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The California Association of Private School Organizations (CAPSO) is the voice of K-12 private education in California.  Its primary mission is to preserve the independence of California’s private schools and to uphold parental choice in education.  CAPSO, independently, and in collaboration with other community and governmental institutions, is an advocate, catalyst, and creative leader for strengthening and advancing K-12 private education in California.


CAPSO’s mission is based on the belief that a healthy, pluralistic society depends upon educational options, parental choice, and dialogue and collaboration between educational entities.




Legislative Advocacy

 The Association recognizes that a primary purpose of legislation is to broaden community access to educational options, particularly in those circumstances that would otherwise constrain or preclude such opportunity.  Legislation should always view the child as its beneficiary, rather than a school, or category of schools.  Such legislation should not be designed with the intent to increase or decrease funding for one category of schools at the expense of another.



The Association, while recognizing and encouraging a diversity of beliefs, a variety of educational philosophies, and the independence of each member, strives to represent and speak on educational and public policy issues of common concern and interest. CAPSO will only lobby in matters that have unanimous support from all member organizations. Member organizations are free to independently lobby and engage with legislation as they wish.


Protections for Pluralism

The Association is committed to the preservation of pluralism in American education. To assure and encourage the vitality that freedom of choice fosters, the Association makes known to the public of this state the aims, ideals, and goals to which the member organizations jointly subscribe. CAPSO prioritizes matters that reinforce the liberty of parental choice in education and the operational freedoms that underscore choice in the non-public school landscape. 

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