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CAPSO at a Glance

Learn more about the California Association of Private School Organizations


CAPSO is a statewide consortium of 24 private school service agencies and administrative units providing service to 1,400 schools. This accounts for approximately 370,000 students in grades K-12, which is roughly 80% of all privately enrolled students in California

(Nearly 8% of all students in California). 

pie chart displaying 80% of private school students in California attend a school that is part of a member organization of CAPSO
Capso lobbying priorities include exclusion, inclusion and inserting the words "as applicable"

Legislative Power

CAPSO is the primary voice for private school rights and privileges in California. CAPSO primarily advocates for three forms of legislative action: exclusion, inclusion, and "as applicable".

CAPSO is not opposed to reasonable regulations and does not make a practice of opposing all potential legislation impacting private schools. Instead, in collaboration with the public policy committee, CAPSO evaluates potential regulations for reasonableness, benefit, and potential impact on member organizations. 

Transparency and Communication

CAPSO regularly communicates with member organizations about key legislation. Member organizations receive monthly mailers and special notifications as appropriate. CAPSO also maintains an active page on LinkedIn.


You may subscribe to the CAPSO newsletter by visiting "News & Publications" and "Subscribe".  


Because CAPSO represents the great majority of private schools in California, the association has a diverse range of perspectives and priorities. While all member organizations may take action as they see fit, CAPSO adheres to an established unanimity principle, which requires the association to lobby only when all member organizations indicate agreement with a legislative action. 

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