Caution: Legislation Ahead!

As you read these words you are most likely looking ahead to the upcoming winter break, holidays, and New Year.  The next few weeks are certain to rush by in a blur.  Blink your eyes and it will be January, 2018.  Not only will you have…

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Losing Like a Winner

The Los Angeles Dodgers finished this year’s regular season with the best record in baseball, winning a total of 104 games. During one torrid stretch, the team chalked up 43 wins in 50 games played, a feat last accomplished more than 100 years ago. After 29 years of coming up short, the Dodgers steamrolled…

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Thank You, CAPE; Thank You, Joe!

Make no mistake.  At its root, politics is all about power, understood as the ability of one individual or group to cause others to accept, or reconcile themselves to outcomes they would not otherwise have chosen. Some finesse power by offering various inducements, trade-offs, and compromises intended to garner voluntary compliance from would-be opponents. …

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Time, Space, and Schools

John receives a phone call from his doctor.

“I have your test results,” says the physician, “and they contain good news and bad news.  Which would you like to hear first?”

“Why don’t you give me the good news first,” says John.

“Well,” responds the physician, “the good news

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Who’s Afraid of Federal Education Tax Credits?

In a previous column titled, “Repeat as Necessary,” it was observed that opponents of education tax credit legislation have made a concerted effort to erase any meaningful distinction between tax credits and vouchers by making frequent reference to “tax credit vouchers,” and creating…

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