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SB 1178, Child Abuse Posters

In 2016, the California Legislature enacted, and Governor Brown signed SB 1178 (Vidak), a bill that created Section 33133.5 of the California Education Code.  The law encourages, but does not require, school districts, charter schools, and private schools to post an appropriate version or versions of a poster that notifies children of the appropriate telephone number to call to report child abuse or neglect, in an area of the school where pupils frequently congregate.

The law required the State Superintendent of Public Instruction to make various versions of the poster, as specified in the underlying legislation, publicly available on the California Department of Education website.  The posters (which must be no smaller than 8.5″ X 11″) are available at the bottom of the CDE Child Abuse Prevention Training and Resources page, embedded below.   

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