The Election is Over

The election is over
the people have spoken
“Hail to the victors!”
“The system is broken!”

Some think the outcome
is awfully sweet;
others are protesting
out in the street.

Those who could not decide
which one to choose
may have now learned:
if you don’t vote you lose.

Elections once garnered
respect and decorum,
but nowadays most of us
tend to abhor ’em.

You can’t hardly blame us
for feeling so rash
over contests to see who
can raise the most cash.

Both sides have shelled out
gazillions of bucks
on annoying campaign ads
that drove us all nuts.

And additional millions
for state propositions
penned by a slew of
wordsmithing magicians.

I think it might truly
be best for our nation
if more of that money’d
support education.

Knowledge and wisdom
can keep us from sinking,
and values and ethics
and critical thinking.

We’re in this together
there’s no time to rest;
if schools are failing
we’ll all bomb the test.

If a nation divided
cannot long endure
we’re asking for trouble;
of that I am sure.


Ron Reynolds


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  1. Liz Strenk June 28, 2017 at 8:25 AM · · Reply

    When is this here? I do not understand how this is relevant and useful? Seems very one sided

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