Government and Legislation

The best starting point to access information about the US Congress: member listings, federal legislation, Congressional Record, roll-call votes, committee and calendar information, etc. Links to other branches of government provided.

US Department of Education
The Department’s homepage. Federal programs, educational resources, grants and contracts, policy, research and statistics, many links.

Office of Non-Public Education
The US Department of Education’s liaison to the private education community. Offers statistics, program information and a private school locator feature.

National Center for Education Statistics
Offers a wealth of data and data search tools, including statistics and information specific to private schools.

“E-Rate” Information
The USAC Schools and Libraries site provides complete information about “E-Rate” discounts on telecommunications products and services including on-line applications.


California Legislative Information
Official California Legislative Information site. Includes bill search and California Code (including Education Code) search features.

California State Assembly
Legislation, announcements, member and committee directories, other links.

California State Senate
Legislation, senators, committees, schedules, other links.

California Department of Education
Extensive information regarding state programs, content standards, educational statistics, including Academic Performance Index results and more.

California Commission on Teacher Credentialing
Teaching credential information and program standards. Outline of new preparation standards and procedures as per Senate Bill 2042, various reports.

Governor’s Office of Emergency Services
Disaster preparedness information including earthquake preparedness and terrorism prevention and response guidance.


List of California School Districts (from Ballotpedia)
Provides links to all California school districts with web-servers.

County Offices of Education
Provides links to all California County Offices of Education with web-servers.