Contact Your California Legislator

We’ve created a searchable table that makes it easy to contact a member of the California State Assembly or State Senate.

Use the table search box (not the website search box) to type in the last name of a State Assemblymember or State Senator. Searches can also be conducted using legislative district numbers. For example, to view contact information for the 8th State Assembly District, type “ASM08” in the table search box. To return information for the 32nd State Senate District, type “SEN32”

To identify the State Assemblymember and State Senator representing the district in which a private school affiliated with a CAPSO-member organization is located, please use the searchable table on this web page.

(Updated 12/23/2022)
LastNameFirstNameDistrictPhoneContact/Send Email
AddisDawnASM30916 319 2030Contact Assemblymember Addis
Aguiar-CurryCeceliaASM04916 319 2004Contact Assemblymember Aguiar-Curry
AlanisJuanASM22916-319-2022Contact Assemblymember Alanis
AllenBenSEN24916 651 4024Contact Senator Allen
Alvarado-GillMarieSEN04916 651 40042Contact Senator Alvarado-Gill
AlvarezDavidASM80916 319 2080Contact Assemblymember Alvarez
ArambulaJoaquinASM31916 319 2031Contact Assemblymember Arambula
ArchuletaBobSEN30916 651 4030Contact Senator Archuleta
AshbyAngeliqueSEN08916 651 4008Contact Senator Ashby
AtkinsToniSEN39916 651 4039Contact Senator Atkins
BainsJasmeetASM35916 319 2035Contact Assemblymember Bains
Bauer-KahanRebeccaASM16916 319 2016Contact Assemblymember Bauer-Kahan
BeckerJoshSEN13916 651 4013Contact Senator Becker
BennettSteveASM38916 319 2038Contact Assemblymember Bennett
BermanMarcASM23916 319 2023Contact Assemblymember Berman
BlakespearCatherineSEN38916 651 4038Contact Senator Blakespear
Boerner-HorvathTashaASM77916 319 2077Contact Assemblymember Boerner-Horvath
BontaMiaASM18916 319 2018Contact Assemblymember Bonta
BradfordStevenSEN35916 651 4035Contact Senator Bradford
BryanIsaacASM55916 319 2055Contact Assemblymember Bryan
CaballeroAnnaSEN14916 651 4014Contact Senator Caballero
CalderonLisaASM56916 319 2056Contact Assemblymember Calderon
CarilloJuanASM39916 319 2039Contact Assemblymember Juan Carillo
CarilloWendyASM52916 319 2052Contact Assemblymember Wendy Carillo
CervantesSabrinaASM58916 319 2058Contact Assemblymember Cervantes
ChenPhillipASM59916 319 2059Contact Assemblymember Chen
ConnollyDamonASM12916 319 2012Contact Assemblymember Connolly
CorteseDaveSEN15916 651 4015Contact Senator Cortese
DahleBrianSEN01916 651 4001Contact Senator Dahle
DahleMeganASM01916 319 2001Contact Assemblymember Dahle
DaviesLaurieASM74916 319 2074Contact Assemblymember Davies
DixonDianeASM72916 319 2072Contact Assemblymember Dixon
DoddBillSEN03916 651 4003Contact Senator Dodd
DurazoMaria ElenaSEN26916 651 4026Contact Senator Durazo
EggmanSusan TalamantesSEN05916 651 4005Contact Senator Eggman
EssayliBillASM63916 319 2063Contact Assemblymember Essayli
FloraHeathASM09916 319 2009Contact Assemblymember Flora
FongMikeASM49916 319 2049Contact Assemblymember Mike Fong
FongVinceASM32916 319 2032Contact Assemblymember Vince Fong
FriedmanLauraASM44916 319 2044Contact Assemblymember Friedman
GabrielJesseASM46916 319 2046Contact Assemblymember Gabriel
GallagherJamesASM03916 319 2003Contact Assemblymember Gallagher
GarciaEduardoASM36916 319 2036Contact Assemblymember Garcia
GipsonMikeASM65916 319 2065Contact Assemblymember Gipson
GlazerSteveSEN07916 651 4007Contact Senator Glazer
GonzalezLenaSEN33916 651 4033Contact Senator Gonzalez
GraysonTimASM15916 319 2015Contact Assemblymember Grayson
GroveShannonSEN12916 651 4012Contact Senator Grove
HaneyMattASM17916 319 2017Contact Assemblymember Haney
HartGreggASM37916 319 2037Contact Assemblymember Hart
HoldenChrisASM41916 319 2041Contact Assemblymember Holden
HooverJoshASM07916 319 2007Contact Assemblymember Hoover
HurtadoMelissaSEN16916 651 4016Contact Senator Hurtado
IrwinJacquiASM42916 319 2042Contact Assemblymember Irwin
JacksonCoreyASM60916 319 2060Contact Assemblymember Jackson
JonesBrianSEN40916 651 4040Contact Senator Jones
Jones-SawyerReginaldASM57916 319 2057Contact Assemblymember Jones-Sawyer
KalraAshASM25916 319 2025Contact Assemblymember Kalra
LackeyTomASM34916 319 2034Contact Assemblymember Lackey
LairdJohnSEN17916 651 4017Contact Senator Laird
LeeAlexASM24916 319 2024Contact Assemblymember Lee
LimónMoniqueSEN19916 651 4019Contact Senator Limón
LowEvanASM26916 319 2026Contact Assemblymember Low
LowenthalJoshASM69916 319 2069Contact Assemblymember Lowenthal
MaienscheinBrianASM76916 319 2076Contact Assemblymember Maienschein
MathisDevonASM33916 319 2033Contact Assemblymember Mathis
McCartyKevinASM06916 319 2006IncompleteContact Assemblymember McCarty
McGuireMikeSEN02916 651 4002Contact Senator McGuire
McKinnorTinaASM61916 319 2061Contact Assemblymember McKinnor
MenjivarCarolineSEN20916 651 4020Contact Senator Menjivar
MinDaveSEN37916 651 4037Contact Senator Min
MuratsuchiAlASM66916 319 2066Contact Assemblymember Muratsuchi
NewmanJoshSEN29916 651 4029Contact Senator Newman
NguyenJanetSEN36916 651 4036Incomplete
NguyenStephanieASM10916 319 2010Contact Assemblymember Stephanie Nguyen
NielloRogerSEN06916 651 4006Incomplete
Ochoa BoghRosilicieSEN23916 651 4023Contact Senator Ochoa Bogh
OrtegaLizASM20916 319 2020Contact Assemblymember Ortega
PachecoBlancaASM64916 319 2064Contact Assemblymember Pacheco
PadillaStephenSEN18916 651 4018Contact Senator Padilla
PapanDianeASM21916 319 2021Contact Assemblymember Papan
PattersonJimASM08916 319 2008Contact Assemblymember Jim Patterson
PattersonJoeASM05916 319 2005Contact Assemblymember Joe Patterson
PellerinGailASM28916 319 2028Contact Assemblymember Pellerin
Petrie-NorrisCottieASM73916 319 2073Contact Assemblymember Petrie-Norris
PortantinoAnthonySEN25916 651 4025Contact Senator Portantino
Quirk-SilvaSharonASM67916 319 2067Contact Assemblymember Quirk-Silva
RamosJamesASM45916 319 2045Contact Assemblymember Ramos
RendonAnthonyASM62916 319 2062Contact Assemblymember Rendon
ReyesEloise GómezASM50916 319 2050Contact Assemblymember Reyes
RivasLuzASM43916 319 2043Contact Assemblymember Luz Rivas
RivasRobertASM29916 319 2029Contact Assemblymember Robert Rivas
RodriguezFreddieASM53916 319 2053Contact Assemblymember Rodriguez
RothRichardSEN31916 651 4031Contact Senator Roth
RubioBlancaASM48916 319 2048Contact Assemblymember Rubio
RubioSusanSEN22916 651 4022Contact Senator Rubio
SanchezKateASM71916 319 2071Contact Assemblymember Sanchez
SantiagoMiguelASM54916 319 2054Contact Assemblymember Santiago
SchiavoPilarASM40916 319 2040Contact Assemblymember Schiavo
SeyartoKellySEN32916 651 4032Incomplete
SkinnerNancySEN09916 651 4009
Smallwood-CuevasLolaSEN28916 651 4028Contact Senator Smallwood-Cuevas
SoriaEsmeraldaASM27916 319 2027Contact Assemblymember Soria
SternHenrySEN27916 651 4027Contact Senator Stern
TaTriASM70916 319 2070Contact Assemblymember Ta
TingPhilipASM19916 319 2019Contact Assemblymember Ting
UmbergThomasSEN34916 651 4034Contact Senator Umberg
ValenciaAvelinoASM68916 319 2068Contact Assemblymember Valencia
VillapuduaCarlosASM13916 319 2013Contact Assemblymember Villapudua
WahabAishaSEN10916 651 4010Contact Senator Wahab
WaldronMarieASM75916 319 2075Contact Assemblymember Waldron
WallisGregASM47916 319 2047Contact Assemblymember Wallis
WardChristopherASM78916 319 2078Contact Assemblymember Ward
WeberAkilahASM79916 319 2079Contact Assemblymember Weber
WicksBuffyASM14916 319 2014Contact Assemblymember Wicks
WienerScottSEN11916 651 4011Contact Senator Wiener
WilkScottSEN21916 651 4021Contact Senator Wilk
WilsonLoriASM11916 319 2011Contact Assemblymember Wilson
WoodJimASM02916 319 2002Contact Assemblymember Wood
ZburRick ChavezASM51916 319 2051Contact Assemblymember Zbur