiedBay Area Technology61263.3
Oakland UnifiedBella Vista ElementaryK574.3
Oakland UnifiedBret Harte Middle6977.8
Oakland UnifiedBridges AcademyK592.6
Oakland UnifiedBrookfield ElementaryK584.7
Oakland UnifiedBurckhalter ElementaryK584.2
Oakland UnifiedCarl B. Munck ElementaryK569.3
Oakland UnifiedCastlemont High91287.5
Oakland UnifiedClaremont Middle6841.6
Oakland UnifiedCleveland ElementaryK543.5
Oakland UnifiedColiseum College Prep Academy61294.7
Oakland UnifiedCommunity Day High91291.3
Oakland UnifiedCommunity United ElementaryK590.0
Oakland UnifiedConservatory of Vocal/Instrumental Arts High91246.5
Oakland UnifiedDewey Academy91289.3
Oakland UnifiedDowntown Charter Academy6876.6
Oakland UnifiedEast Bay Innovation Academy61230.9
Oakland UnifiedEast Oakland Pride ElementaryK591.0
Oakland UnifiedEdna Brewer Middle6851.3
Oakland UnifiedElmhurst United Middle6892.5
Oakland UnifiedEmerson ElementaryK571.5
Oakland UnifiedEnCompass Academy ElementaryK588.0
Oakland UnifiedEsperanza ElementaryK586.3
Oakland UnifiedFrancophone Charter School of OaklandK823.8
Oakland UnifiedFranklin ElementaryK587.4
Oakland UnifiedFred T. Korematsu Discovery AcademyK595.9
Oakland UnifiedFremont High91290.9
Oakland UnifiedFrick Middle6893.9
Oakland UnifiedFruitvale ElementaryK587.9
Oakland UnifiedFutures ElementaryK594.0
Oakland UnifiedGarfield ElementaryK589.3
Oakland UnifiedGlobal FamilyK588.8
Oakland UnifiedGrass Valley ElementaryK578.3
Oakland UnifiedGreenleaf ElementaryK888.3
Oakland UnifiedHome and Hospital ProgramK1258.3
Oakland UnifiedHoover ElementaryK591.1
Oakland UnifiedHorace Mann ElementaryK584.5
Oakland UnifiedHoward ElementaryK583.6
Oakland UnifiedIndependent Study, Sojourner TruthK1275
Oakland UnifiedInternational CommunityK585.8
Oakland UnifiedKIPP Bridge AcademyK881.2
Oakland UnifiedLa Escuelita ElementaryK886.6
Oakland UnifiedLaurel ElementaryK579.2
Oakland UnifiedLearning Without LimitsK590.0
Oakland UnifiedLIFE Academy61291.4
Oakland UnifiedLighthouse Community CharterK884.0
Oakland UnifiedLighthouse Community Charter High91284.4
Oakland UnifiedLincoln ElementaryK571.0
Oakland UnifiedLodestar: A Lighthouse Community Charter PublicK1278.9
Oakland UnifiedLPS Oakland R & D Campus91292.7
Oakland UnifiedMadison Park Academy 6-1261293.7
Oakland UnifiedMadison Park Academy TK-5K590.7
Oakland UnifiedManzanita CommunityK584.9
Oakland UnifiedManzanita SEED ElementaryK562.0
Oakland UnifiedMarkham ElementaryK591.0
Oakland UnifiedMartin Luther King, Jr. ElementaryP591.7
Oakland UnifiedMcClymonds High91290.2
Oakland UnifiedMelrose Leadership AcademyK839.4
Oakland UnifiedMetWest High91279.0
Oakland UnifiedMontera Middle6851.8
Oakland UnifiedNew Highland AcademyK591.0
Oakland UnifiedNorth Oakland Community CharterK860.9
Oakland UnifiedOakland Charter Academy6894.5
Oakland UnifiedOakland Charter High91282.8
Oakland UnifiedOakland High91286.3
Oakland UnifiedOakland International High91290.0
Oakland UnifiedOakland Military Institute, College Preparatory Academy61263.6
Oakland UnifiedOakland School for the Arts61215.8
Oakland UnifiedOakland SOL (School of Language) Dual Language Middle6879.7
Oakland UnifiedOakland Technical High91248.5
Oakland UnifiedOakland Unity High91286.7
Oakland UnifiedParker ElementaryK889.5
Oakland UnifiedPiedmont Avenue ElementaryK572.4
Oakland UnifiedPrescottK590.0
Oakland UnifiedRalph J. Bunche High91289.9
Oakland UnifiedReach AcademyK585.4
Oakland UnifiedRise CommunityK590.3
Oakland UnifiedRoosevelt Middle6891.2
Oakland UnifiedRoses in ConcreteK848.2
Oakland UnifiedRudsdale Continuation91288.5
Oakland UnifiedSankofa AcademyP590.1
Oakland UnifiedSkyline High91269.5
Oakland UnifiedStreet Academy (Alternative)91283.5
Oakland UnifiedThink College NowK587.4
Oakland UnifiedUnited for Success Academy6893.0
Oakland UnifiedUrban Promise Academy6891.7
Oakland UnifiedVincent AcademyK586.1
Oakland UnifiedWest Oakland Middle6892.4
Oakland UnifiedWestlake Middle6886.5
Oakland UnifiedYoung Adult Program121248.6
Oakley Union ElementaryGehringer ElementaryK546.2
Oakley Union ElementaryIron House ElementaryK541.0
Oakley Union ElementaryOakley ElementaryK562.5
Oakley Union ElementarySummer Lake ElementaryK540.7
Oakley Union ElementaryVintage Parkway ElementaryK551.1
Ocean ViewCollege View ElementaryK566.5
Ocean ViewGolden View ElementaryK561.5
Ocean ViewLaguna Vista ElementaryK568.7
Ocean ViewLake View ElementaryK567.1
Ocean ViewMar Vista ElementaryK580.8
Ocean ViewOak View ElementaryK598.1
Ocean ViewOcean View Junior High6880.4
Ocean ViewSpring View Middle6854.1
Ocean ViewStar View ElementaryK562.0
Ocean ViewTierra Vista ElementaryK572.9
Ocean ViewVista View Middle6877.4
Ocean ViewWestmont ElementaryK582
Oceanside UnifiedCesar Chavez Middle6879.7
Oceanside UnifiedChrista McAuliffe ElementaryK555.3
Oceanside UnifiedDel Rio ElementaryK588.3
Oceanside UnifiedE. G. Garrison ElementaryK584.4
Oceanside UnifiedEl Camino High91253.8
Oceanside UnifiedJefferson Middle6895.3
Oceanside UnifiedLaurel ElementaryK592.0
Oceanside UnifiedLibby ElementaryK592.0
Oceanside UnifiedLincoln Middle6868.8
Oceanside UnifiedLouise Foussat ElementaryK569.2
Oceanside UnifiedMartin Luther King Jr. Middle6858.2
Oceanside UnifiedMission ElementaryK5