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The Struggle for School Choice” by David W. Kirkpatrick, US Freedom Foundation School Report, February, 2003

Mr. Kirkpatrick reminds us that school choice is a civil right confirmed by the U.S. Supreme Court in 1925. His article challenges readers to reflect upon the depth of our individual, social and political commitments to democracy and pluralism: “If we respect individual opinions, individual freedom, diversity and the value of democracy, why is there so much fear of letting parents determine the course of their children’s education?”

Making Sense of the ‘Public’ in Public Education” by Frederick M. Hess
Progressive Policy Institute Policy Report, November, 2002

Mr Hess provides an insightful and thought provoking paper suggesting that a preoccupation with determining what constitutes “public” and “private” education
is of lesser importance than attending to other fundamental questions. Among

  • “Why do we want our children to attend schools?”
  • “How should we apportion responsibility for each child’s education between the state and the family?”
  • “Are schools obliged to treat all children equally?”

Testing, Accountability, and Independence” by Patrick F. Bassett
“Education Week,” June 19, 2002

Mr. Bassett provides a cautionary perspective on a “one-size-fits-all” approach to standards, assessment and accountability and suggests giving “…high-performing public schools the same incentive of curricular freedom we currently give private schools if they can demonstrate that their students succeed.” Patrick F. Bassett is President of the National Association of Independent Schools.