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Anthony Portantino


SB 1214 will establish an “above the line” deduction for eligible professional development expenses incurred by teachers in the process of “clearing” their preliminary credentials.  The tax benefit, which will become available to public and private school teachers, alike, will be capped at a maximum of $2,500 per individual, and may be taken in no more than three tax years.

Although the state of California doesn’t require private school teachers to obtain state-issued teaching credentials, many private schools require the possession of such credentials as a condition of employment.  Moreover, teachers frequently move back and forth between the public and private education sectors.  We, therefore, believe it is good policy on the part of the state to ease the financial burden faced by teachers who are in the process of obtaining permanent credentials.

SB 1214 is authored by State Senator Anthony Portantino (D. – Pasadena).  The bill is co-sponsored by the California Catholic Conference (a CAPSO member-organization) and the California Federation of Teachers, making the measure an example of true public-private partnership.

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